Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Kick in the Groin for the Kafir Doctor

Cultural Enrichment News

In one of those scenes that are becoming all too common in today’s Europe, a family of culture enrichers in Sweden attacked an emergency room doctor to prevent him from touching one of their women, even if it meant risking the patient’s life.

Our Danish correspondent Hans Erling Jensen has translated an article about the incident from Dagens Medicin (Today's Medicine). He has added a bit of editorial embellishment, and follows the translation with his own commentary:

Relatives assault male doctor

The doctor rushed to help a woman who went into violent hemorrhage after childbirth. But when the woman’s relatives discovered that the doctor was a man, they immediately went on the attack.

This incident took place at Örebro University Hospital in Sweden two weeks ago. According to René Bangshöj, head of the women’s clinic, the assaulted doctor had been called in to help a woman who had just given birth and who then underwent heavy bleeding.

“When the doctor came in, he was met by angry screaming: ‘We do not want a male doctor at the childbirth room’,” Bangshöj said to Swedish Radio in Örebro.

The doctor, however, took his medical vow seriously, and went towards the woman. That made her husband go berserk, and he violently attacked the doctor to stop him from touching his bleeding wife.

“And at the same time the woman’s brother came into the room and attacked the doctor from behind,” Bangshöj told the reporter. “The doctor tried to protect himself against the punches and kicks, but the two foreigners nevertheless gave him a sharp kick in the groin,” he said to Swedish Radio.

Several staff members had already alerted the police, who came in large numbers and had the two violent men quickly removed. Then the woman finally could be taken to the surgery room, and she was saved in spite of it all. [The question is now whether she jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, now that a male doctor had touched her! — HEJ]

The doctor is now working as before on the ward, but the hospital has its security department working on the matter to determine if there exist continued threats against him after doing surgery to save one of those unfortunate women who have to give birth in a culture completely without decency.

According to the head of staff, Rene Bangshöj, it is not uncommon for patients’ male relatives to make demands on the department’s staff, advising them that women must be inspected by female doctors and not men. “We see it as discrimination against male doctors, if we should always have to be prepared to consider these kinds of wishes,” the doctor concludes his statement.

Hans Erling Jensen adds: has confirmed that this is about a family “of other ethnic origins”, and there is not much doubt about which twisted religious ideology they follow. It belongs to the whole picture of the scene that the doctor, according to the local newspaper, was alone at the department and served as the emergency doctor — there was absolutely no female doctor present in the entire place.

But for those people it was obviously better that the woman should bleed to death rather than be touched by a Swedish kafir, and a male doctor!

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Anonymous said...

"it is obviously better that a woman should bleed to death rather than be touched by a Swedish kafir, and a male doctor"

Well, of course! There can be no slacking: when virtuous believers are capable to push terrified girls back into a burning school because they aren't decently covered, it's apparent that namoes comes before everything. We kufar do not understand honour..

Juniper in the Desert said...

I totally agree that she should never be touched - by any doctor!

For people like that it is better if they never reproduce!

Michael Servetus said...

This report conjures a word picture that encapsulates the present political situation. The doctore represents Western Civilization with a liberal bent who in accordance with his own beliefs and principles seeks to help poor third worlders by , giving welfare, defending their "rights" to practice thridl world tomfoolery etc, and what do we get as a repsonse and thanks? A swift kick in the groin. At this point or at least after a few trial experiences, conservatives form a opinion and judgement about these things and ask themselves , is this worth it? Liberals on the other hand blame the doctor or West for not being hospitable enough.

Anonymous said...

Catch-22: There's the question of whether the STATE would have criminally prosecuted - or the MUSLIM PATIENT would have CIVILLY sued - the male doctor if he had failed to treat her despite her male relatives behavior....

Michael Servetus said...

But I must add that I disagree with the left's busybodiness in this matter by forcing the family out and basically taking ownership of this man's wife and over the family to do their version of good.
This might at first seem like a beautfiful example of altruistic comittment to principles bnut I think I am slowly coming to regard self determination and sovereign right as trumping governments "concern". If this family regards dying as a better option than disregarding their principles I bleieve it is their right, whthere they should have been in this country to begin with isa another, but I don't think that emergency workers or anyone have the right to forcibly intrude and interfere even to save a life.
In ancient Rome a senator or anyone might decide that it was better to kill oneself than to cling to life with dishonor. Whebn soldiers go to war they count whatever they are doing as worth the risk of their lives and so it has been. It is nice to offer and there are situations where the right thing to do will not be clear enough but I know one thing,I don't tink it is the right of people to act as though their concern for life trumps your views. In the case of this woman for instance perhaps a consent from here would be proper and then to remove the husband, in respect for individual rights and freedom but if she said herself leave me alone, then I think they should leave her alone.
I am just expressiong a germ of a sentiment that I feel about these kind of situations in which I see "authorities and experts" becoming so self important in their own eyes that they have trespassed and I see this as a condition in the political left as it relates to, what at first glance might seem unrelated, namely immigration, etc. and doing "good" as they see it against the opinions and consciences of others.

S said...

They only want women doctors to touch the women, but don't want women to go to school. That is why Pakistan and Afghanistan have such high death rates for women. Even worse than African countries.

Richard said...

There is a saying that a conservative is a liberal who was mugged. I wonder if the Doctor is still a liberal or if in a few months to years will be up on Gates of Vienna and other anti-Islam blogs?

Michael Servetus said...

I don't think there is any virtue in remaining a liberal in the face of such facts, when it comes to particular experience. It shouldn't have to be said but I will say it anyway, because a conservative must.
To not remain liberal with reference to a particular is not the same as an abandonment of all virtue and principle because of one experience, no it is simply to apply logic based on particular experience which exhibit a pattern and particualr association, in fact that is scientific thinking, thinking that leads to real knowledge or verities.
A conservative is a liberal but not a liberal unable to adjust and adapt and embrace reality. A leftist "liberal" on the other hand seems unable to stop himself or adjust or intake new knowledge, he or she is set in his or her ways, they have learned and been enamored with the idea of liberality to the point of it becoming a low and slavish character flaw.

1389 said...


Liberalism goes deeper than that, unfortunately. For an evisceration of liberalism, see:

Why modern liberals are 100% wrong about everything

Anonymous said...

As a male nurse I had think about this and I have developed a personal protocol to manage these situations.

First. It is ethically wrong to allow the relatives to choose for the patient.

Second. A nurse (but for doctors is not different) have a duty to the patient first of all.

Third. I'm not a policeman or a soldier and have not a duty to combat, serve and protect anyone.

In this case I would go to care for the patient.
If physically confronted by the relatives, I would stop. I would call immediately for the security and the police and wait until they remove the threat to me and my co-workers.

In the mean time, I would try to convince them to let me do my job.
If they called for a female doctor/nurse and none was available, I would refuse to call home a doctor/nurse to appease to their demand.

As soon as the police show up and remove the danger, I would go and help the patient. Just after, I would denounce the relatives to interruption of public service, threats, private violence, material, moral and biological damage compensation and anything available in the books. I would also push for the administration to push other charges to them.

If the administration don't support me, I simply take "sick leave" for the distress I endured during my working hours.