Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mexification and the Future of the United States

Fjordman rarely reports on the situation in the USA, preferring instead to concentrate on alarming events in Europe. However, yesterday he sent us the following email about the rapid Mexification of California.

Hello from Fjordman.

Los Angeles gangsI got some angry comments at Little Green Footballs when I said that the violence by Mexican gangs in LA is close to what should be called ethnic cleansing. But judging from this latest story in The Guardian, I think that term is appropriate. And to your American readers: This is one of the reasons why I haven’t left Europe for the USA yet. First of all because I think it’s too early to say that Europe is lost, and second, because I am rather worried by the trends I see in the US, and wonder whether I would be leaving one sinking ship in favor of another sinking ship.

The United States may well have signed its own death warrant as a country when it decided to be a “universal” nation. There is no such thing. Either you abandon that idea or it will kill your country and kill the American dream. It is pretty bad when California, which has attracted people from all over the United States for 150 years and has been the economic engine not just of the US, but of the world for generations, now starts becoming a region where educated, dynamic people leave because they can no longer stand living there.

I know many people believe that the 21st century will be a contest between China and the United States. Yes, China faces many internal challenges, corruption, environmental problems and political censorship. However, I am pretty sure that an entity recognizable as China will still exist in the middle or second half of this century. I cannot say that with equal confidence about the USA. You are much less ethnically homogeneous than China, and risk clinging to this near-religious idea that all cultures are equally compatible with US dynamism and that all religious, ethnic, cultural and racial tensions that plague the rest of mankind will somehow magically disappear the second immigrants set foot on US soil. They won’t.
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From The Guardian:

A bloody conflict between Hispanic and black gangs is spreading across Los Angeles. Hundreds are dying as whole districts face the threat of ethnic cleansing.

From The Los Angeles Times:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Police Chief William J. Bratton and L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca all spoke with unusual candor of their concern that an increasing number of gang crimes appear to be born out of racial hatred. In a few instances, the Los Angeles Police Department has identified Latino gangs they say are indiscriminately targeting African American residents in what appear to be campaigns to drive blacks from some neighborhoods.

From Discover the Networks:

“Since 9/11 alone, about 45,000 U.S. residents have been killed in action via homicide or manslaughter at the hands of illegal aliens, and about another quarter of a million to 300,000 have been wounded,” said Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project.

From VDare:

In Los Angeles, gang violence has gotten so bad that the city council wants to raise taxes in order to fight it… The city already spends $82 million on touchy-feely gang outreach, with little result.

From the New English Review:

Will the United States Survive Until 2022?


Charles Martel said...

American exceptionalism succumbing to the sirens song of multiculturalism and diversity.

You are precisely correct. Until and unless America rejects the pernicious idea that anyone and everyone can be assimilated we will as a nation self destruct.

Fear not your ships,
Nor any to oppose you save our lips;
But come on shore,
Where no joy dies till Love hath gotten more.

And so too, we shall crash into the rocky shore of the multicultural chimera. In fact I wonder, have we crossed the point of no return? I cannot conceive of our nation changing its present course without a civil war - and make no mistake, those one the left would willingly give up their lives to destroy that unique blessing bestowed upon the world: America.

I'm afraid some of zerosumgame's despair may have worn off on me.

Voyager said...

How did the US go from being a predominantly Protestant nation to being the world's largest Roman Catholic nation ?

How was the Protestant Settlement lost and marginalised by Secularist Lawyers ?

Unknown said...

Do you think when two representatives holding diametrically opposing views get together and shake hands, the contradictions between our systems will simply melt away? What kind of a daydream is that?
- Nikita Khrushchev

He also said something about the U.S. being defeated from within its borders but I haven't found that quote yet... or maybe it wasn't him.

I signed up for an account just so I could post, lol... I have to return the favors of others posting on mine, right?

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Mmm. Some of the trends in the US seem worse than Europe on average* - widespread hate speech codes, open doors immigration support across party lines, no third political party, no ethno-nationalism to fall back on, large indigenous "american" minorities who are nothing of the sort, insidious academic corruption, .

