Thursday, April 19, 2007

Report on the Counterjihad Summit

UK and Scandinavia Counterjihad Summit

The UK and Scandinavia Counterjihad Summit gathered last Saturday under tight security on an unusually warm spring day in Copenhagen. We met first at the Workers’ Museum (red flags and a statue of Lenin!) so that SIAD security could check everybody out. When all the participants were assembled, we followed Anders Gravers and the SIAD contingent to the meeting place a few blocks away.

There were at least twenty Danes present, several Swedes and Norwegians, with two British representatives and two American representatives of Vigilant Freedom. Paul Belien was originally scheduled to attend, but a wildcat air strike in Ostend the previous day had left him stranded in Brussels. His presence was sorely missed.

A later head count showed that fewer than half of the participants were bloggers — a significant departure from business as usual, with action-oriented people outnumbering pajama-clad gabsters like me.

ExileAfter an informal mixer of chat and adult beverages, we sat down to a dinner of roast pork with red cabbage, and potatoes (flæskesteg, rødkål, and kartofler). When dinner was over, Exile — a British expatriate blogger living in Denmark who served as the coordinator for the event — gave a brief talk. Afterwards he called on the rest of the speakers.

I was first up. I had cue cards for my prepared speech, but by the time I stood up to give it, I had met and talked to everyone in the room. Also on my mind were the previous three days’ worth of discussions that had gone on at Steen’s apartment. So I was filled with new ideas, and although I started out using my cue cards, I soon abandoned them and said what was on my mind instead. Steen videotaped the whole thing, so it may be that my off-the-cuff jabber will be available at some point.

Next up was Anders Gravers, the leader of SIAD (Stop the Islamification of Denmark). Anders was nervous — he said this was the first time he had ever given a speech in English. But he did a good job, and had some important and inspiring things to say about SIAD. Here are some excerpts:

A group of people from Den Danske Forening, The Danish Society, gathered in June 2005 with a wish of creating a department of the Danish Society, Region North. But rather quickly we experienced that The Danish Society didn’t want to act in any way. All they wanted was only to talk internally about the Islam problems and publish a well-informed magazine four times a year.

But our group up north in Jutland were aware that we had to do something now if we would have any chance to save Denmark from the Islamic invasion. We knew that it was five minutes to twelve.

Therefore we decided to start an organisation whose aim was to wake up the Danes through actions and provocations, of course within the limits of the law. All in all to put the government in the devil’s dilemma, which means, no matter what they did, SIAD would have a win-and-win situation.

If they allowed our demonstrations, there would be serious trouble, and if they wouldn’t allow us to demonstrate, SIAD had proved that the freedom of speech and the right to gather in public was suppressed and eliminated.

The first demonstration took place during the Muhammad crisis, in support of the newspaper Jyllands Posten, who as you know printed the Muhammad cartoons and in support for the freedom of speech. We were 98 participants and the police showed up with around 100 persons.

SIAD decided that the following demonstrations were named “The genocider Hamas out of Scandinavia”. The title was because Hamas was recently elected as a legal government in Palestine and their main goal is to chase the Jews out of Israel and to kill the Jews all over the world. We cannot allow to shelter these kind of people in Denmark.

We held the first demonstration with this title in Århus, the second biggest town, in the ghetto Gellerup just outside the town, where we were met by 800 illegal and violent agitators, who attacked police and journalists with chrysanthemum bombs and rockets fired horizontally! The police were not able to control the mass and ordered our small demonstration, 18 peacefully, mostly elderly people waving the Danish flag, out of the area, despite that We were the legal demonstrators!

At this demonstration we showed the Danes for the first time, that there are areas in Denmark which are no longer in control, no longer Danish, areas where the freedom of speech and the right to gather in public, are eliminated. Here rules the Muslim law.
- - - - - - - - - -

Another devil’s dilemma we have put on the government are the charges against the Koran of contradicting the Danish constitutions, paragraphs 67 and 69. We have demanded that the imams should not be allowed to read and teach the parts of the Koran which contradict the Danish constitution. That means all the passages of clean/unclean, of believers/non-believers, and all the parts who distinguish between women and men and of course their violent agitation. However we got an answer in 14 days, perhaps because the Danish ambassador in Turkey had to explain again and again that the demand of a prohibition of certain parts of the Koran had nothing to do with the Danish government, and it only came from a small rather unknown party!

