Sunday, April 22, 2007

So Much For Democracy

When I was at the meeting in Copenhagen, there was much discussion about the attempts of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) to find a venue for their annual meeting.

SverigedemokraternaAlthough the political party is completely legal in Sweden, it has been unable to find a location in Sweden to host its meeting. The hotels and conference centers cited “security concerns”, and would not rent to the Sweden Democrats.

The issue, of course, is that Sweden Democrats’ positions on immigration and other issues are considered beyond the pale. They are outside the realm of civilized discourse. Thus, although the Swedish government would defend to the death the rights of the Greens or the Communists to gather in peace, Sverigedemokraterna is without recourse.

While I was in Denmark, Steen was working with representatives of the Sweden Democrats to help them find a venue in the Copenhagen area for their meeting. It would have been a poke in the eye for the Swedish authorities — a perfectly legal Swedish political party unable to meet in their own country — if the group had had to meet in Denmark.

But, alas, it was not to be. The Danes have gone the weaselly way of their Swedish cousins and refused a place in the manger for the Sweden Democrats. Here’s the latest from Exile:
- - - - - - - - - -
It would appear that their hosts in Denmark, however, are no better than their cowardly Swedish counterparts. The party had found a venue in Køge, a large town to the south of Copenhagen and had booked a conference hotel in which they could hold the annual get together. According to the press, the price for this little gathering was about 32,000 dollars and the party had paid up in advance.

Björn Söder spoke with the Swedish news agency, TT, and has told them that the deal has fallen through. The hotel, “Hvide Hus” (The White House) has welched on the deal and has cancelled out of fear of reprisal and possible reaction from the autonomous factions (read lefty louts) in Denmark.

The hotel is denying the reasons for cancellation.

Either way, I can see a trend forming here. First, the right wing SIAD is not allowed to hold demonstrations in Denmark, out of fear of reprisal or violence. Not from the demonstrators, but from their opponents. The Swedish right wing SD is not allowed to hold an AGM in Sweden for roughly the same reasons and now, out of fear of reprisal, not in Denmark either. Clearly there is something very wrong here.

The left wing is doing its utmost to crush any debate concerning immigration and the huge social problems that come with the influx of unmanageable numbers of foreign people. SD makes no secret of its dislike of muslims and rightly so, if one considers what is happening in cities like Malmö. SIAD in Denmark makes no secret of it either, stating very clearly that its main goal is to stop further islamisation of Denmark. SIOE takes it to a european level.

Interesting to note, that while the left is constantly hammering on about democracy and the open debate, it is their supporters that are being allowed, by threat or the use of force, to determine the political agenda. They are being given the means necessary to disrupt legal political activity and deny the right wing parties from continuing the debate. So much for democracy.


Do you think they could meet in Iceland? Or the Faeroes? How about Singapore?

These are wretched times in which we live.


X said...

'Security concerns' are a legitimate reason for many of these places. They're scared stupid that some raving band of leftist idiots will come and trash their business if they let them in, and of course they'll deny that for the very same reason.

I expect someone will be along shortly to say that this proves we aren't worthy of saving. :)

They should try France. It's a strange country these days.

lugh lampfhota said...

Throughout the history of mankind the only appropriate response to attack on person and property was the use of deadly force by the sovereign of the place. Anything else is loss of sovereignty.

One of two things is true in this case. Either the Swedish government has capitulated sovereignty or the Swedish government is fascist. Neither is good for individual Swedes.

I have never understood why any government would allow a few hooligans to threaten either persons or property. Shoot them dead.

X said...

Ahh, but shooting them wouldn't be sufficiently tolerant of their alternative world views, would it? Remember, there is no right and wrong anymore...

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

They really should try the Baltics. Close, cheap, Ryanair to Riga or ferry to Tallinn, hotels are available in the off-season (outside summer), no entrenched social democrat influence.

History Snark said...

leftists would be funny if they weren't so scary. It's like my friend who says there's no reason to "debate" global warming anymore, since 12,000 scientists support it and only a handful oppose it. Therefore the topic is beyond any discussion.

Not allowing a political group to meet is simply fascism. Can't they hold a meeting someplace, and force the authorities to either accept it or break it up? In a perfect world, word would get out after that, but I suppose the media wouldn't talk about it anyway.

Strange times indeed.

Jonathan Robertsson said...

The social-democrats consider it good that "the society boycotts the Sweden Democrats" (Am I joking? No, I'm not! Nalin Pekgul, chairwoman of Social Democratic Women in Sweden, said that on the news yesterday!)
I sure don't hope they'll be back in government in 2010...

Profitsbeard said...

A note on this new Daisy logo- shouldn't the "highlighting" little "crescent" in the inner face of the flower be a tiny Scandinavian cross instead? (Easy to add a matching cross-hatch stoke.)

Someone's either being ironic or forgetful.

Profitsbeard said...


I emailed a little photoshopped cross on the Blue Daisy logo to you.

My small addition to the enduring effort.

Conservative Swede said...

They should probably opt for a really free country. A country of real men, who won't weasel out, and where real protection could be provided. I suggest they book a venue in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Conservative Swede said...