*For zero and the like : Belgium, Britain, Sweden seem determined to flush themselves, true. Thats just 10% of the EU.

Others are in danger : France and Holland have horrible immigrant problems but have their plusses (can anyone in the US imagine imposing something like the French head scarf/burka ban?). Some are vulnereble : Spain has its abominable socialist government (which manages to prove Franco was right almost every week), Italy has dreadfull demographics and weak government. Thats still barely half the EU.

Elric66 said...

Doesnt surprise me about the angry comments on LGF. They get angry when you point out cold hard facts about the culture suicide of the US. Who posted the angry comments?

Unknown said...

“Since 9/11 alone, about 45,000 U.S. residents have been killed in action via homicide or manslaughter at the hands of illegal aliens,

The nationwide murder rate averages about 15-17 thousand a year, according to the FBI*, which would mean if Gilchrist is correct, then illegal immigrants are responsible for about half of all murders in the United States, and that seems a bit of a stretch to me to believe. Where do those numbers come from? No source is mentioned.

(* For example, here is the info for 2005.)

Conservative Swede said...

I just wrote to Lawrence Auster about his post The Hyper-Bushians .
Which points out the hyper-Wilsonian policy of Bush, Steyn, Podhoretz, etc.:

The "hard" democrats, the hyper-Bushians, say "we must force them
to choose their governments by democratic elections".

This has a long history in America. Niall Ferguson quoted Woodrow
Wilson's man in London, Walter Page, saying about the Mexico
situation in 1913: "Yes. The United States will be here for two
hundred years and it can continue to shoot men for that little
space till they learn to vote and to rule themselves."

America never had any better plan than this for warfare. As Niall
Ferguson pointed out, if it had been the Brits (of the British
empire) they would simply have invaded Mexico and taken over the
rule of the country. The most forceful plan America can conceive,
however, is to enter a country and shoot down men util they learn
to "elect good men". What's happening in Iraq is nothing new.

A traditional(ist) war goal is to invade and take over the land (or
attack and then stay out for tactical reasons). This is how things
used to be like up until the hegemony of the British empire. But
now we live under American hegemony, and America decided to "change
the rules". America, being a former colony with an underdog self-
identity, can never stomach the idea of taking over another
country. America came into existence by an egalitarian revolution;
this is its founding myth and idenity. Now it's America that is the
empire of the West, so at this point the whole West is stuck in the
mindset of egalitarinist revolutionaries.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Quite so C.S, egalitarianism is embedded in the whole American system and idea. Some aspects of political correctness appear to have been specifically crafted to take advantage of that otherwise noble feature, and current 4th generation warfare against the US/allies is largely dependent on exploiting it.

I see Auster has taken to Nietzche quotations. Scary times we live in.

Conservative Swede said...

Fellow Peacekepper: I see Auster has taken to Nietzche quotations. Scary times we live in.

Auster is too intelligent to avoid Nietzsche. This is one of many reasons for why I'm so fond of him. Even though our ultimate conclusions differ regarding America and Christianity.

Read Nietzsche. He was way ahead of anyone of us in seeing the problems coming. However, when reading Nietzsche, one has to take in consideration what great emotional trauma he must have been under, being so alienated, seeing things so clearly so long before. Also, Nietzsche was wrong on several singular things, quite as e.g Churchill. But in both cases they got the big picture right, far better then anyone else. Nietzsche's analysis of the suicidal part of the Western DNA is still the best around.

Conservative Swede said...
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Conservative Swede said...

Furthermore, the reading of Nietzsche will suggest to you that noble and egalitarian are indeed opposite concepts.

Zerosumgame said...


How did the US go from being a predominantly Protestant nation to being the world's largest Roman Catholic nation ?

How did you come up with that? The USA is about 25% Catholic, or about 75 million Catholics. Brazil has double that, and Mexico and the Phillipines both have more.

As for Fjordman's basic point about American cultural suicide via multiculturalism, I think he has the right idea, but not the right mechanism. I think that if the USA breaks apart, it will be not in a Latino-Anglo war (I've spent a fair amount of time in New Mexico, which is over 40% Hispanic, and do not sense a movement to rejoin Mexico.)