I contacted the Minister of Justice and asked the attorney, how she could answer so quickly? She must have known the Koran in advance? She answered, very honestly, that she had never read the Koran. I asked if she based her answer on the Hadith, the life and living of Muhammad. She answered: What is the Hadith?? Of course we have repeated the charges against the Koran!

We know that because Denmark is such a small homogeneous country, where the effects are felt quickly, much quicker than in bigger countries. Because of that we believe that Denmark is the perfect place to practice the anti-jihad actions and thereby affect the population, because we get a response right away. Then we can discover which actions will have the greatest affect on the people, and which actions can be copied to other places, USA, Canada, Australia and the rest of Europe.

After Anders was Michael Jensen, who is known as “the philosopher of SIAD.” Anders is from Jutland, and Michael is from Copenhagen, so the two of them serve to give SIAD a broad reach within Denmark.

His speech ranged over the philosophical and theoretical aspects of what SIAD and related groups are doing. He was passionate about what he said, and very articulate. Some excerpts:

I am a philosopher, a descendent of an old philosophical family. My family’s school of thought is a mix of protestant Christendom, Hellenic philosophy and Nordic mythology — started by the Danish philosopher Grundtvig.

It is a tradition in my family to stand up for Denmark if Denmark is in danger. As did my great-great-grandfather, and my great-grandmother. And now I suppose it is my turn.


10-15% of the Muslim population are the young, prosperous and intelligent, educated at university. They are actually the most dangerous Islamists, because they think, plan ahead and are devising intelligent plans.

50% of the Muslim population prefer Sharia Laws to Roman Law. (Surveys done in England) Here you find the foot soldiers, easy to provoke, and pretty stupid. This is actually the weak point of the Islamists, most of them do not think that much, and get easily provoked. When SIAD held its first rally in Gellerup, around 800 Jihad warriors appeared in a very short notice — firing Chrysanthemum bombs, throwing rocks and trying to get to the demonstrators of SIAD.

This was only one part of Denmark. All in all we think that there are around 30,000 jihad warriors in Denmark. And they can be rallied in a very short notice with modern telecommunication equipment.

Fortunately for us, they are willing to fight, and that will show the people and the media where they are, and how many. TV loves it, it gives a lot of very good pictures.

So to rattle the Islamists’ cage, show up and demonstrate for freedom, against the totalitarian Islamism.


We have the right to think what we want to think, how we want to think it — this is a basic premise of our faith, and we will not give up. Never.

We will not cease our freedom.

Freedom of speech is not just some idea; it is the basic principle of our faith.

Michael spoke at length about the ancient democracy of the Vikings in Iceland as described in the Icelandic Sagas. Known as the Alþing, Viking democracy was rooted in a system of local moots, each of which was called a þing. The local gatherings served as marketplaces and assemblies to discuss issues and sort out matters of law and governance. The Alþing was a larger gathering which functioned as a consensual government for all of Iceland. In many ways Iceland resembled the democracy of ancient Athens, and was the first democratic system to arise in Northern Europe, predating all the other versions by at least several hundred years.

Michael concluded with his assessment of what the Counterjihad is facing in Europe:

Basically the fight we are fighting is contest of will — it is us against the Islamists. And the ones with the strongest will, will prevail. We have the resources, the organisation, but we lack the will — if we regain the incentive to fight for our own fine culture, the fight will be over in a very short time, without much bloodshed. If we do not fight, it will come to civil war.

Our success will be defined by two things: courage and actions. The only one in this room that does not hide himself behind a funny name is Anders. And I think one of the secrets of SIAD’s success — is the courage of Anders to stand up in the open and defy the Islamists in his own name.

That works.

This is a very dangerous fight, some of us in this room will die — but that is a price we should be willing to pay, because it is better to lose your life than to lose your freedom.

