Friday, April 27, 2007

Fighting Yesterday’s Tyranny

Islamo-NazisWednesday’s post about the new alliance between SIAD and various other Danish counterjihad groups provoked a lot of discussion in the comments. Anders Gravers was taken to task for associating with Julius Børgesen, who is alleged to be formerly affiliated with a Danish neo-Nazi group.

One of the consequences of the relentless name-calling and demonizing of conservatives by the Left is that the epithet “Nazi” ceases to have much meaning. By now it has come to mean no more than “anyone who doesn’t agree with the Progressives, Socialists, Greens, and Feminists.” Like much of the rest of our vocabulary, the currency of the word has been debased by the Glossocracy.

Phanarath had some things to say on the topic which are pertinent, and worth reproducing here:

As for “real” racists and Nazis, I don’t consider them a big issue. It’s not like our prisons are filled with Nazis, or 70% of all violent crime including rapes are committed by Nazis. We don’t have huge unemployment problems within our Nazi no-go zones. We don’t constantly hear about Nazi groups demanding respect and special treatment. Forced Nazi-marriages haven’t been a big issue lately. And if Julius Børgesen indeed left Nazism behind, it seems to have happened completely without any death threats against him.
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70 years ago the Left was all about sucking up to the Nazis. Now after they are long gone, the Left gets all brave and wants to fight them. It’s much more convenient to fight tyranny after it’s gone. Fighting the tyranny that we have today is nasty stuff; I mean, they can fight back, just to name one rather unpleasant thing.

The tyranny we face today is Islam, and personally I always get happy when I hear of someone who left Islam behind.

Any freedom-loving person should be happy when someone leaves tyranny behind, be it Nazism, Communism, or Islamism.

It’s one for the good guys.


OregonGuy said...

How can anybody relate a group named "national socialists" with any group of conservatives?

Kinda seems strange that dedicated capitalists are confused with socialists...but critical thinking was never a lefty strong point.

Stix said...

You have been tagged for the Thinking Blogger Award

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

That is such a good quote. The idiots in the MSM really should be reporting this stuff too.

Baron Bodissey said...

Oh, no, Stix! We've already been tagged with that one (3 or 4 times, I think). Dymphna responded to Bernie -- who was first -- about a month ago.

Sorry, old chap!

ziontruth said...

The title is right on target. The malady of today's Left is that it's stuck in the past (warning: lotsa pics).

Outstanding case in point: a handful of CounterPunch articles on the US partial-birth abortion ban; exactly 0 CounterPunch articles on the Iranian crackdown on women's rights.

Unknown said...

The Ghost of Nazism haunts across generations, it cripples and deforms; and in it's most scary form it holds back genuine progress.

But as most ghosts, and this is vital, it is not really there !

Walking backwards into the future is not the way we want ot go, is it ?