I think it may come in the form of a blue state vs. red state civil war, as pictured by Science Fiction writer Orson Scott Card in his latest (non-science) fiction novel, Empire. Except in that novel, the secession is started by the far left.

I think the most likely scenario is that Democrats gain control of the White House, keep control of the Senate, and then attempt to crush dissent by imposition of the ironically named "fairness doctrine", thus silencing conservative media, and then by a strong effort to control and confiscate guns, thus sparking a red state secession.

It would be a foolish move by the left, since now the military is overwhelmingly "red state" at least in outlook, if not in origin, and "red state" America is far better armed than "blue state" America.

And I live in a "blue state".

Vanishing American said...

I think Fjordman is right, as usual.
I think the U.S. could well break apart, if present trends continue, and although it may be partly a political fissure, it will increasingly have an ethnic component.
As far as the 'red state/blue state' dichotomy, the map will look very different ten years from now if we continue to receive so many immigrants, both legal and illegal. Many people have done the math, and project that the country will be 'majority minority' in a couple of decades at the outside.
Many of the states which have been reliably 'red' or conservative, such as the south and Southeastern states, are now being invaded in an unprecedented way; they will surely not remain 'red states' much longer, as the old demographics are broken up, probably for good.
There is just no escaping the demographic trends, unless we do something to reverse them.
I repeat, Fjordman is right.
But I hope my fellow Americans stop living in denial, and realize that we have to stop the runaway train before we reach the point of no return.

Profitsbeard said...

As Nietzsche put it:

"Man would rather have the Void for a purpose than be void of purpose."

A thought that cuts many, many ways.

(He died too young to repent many of his juvenile exhuberances, unscientific exaggerations and poetical over-reactions, but, as a writer, and stimulating- READ: Socratically-irritating- thinker, he was one of the most fertile in human history, linguistically, psychologically and philosophically.)

Voyager said...

The USA is about 25% Catholic, or about 75 million Catholics.

The largest single denominational group in the United States is the Roman Catholic Church

It is true that in Brazil Catholics speak Portuguese and in the US they speak Spanish and in England Polish

Asger Trier Engberg said...

Guys, there is one way to combat multiculturalism - and that is to have an idea that is better I will give you two here:

1. Democracy

And another

2. The Law state

We have our civilization to fight for.

The problem with the immigration wave is, that we all of a sudden have large portions of the population that do not wish to comply with the basic rules. That is not acceptable. Either they follow the rules or they find somewhere else to stay.

No violence, no Sharia.

But democracy, law

You choose, or get out

Rumpole said...

Don't you think that this discussion is a little over the top? A European cannot appreciate the US. The idea that only ethnically homogenous populations can support a nation state is false and proved false by our history. The American experience is one of the most powerful forces in history. We have absorbed and integrated vast amounts of diverse people who have become "Americans" - not in one generation but over time. The question today is whether this will happen as it has in the past. From my observations it will - people came here to make money not for some abstract cause. The new immigrant parents will suffer the same heart break as the ones before as their children reject the old for the new and now. Muliculturalism will prove to be another historical blip - it does not promote the engine of capitalism - competency. As Chairman Deng said "It does not matter whether the cat is white or black so long as it catches mice." If he got so should we all.

Asger Trier Engberg said...

Well people did not only go to the US to get money - a lot of people went to the US to be free.

And the US gives the citizen of the US freedom through democracy and law. That is not a distant mysterious thing - it is a fact.

The problem with the modern US citizens is that some of have lost this basic premise out of sight. And they are therefor prone to accept the stupidity of multiculturalism.

The US has the best constitution of all, because it was made exactly at point i time - when the western civilization had a golden age. The rennaissance.

The fact that the US has freedom of speech as the first amendment, is my eyes very enviable.

We in Denmark are the ones fighting for the right, but the US has a much better fighting starting point.

Conservative Swede said...