But if we have the will and the courage, we will win.

After Michael finished there was some general discussion and friendly argument about the points he made. Ted, one of the Swedish participants, pointed out that democracy alone was not the answer, and that a Muslim majority was quite capable of removing the rights and freedoms of Swedes by democratic means.

Skjoldungern and MistLively conversation continued for another couple of hours, with various groups of people collecting to argue and discuss the issues over glasses of excellent Danish beer, which was in plentiful supply.

The most urgent issue concerned plans for the upcoming demonstration in Brussels on September 11th. The new group that has formed in anticipation of this event, SIOE (Stop the Islamification of Europe), will be a clearinghouse for planning, and participants in our meeting were eager to set up additional meetings to formulate strategy for Brussels.

An important topic was Vigilant Freedom’s new initiative, known as the Islamification Index. This is a system designed to quantify the degree of Islamification in each country and assess the risk of encroaching sharia. Later stages of the Index process will involve planning for action designed to push back Islamification and the illiberal Multicultural system which allows it to flourish.

When the number of Vigilant Freedom members in a country is large enough to form a working group, members will construct an Islamification Index based on local conditions. Besides the United States, the current focus is on Denmark, Sweden, and Britain. Denmark’s risk level is assumed to be lower than Sweden and the UK, and it will serve as a model for action in countries which are in crisis.

Just before the meeting ended, I asked all those who were willing to have their pictures posted on the web to gather for a group photo.

UK and Scandinavia Counterjihad Summit
Left to right: Mist (USA), Ted (Sweden), Anders Gravers (Denmark), Exile (Denmark), Skjoldungen (Denmark), Phanarath (Denmark), and Zonka (Denmark). Click the photo to see a larger version.

The meeting broke up and adjourned to the sidewalk outside, and most of the group proceeded to a bar to continue their discussions. I had to go back to Steen’s apartment to meet with him and Fjordman, so I missed the later festivities.

You’ll have to check in with some of the other bloggers for an account of went on during the wee hours. Assuming they remember, that is…

I’m saving my pennies, because I can’t wait to go back. You gotta love those Danes.


gxm said...


I hope this counterjihad works. However, there had better be a plan B. You had better spread the word among these folks and to libertarians and conservatives here that a quick tactical retreat to the USA or countries like Australia and New Zealand might be necessary and should be planned for now. I personally think the last stand will be made here in the western hemisphere but maybe not. During the 30’s there were efforts to get certain folks into the USA and out of the expanding Nazi sphere. Quite a few people who ended up in the Manhattan Engineering District come to mind.

G. Mitchell

Yorkshireminer said...

Nice to see you enjoyed yourself Baron in that little country with a big heart.

Zonka said...


There really is no plan B here, either we succeed or we perish, simple as that, Europe might be in the frontline where Islam is concerned, but the USA have their own problems with Mexicans, and both places have their problems with the multi-cultural and leftist crowd, that seeks to destroy our nations from within. Australia and New Zealand might offer a temporary reprieve, but unless we win in the USA and Europe, Australia and NZ will fall as welll, and then we better seek asylum in China!!!

SC&A said...

Fail safe.

We need to recognize if and where there is a point of no return.

From where I sit, benchmarks are needed.

Unknown said...

Recognizing the Irony of posting this under an assumed name, although my RL ID is known to The Baron, I still wish to make one point....

There is no need for a benchmark, referring to Asger/The SIAD Philosopher, it's a fight for freedom, giving up and retreating is giving up basic freedom.


I recently met The Baron when he visited my hometown Århus, and was moved to come out of lurking mode.

It was actually a reflex remark by The Baron that moved me..

He asked if his views concerning The EU or his political moves might offend me, or if I would be offended by him speaking his mind...

and what I couldn't help thinking is, "I would be offended if you didn't!"

What kind of a world are we living in if we have to have concerns voicing our opinions, whatever they are....?

oh well, will be posting more frequently from this point onward...

PS. Was great meeting you Baron.

Baron Bodissey said...

Semantes -- Welcome!

For the information of our readers -- Semantes speaks fluent American, which is unusual in Denmark. Most Danes speak English with a British accent.

