Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/27/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/27/2010More than 100,000 people demonstrated on the streets of Dublin today in protest against the Irish government’s decision to accept a bank bailout from the EU. The market boost from Ireland’s decision didn’t last long, and the bond market has responded to the continuing European debt crisis with record yields. Investors speculate on which country will be next to need a rescue, and even German bonds are feeling the crunch, as doubt emerges as to how long Germany can keep on rescuing the other member states of the EU.

In other news, an Egyptian-born lesbian teenager in Wales is terrified that she will be deported to her native country. Since her family fled Egypt she has “come out”, but now her parents have been refused asylum in the UK, and she may be deported.

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Tuan Jim said...

News post is broke....:(

Jedilson Bonfim said...

A GAY teenager is fighting deportation to her native Egypt because she fears persecution because of her sexuality.
Since she has been living in Cardiff, Shrouk says she has made a life here, rejected her family’s Muslim faith for Christianity and come out publicly as a lesbian.

Again, what kind of mahoundians, or rather, what kind of citizens originally from mahoundian countries can ever fear being deported from the UK? Homosexuals, apostates and non-mahoundians. Every now and then I come across a story about a gay man or woman, or an atheist, or a Christian getting deported and told by the British authorities that "so long as you keep a low profile in your country of origin, you'll have nothing to fear", when we all know that this is just plain BS. On the other hand, pedophiles, terrorists, "Asians" grooming British white girls for sexual exploitation and drug dealers, despite the likely hero's welcome they're all likely to get back in their home countries, are ALWAYS shown mercy by judges saying that their human rights would be in jeopardy if they got kicked out.

It cannot get anymore evil, dhimmi or sickening than this. Or can it? After all, I'm talking the UK here...

Baron Bodissey said...

Tuan Jim --

It works for me -- I click the link, and the full post of news items comes up.

What goes wrong when you try it? What kind of error message do you get?

goethechosemercy said...

As Detective Superintendent Debbie Platt of Derbyshire Police said yesterday: ‘We were really shocked with the scale and extent of what we’d uncovered, but this is a very hidden crime.’
end quote.

Hidden crime?
No, it is not a hidden crime.
It is a crime that you and other authorities have conveniently hidden from your concern. It is a set of crimes you have decided to allow in order to facilitate cultural enrichment.
A self-hating Westerner is a traitor.

Tuan Jim said...

Working now...

Last night somewhere around the last UK news post, it degenerated into random code with lined out portions and gobbledy gook for the entire rest of the page (wasn't loading sidebars either).

Looks normal now though.

EscapeVelocity said...

Too bad Oliver Kamm is behind a paywall now.

It would be fun to watch him squirm with regards to his previous sussing of those who claimed the Euro would fail.