When the Germans marched into Paris, not even the hyper-superficially-chauvinistic French thought that in one generation or so, these Germans would have assimilated into the francophone melting pot. The French might be surrender monkeys, but they do indeed recognize when they have surrendered. The Americans, however, are exceptional in seeing surrender as a sort of victory (e.g. the Vietnam war); exceptional in celebrating loss and humiliation as victory; etc.

Mexicans are effectively taking back all land they lost in the war 1848. Already with half the population Mexican, and increasing rapidly. Already de facto Mexified, with bilingualism, and the all-over change of the society in many different aspects. Give it another ten years, and it won't be bilingual no more; English won't be accepted.

Anywhere else in the world (including wimpy Europe), we recognize when a neighbour acts aggressively like this. Only Americans confuse being run-over like this, with being a tribute to the greatness of their national model, and celebrate it as a success.

Rumpole said...

The last two post prove my point - Europeans cannot understand the American experience (except of course de Touqueville) The great immigrations to the US, the Irish, Germans, Italians, Jews, Chinese, etc. were not people coming to get money, but the freedom to earn it in a great meritocracy. There was no class, no royalty. If you worked hard and had a better idea you were rewarded and had the freedom to enjoy the rewards of your work. Historically the US did not view these waves as invasions. The Germans invading France is not analogous. Despite some real fringe thinking the Mexicans are not trying to take back anything - they just want to make a buck and can't do it in Mexico. The come to the US and work harder than anyone else and inject a tremendous energy and productivity into the society. But, look at the history of the US. Just like the 3 sons of my Mexican neighbors who married anglos to their mothers's displeasure, people who immigrate to American become Americans. I know it doesn't work that way in Europe, but it does here.

Profitsbeard said...


Historically, every new group of immigrants WERE seen as waves of invaders (SEE: anti-catholic, anti-Irish, anti-Chinese, and anti-semitic laws) by the native born Americans, but those groups then tried harder than those already blessed by being here to assimilate and prove their bona fides as "Americans".

This ain't happening anymore, with government-mandated bilingualism and symptoms like hardcore cultural enclaves (Florida, California, etc.) who want no part of anything to do with being "American", but only to retain an alien idenity and to cunningly mooch off of the U.S.'s naive largesse.

Immigration should stop, except for needed intellectual / technical skills, by quota-invitation in needed fields, until the current tsunami of unassimilated illegals is either ejected or absorbed.

The U.S. is being silently Balkanized, with the blind assistence and the wishful-thinking of the extreme liberal, self-loathing, de facto anti-American crowd who wants a world of marshmallows and perfect peace, gaily overlooking the "nature red in tooth and claw" reality of animal and human nature that always re-asserts itself if left untamed by law.

Dreaminess and hope are nice for Hallmark cards, but make bad national policy for a 'hyper-power'.

I see a Reconquista for the southwest, a neo-Hispanola for the southeast, and a Sharia zone in the north central area (starting from Detroit), combining to bring on the eventual dissolution of this noble experiment.

Thanks to all who fail to defend what the Constitution set forth: a nation of laws and not of men (or women).

If you allow millions to scoff at the legal borders, you abet you nation's suicide.

If you enable the infil-traitors to gain footholds- by appealing to the natural (but misplaced) sympathies of Americans for "the underdog"- our children will be devoured by this ever-growing, ever-ungrateful curr.

freecyprus said...

There are several reasons why the current Mexican immigration is different from what has happened in the past.

1. They come illegaly - so they start out with a basic disrespect for the laws of the US and feel entitled to break US law.

2. They have displayed a refusal to linguistically assimilate.

3. Racially, it's a new ethnic group from the endogenous US populations it is supplanting. As much as it might be nice to live in a race-blind world,the reality is we don't, and pretending for it to be so won't make it so. History shows causasian groups assimilate into US society most readily, while other groups tend to form their own quasi-separate communities in different degrees and display varying levels of hostility to caucasians. This might no be PC, but this has so far been the experience with a good number of non-caucasian groups that emigrated into caucasian countries, you can ask the people in the EU about this.

