Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dhimmis in a Garbage Dump

The following news report from German television concerns the plight of the Copts of Cairo, who are consigned to live in abject squalor in the city’s huge garbage dump.

Many thanks to Kitman for translating and subtitling this video:


Anonymous said...

The closing statement on the video @ 14:28:
Quote: "The Copts say they are the true Egyptians. After all, the Muslims came to this land after they did."

On July 18,2008 at The Hudson Institute, Bishop Thomas gave a "Lecture on Copts in Egypt" from which I quote:

Quote: “The word “Copts” doesn’t ring a big bell for many ears. Sometimes [people here] don’t know what are Copts, who are they, and why they are called Copts. That’s why I felt that it is worth it to start by explaining why we are called Copts and the explanation might tell you a little bit of the dilemma we have.
Egypt has been always Aigyptos and everybody knew Egypt as Aigyptos. In the 7th Century there was a shift in the name and the country. When the Arabs came to Egypt, or, rather, invaded Egypt, they could not pronounce Aigyptos because of the linguistic differences. They pronounced it Gypt; so they took away the “Ai” and the “os.” So Aigyptos became Gypt, and, when they wrote it, they wrote it with a “Ka” so it became “Copt.” The whole country was that of the Copts.
But gradually, for various reasons, whether because of taxation or pressure of some kind, or ambitions in dealing with the leaders or the governors of the country, some people converted. Those who converted were no longer Copts. They became something else, and those who remained Christians were the ones who were called “the Copts.”

sheik yer'mami said...

Terror, blackmail, marginalization, kidnappings, murder and systematic impoverishment are what's in store for the subjugated peoples, the dhimmies, under Islam.

This is the final state: abject despair and poverty, before annihilation.

The Copts are about to face their own genocide.

Richard said...

Yes they are, and the Christians in all Moslem nations are going to join them. That is why so many are moving to the West as fast as they can, if they are willing they can become some of the best we have at fighting Islam. But we have to insure they are really Christians and not Moslem infiltrators. After Gulf War I a lot of the people seeking refuge in the US were Iraqi intelligence and/or members of terror groups.

Zenster said...

Richard: But we have to insure they are really Christians and not Moslem infiltrators.

While not seeking to discount the importance of your point, exactly how can we distinguish between those who are "Christians and not Moslem infiltrators"?

This is why taqiyya represents such a heinous ethical crime. Short of astronomically expensive fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), there may not be any reliable way of determining whether a person is telling the truth. Ergo there is no reliable and cost effective method of sorting out the terrorist infiltrators.

Sadly, instead, it will likely require Islam killing many more millions of people before the global community becomes sufficiently incensed and begins to dismantle this doctrinal chamberpot.

Were it widely enough known, most sane people would already agree that Islam has reached that tipping point. Unfortunately, Islam's own dissembling in combination with the MSM's complicity in disguising the true intent of Muslims continues to obscue this fact.

Should anyone wish for a definition of that "tipping point", it is this:


With each new terrorist atrocity, Islam inches closer to the tipping point every single day. Even as its own most prominent clerics divert Muslim attention away from this ominous eventuality. A huge number of Muslims so willingly allow themselves to be convinced of Islam's supremacy whereby the looming holocaust that awaits simply eludes them.

The juggernaut of Islamic jihad is headed straight towards the brick wall of cost-effective Western nuclear armaments. No rational military will countenance disposing with thousands or millions of their soldiers' lives when a few handfuls of nuclear bombs will obviate any such necessity.

Islam's near-total technological ignorance blinds Muslims to the simple fact that in just a few short hours jihad can be halted forever.