Also, he and Phanarath know a lot of good jokes. :)

gxm said...

zonka and semantes,

I understand your point of view. I guess I look at this in purely military terms. Although I am not by any means an expert on military tactics and strategy, I do have some knowledge. A tactical retreat is not an acknowledgment of defeat. Two things are required. First, there needs to be a defensible position to retreat to so your point about our borders and leftists is well taken. Second, you need to punish the enemy severely as you retreat so that he is disabused of the idea that he can take advantage of your tactical maneuver.

If a large portion of the eastern hemisphere were to be controlled by the Islamo-fascists, we still have the same option that we used against the Soviets, i.e. containment by the threat of high tech massive retaliation. Even the most fervent fanatics are going to think twice if they are confronted by total annihilation especially if they think their opponent will survive. One of the great Cold War warriors and a key member of the Manhattan Project John von Neumann understood this strategy well. The US military’s high tech machine is still in good working order. DARPA is quiet but very busy. I don’t believe that ideologies like Islamo-fascism can really maintain an advanced economic system that can support a high tech military like ours. After a few generations they will collapse like the Soviets.

I was most gratified and amazed when the Soviets collapsed. I was especially happy to see the leftists here lose face after telling us for years that the Soviets had a superior system. Believe me I hope the counterjihad works and that a tactical retreat is not necessary. I don’t relish another two generations of massive arms build up and an east west standoff even though I will only live to see maybe half a generation of it.

You mentioned China. Actually a strategic alliance with India and China may be a possible way for counterjihad to be successful. I cannot believe that ultimately China, India, or Russia will see a new Caliphate as in their interest.

G. Mitchell

David M said...

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A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Anonymous said...


In the kind of war we are fighting, it is important to consider cultural strongholds. Fortifications are not only made of metal and stone.

We need to update the military to how wars are fought today. tactical retreats are just so last century *grin*

Zonka said...


You took the words out of my mouth... ;)
Roll out the cultural canons, "Let 'em eat Voltaire..."

Profitsbeard said...

Baron, and everyone who dared-

Excellent groundwork! Inspiring and engaging.

Feel like I'm looking at the European "Miracle in Philadelphia".

Freedom being (re)born.

A salute to all for taking a stand against this oldest of fascisms!

As they say in the Netherlands, (where I experienced the Turko-Moroccan Islamic invasion firsthand in the 1990's):



Unknown said...

I desagree about nature of islam. And I think call it islamofascism is wrong because it lacks some essencial features of fascism. It is as it as turned into a totalitarian theocracy in contact with modernity and darker sides became more evident. Islam cannot by itself get out of VII th century, or no more than XVI century. In XVII century, when turks besieged Vienna they where long ago left behind, and never since kept a pace, as Japan do and Persia tryed. Islam is unable of any kind of tecnologic, intelectual or scientific development. Put in contact with modern tecnology they can use it and get used to it but in any manner can mantain and develop it. Look at Iran, they get the bomb but are unable of keep working oil refineries, wich are in any way a piece of high tecnology. What all they needed was metalurgic/mechanic industry wich they havenot. Europe turning into Eurabia doesnot harm anyone but us since all our development will sunk, our industries will sunk, our universities, laboratories, and research centers will sunk, our transportations (trains, motorways, airports) will sunk, as Europe dont have oil to pay third countries to do that, and all our specialesed workers will go out. In short time We will be condemned to the kind of misery we encounter in no oil muslim countries.

Nemesis said...

This was a good post Baron. Lots of interesting comments too although some I thought were a little defeatist.

There is a saying...'in order to kill the body first cut off the head.'

But Islam has many heads which would continue sprout even as you lop.

It is good to see the Danes pushing the envelope and getting results. Only time will tell if it has been worthwhile. I fear that when these brave people start to be murdered one by one, the push might collapse.

I believe your first speaker hit the nail on the head when he demonstrated the ignorance of all things Islamic by the government spokesperson. Surely a concerted effort to educate those in office will have those benefits that are desirous of this meeting.

I will be watching for more updates. Terry