As far as touting the previous success of the US melting pot, when that model was in place, immigration policy was such that it was mostly immigration from western societies that was permitted in, while immigration from non-western societies such as Mexico was for the most part tightly restricted with very few allowed in. Further, all immigrants were expected to learn English and to assimilate to US way of life.

This previous melting pot policy has now essentially be reversed, and the multi-culti model has been put in place. Immigration policy now severely restricts immigration from western societies such as in Eastern Europe from which people might want to emigrate to the US (waiting/lottery lists for US green cards there are very long), traditionally the source of most immigrants to the US, and those immigrants have historically shown a great capacity for assimilation to the US way of life. Instead, illegal immigration from non-western societies such as Mexico is highly favored, immigrants from which often seem to think we should learn Spanish rather than they learning English. And the multi-culti policy is that they are in fact encouraged to keep their language and culture. Whether this new policy will also be a success, as the previous immigration policy was, remains to be seen, but the early indications are that it is failing.

But even more troubling then the illegal mexican immigration itself is the fact that the US political scene in both parties is controlled by political leaders that have lost sight of the basic fact that one of the most important jobs of government is to defend a countries sovereignty, which means defending it's borders from foreign invasions of all kinds, including illegal aliens. To me, that's a lot like being in a plane flown by a pilot who didn't learn the basic lesson in flight school that you can't fly a plane THROUGH a mountain, you wonder what else he hadn't learned, and just how long your flight is gonna last. If somehow this illegal Mexican immigration is not going to cause a huge problem for us in America down the road, I have the sinking feeling that the idiots in government that made that happen are going to do something just as stupid that WILL cause a huge problem...

Conservative Swede said...

Rumpole wrote: Historically the US did not view these waves as invasions. The Germans invading France is not analogous.

Rumpole provides an excellent example of the mindset I meant to describe. He's fully blind to the difference between something that was obviously not an invasion (the immigration of the Irish, the Italians, etc.), and something that obviously is an invasion (the ongoing mass influx of Mexicans). This is what liberal mass-hypnosis does to people's minds. It's only by this complete blindness that he could make the connection that he just made, between immigration of Irish, Italians etc., and the Germans invading France. A comparison which is ridiculous.

The comparison between Germans invading France, and Mexicans invading America, however, is spot on. With the important difference that while the success of the Germans didn't last, the success of the Mexicans most likely will.

For Rumpole I recommend reading Lawrence Auster's excellent article The Second Mexican War.

Another feature of this mindset--which is essential in creating its blindness--is that it is utterly taboo to reason about people as groups. One may only talk about people as individuals. Therefore Rumpole can only allow himself to talk about this issue in terms of the sons of his Mexican neighbour, while he must close his eyes to the significant actions of the Mexican people as a nation, as well as the actions of the Mexican state, in these affairs.

And regarding those three Mexican sons... If anecdotal evidence like this was of any value, then I would be able to present you with overwhelming and conclusive evidence that Muslim mass immigration is great for Europe.

The liberal mass-hypnosis commands you not to reason about people as groups. You may only see other people as individuals "just like us" (i.e. the utopian universalism of seeing every individual as an American on the inside; Mexicans as well as Iraqis), otherwise you are a bad person and a racist.

That's your choice: be "racist" or be suicidal. Anyone who fears being condemned by the priesthood of the Liberal Church of Mass-Hypnosis as a "racist", he will inevitably end up being suicidal. Make your choices!

cadgbd said...

Yes, little green footballs supports the New World Order agenda of infiltration by illegals. If you complain about it you will be subjected to the Catholic Inquisition blog zot!

Check this link



al fin said...

Sweden is finished. So is Norway. The UK is sadly sinking with the other neo-Islamic European countries.

If you do not wish to emigrate to the US, consider New Zealand or Canada. Australia has some nice areas as well.

Of course the US Constitution is unsurpassed in its clarity and promotion of freedom. Remember the US is a federal system, so that various states and regions of the country function with greater freedom and efficiency than others.

While the US has a lively public debate on immigration, the cowed European public must not defend itself or risk being imprisoned by the dhimmi government.

freecyprus said...

"al fin said...