According to the view of Benjamin Franklin--“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch"--this is democracy! Sverigedemokraterna here being the lamb ritually slaughtered on the altar of democracy. The lamb does not comply with "democratic values", so let's have it for lunch. The majority decides.

Aeneas said...

It is completely outrageous and unacceptable that a party like the Sweden Democrats do not appear to have the right to assembly in their own county. If Sweden is in fact a democracy then it is outrageous that a legitimate political party cannot find a venue for fear of violent opposition from their opponents.

The Swedish authorities should be making every effort to ensure security...or has the rule of law in Sweden completely broken down?

What can concerned citizens in other European countries do to put pressure on the Swedish Government to ensure democracy in Sweden? I thought that guaranteeing democracy was one of the conditions for membership of the European Union. Without the right to assemble, democracy is meaningless. I think I will write to the Swedish ambassador to the United Kingdom to complain. I would urge all people who read this to do the same in their own countries.

I have emailed the following to the Swedish Ambassador to the United Kingdom:

Your Excellency

I read with considerable alarm that a political party within your country's borders is having great difficulty in finding a location to have its annual meeting. I understand that due to opposition to the party's political programme many venues fear a violent backlash. Why is this? Has the rule of law completely broken down in you country? If political parties cannot meet then what hope is there for freedom of speech in your country? Your country's government should be ashamed that Sweden cannot guarantee political expression.

It is completely outrageous and unacceptable that a party like the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) do not appear to have the right to assembly in their own county. If Sweden is in fact a democracy then it is outrageous that a legitimate political party cannot find a venue for fear of violent opposition from its opponents.

The Swedish authorities should be making every effort to ensure security...or has the rule of law in Sweden completely broken down in Sweden? I am a citizen of the European Union. I would like to ask a question. Is it safe for me to travel to your country? Will my life be in danger if I upset the wrong people or can the Swedish authorities guarantee my safety? I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully
[Name Supplied]

voxmi said...

Hello, if they are nice people, it would be possible to arrange for them some place in Prague - fly should not be too expensive from Arlanda. Rest depends on their budget (Hilton vers pub&hostel). Sorry for phrasing "nice people", I have a bottle of vine on my table :-)) regards,

Conservative Swede said...

Prague would do too. There are enough Russian and Ukraine boys in the streets to make it a safe place. There are cheap flights also to Warsaw, Tallin and Budapest. In Poland they could hire Rutkowski Patrol.

Zerosumgame said...

I would try Poland or the Baltics, perhaps even Russia.

I don't know much about your discount airlines, but Ryanair or Easyjet probably fly to some of them.

The other possibility would be to find the private residence or estate of some rich person who is in agreement with their policies, and will pay for security.

Anonymous said...

Great letter Aeneas.

On the bright side of this shamefull situation, this is another reminder to everyone, that things are getting worse and that our goverments will not be much help when they do. The sooner this awereness spreds the better for our future. In a way the red-facists are helping us get ready for green ones.

Another bright side, is that this will not Damage SverigeDemokraterne politicaly. It will Damage their opponents.

The Deplorable Old Bulldog said...

This must be those open minded multicultural progressive European political theories our domestic liberals wish to emulate.

Harrison said...

Actually, they might be able to hold their meeting in Singapore - though the people here would be warned not to gather and protest, since they had already deemed it illegal for any NGOs to hold demonstrations for fear of trampling on the beautiful sunflowers planted just outside the convention centre just for the World Bank summit earlier this year. Yes, in Singapore it's all about image.

aeneas, nice letter. I should write to the Swedish Ambassador to Singapore soon.

I'm heading to Sweden in a few weeks' time - what will I find there? My Lonely Planet guidebook offers little on information about democratic standards. Oh wait, they got that too? Darn.

Baron Bodissey said...

Profitsbeard --

I got it! Thanks.

Yes, that's a good idea, but I don't think it stands a snowball's chance in hell... ;)

Profitsbeard said...

Baron B.-

But it's on their flag?

I thought they'd appreciate the little reminder.

Conservative Swede said...

I just want to point out that Singapore is viable option precisely because it is not democratic. Any country that has the balls to oppose the Wilsonian democratism, which is constantly being imposed by America, is a good country. Because they have real men and/or because they have real leadership. Russia or Singapore, any country who doesn't get a top score by the dhimmi NGO Freedom House, is a viable option for truly free meetings. China is another place to be considered. Probably the safest.

Alexis said...

If nobody along the Baltic will let you have a meeting, you may wish to try Bulgaria, Romania, or Serbia. It would difficult to imagine Belgrade being hostile to a Swedish political party having its convention there.

Mission Impossible said...

The British National Party (BNP) has faced almost identical violent & non-violent intimidation, and venue hurdles to that experienced by Sverigedemokraterna. I would hazard a guess that the leftist parties around Europe are coordinating their strategies to resist the rising tide of truth and opposition that will eventually crush their increasingly pathetic ideology into dust. My contempt for Femino-Leftists has expanded by an order of 10, just these past 12 months, as I continue my research and thus learn more of the truth. We have already labelled the EU "Stalinist," and we did so for good reason. Anger isn't always healthy, but it is at least natural.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Liberals have great propoganda machines, you have to admit. They routinely censor anyone to the right of them, yet they have the image of supporting free speech.

David M said...

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