Sweden is finished. So is Norway. The UK is sadly sinking with the other neo-Islamic European countries."

Only if you assume that kicking out certain hostile groups by force is impossible. Granted, given the current EU political scene, that is unrealistic. But then, didn't the CIA expect the Soviet Union to last forever? Things change, and sometimes for the better. It's WAY too early to throw in the towel.

Defeatist talk only encourages the muslims. Point out the problems, point out the solutions, bide your time, and keep your gunpowder dry.

The muslims think of this struggle in terms of hundreds of years (and in terms of the idea of reconquista), so should we prepared to do so if necessary. By projecting temporary setbacks out into the future, and thereby predicting inevitable defeat, you'll only end up beating yourself...

Lot of this type of talk seems to assume that ethnic cleansing is a strategy that never was used or will be used by EU/NATO. But EU/NATO provided air cover for Croatia's ethnic cleansing of Serbs from the Krajina region, and Albanians ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo. So ethnic cleansing IS currently in the NATO/EU military reportoire. Granted, given the political groups controlling NATO/EU now, it is only used in favor of muslims. But political regimes change...

If EU/NATO is capable of providing air cover for ethnic cleansing of Serbs out of Krajina and Kosovo, given a change in leadership, and political circumstance, it is equally capable of providing a similar service in defense of endogenous Swedes and Norse if that becomes necessary....

Don Miguel said...

"Mexicans are effectively taking back all land they lost in the war 1848. Already with half the population Mexican, and increasing rapidly. Already de facto Mexified, with bilingualism, and the all-over change of the society in many different aspects. Give it another ten years, and it won't be bilingual no more; English won't be accepted."

I live in the heart of what you call the "already de facto Mexified" part of the US and can say with 100% accuracy that you have no clue what you're talking about. As usual, such penetrating analysis of the area conveniently ignores the fact that not all Hispanics are Mexican or of Mexican descent and that a large number are American-born (and have zero interest in being "Mexified"). Your "another ten years" conclusion is as worthless as your fact-less false premise.

scottynx said...

From the self-described " largest and longest-running study of children of immigrants yet conducted" by of Rubén Rumbaut of UC Irvine and Alejandro Portes of Princeton:

"Differences in arrest and incarceration rates are also noteworthy, particularly among second-generation, U.S.-born, males. While only 10 percent of second-generation immigrant males in the survey had been incarcerated, that figure jumped to 20 percent among West Indian and Mexican American youths."


Warrior L.A. said...

Perhaps those on LGF that take umbrage with the characterization of "ethnic cleansing" either don't live in Los Angeles and it's environs, or has lived up in Palos Verdes way too long. It's BAD here. Just listen to the news at night and the parade of hispanic names associated with the crimes, and it's hard to ignore reality. And why elected officials bend over backwards for and look the other way when the crimes are committed by hispanics is beyond me. I doubt that all the decent law abiding hispanics are any more thrilled about the gang crime than we are. But when the Los Angeles mayor used to BE a gang member, I guess we know where his sympathies lie.

Warrior L.A. said...

By the way, there was a near riot today in Riverside, CA between White Supremacists and people of color. There is going to be more of that going on and the fault lies with our elected "representatives" (local, state & Fed) who don't actually represent anyone but their own careers and pockets...the nation and it's citizens be damned.

Ada said...
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Ada said...

Americans they deserve all the hell they are getting from the mexicans..after all ''america'' has been giving hell to other nations for long long time..and with that ''only whites policy'' they did not want to take not even people from germany, germans were banned because some of them were of different skin shade, and also eastern europeans and russians, spaniards were considered non whites, even if the moors were in the south, northern spaniards got nothing to do with the moors, stupid ideas about the skin color of european people, even if history says that europe was invade many many times by the mongols and the ottoman empire, thus making the european people (including the english population) a mixed lot with other races, americans insist in being soo white as transparent glass..is proven by history the fate of the romans and some other civilizations that they grew so big and wanted to take it all they eventually destroy themselves..is a fact of life, and the mexican people their land taken by european colonialist they want their land back they are indigenous that belong to that part of the world..