Sunday, April 22, 2007

Are There Strategists Amongst Us?

LN, our faithful reader from Sweden, wrote to us this morning. He has been complaining since Friday that I have been using the old Sverigedemokraterna logo and not the new one, most recently on Fjordman’s post. The two logos in question are shown below, the old one on the left and the new one on the right.

Sverigedemokraterna Sverigedemokraterna

LN: I’ve fixed the problem. Check out Fjordman’s post and see if it meets with your approval now.

The above was just by way of explanation for part of LN’s email. He is responding to a comment by Zerosumgame on yesterday’s post:

Perhaps I should have asked this in one of the earlier Baron-Goes-to-Denmark threads, but I was wondering if the Danes knew of anyone of influence in Denmark that read this blog — maybe editors at Jyllands Posten or members of Parliament?

Here is LN’s response:

Or even somebody high up in the Norwegian or Swedish Power Elite, among the Press-Editors, among the Apparatchiks or in the Nomenklatura?

If so — and maybe — that is why there must not be any gaps or “weak spots” that these people — presumably our enemies — can get hung-up on — even like an old, provocative, since long abandoned, symbol for the Swedendemocrats. That is also why I have taken the immense freedom to criticize Dymphna a few times!

A few times I have edited a GoV article and emailed it to members of the Swedish Parliament. I think it is not enough just to send them links, they won’t click. But if they get something before their eyes that arouses curiosity, perhaps they will read it.

However, I do despair. The stupidity is so gross, the anxiety or dread for VIRUSES that are spread, that attachments as well as HTML-formatted text is looked upon as utterly dangerous — even our former stupid prime minister has said this openly, that he distrusts these new information-channels.

When I hear such things I must think about an old but thick novel written ca 1945 by one of old Sweden’s “labourwriters” (arbetarförfattare) — he was in his youth a house-to-house peddler — Ivar Lo-Johansson, and the novel was titled Geniet (the Genius) — about a teenaged, brilliant, misunderstood young man who in deepest despair at last cut off his “masculine apparatus” with a hedge scissors.

The great question remains — how to reach new readers, how to find proselytes??? I do think a direct traditional letter can get results — however each letter costs SEK 5.50…….
- - - - - - - - - -
I once recommended a co-European-United-States-of-America letter-campaign aimed at ministers and high up lawmakers telling them “that now the 910-group was founded…”

Maybe some 50-100 addressees in countries like Denmark/Norway/Sweden. Affordable! — but forgotten, disappearing in the pink noise of smugness.

The Mohammedans, CAIR etc seem to understand this issue much better!

Are you writing only for the already delivered?

Haven’t you got a strategist among you?

— LN


VinceP1974 said...

Have you considering faxing?

I wrote what I thought was a pretty good letter to congress. I knew if I emailed it, it would get lost in the pile, and mailing it didn't give me the satisification that anyone would read it..

So I faxed it. I have no idea if anyone read it, but I do know they received it.

Paul said...

Speaking from the vast sea of humanity in Texas, I for one enjoy reading this blog because it is a voice amoung many that knows something and informs.

The two Swedish logos look the same to me. Am I missing something?

Paul said...

OK, I get it now.

I think I prefer the old logo.

Hmmm. I this a European thing? When bp changed their logo from the old bp to the new bp, it took awhile to get used to the environmentally friendly bp 'daisy'. So I'll give Sweden's flower a chance...

turn said...

Good grief! Talk about pink noise--nothing will be heard today through the green noise.

Yep--it's another Earth Day and this one promises to max out the rhetoric as never before. answer the question "Are there strategists among us?" Yeah, baby--but they're not on our side.

Conservative Swede said...

I also got two identical logos the first time. Only after a refresh I got the new logo to the right.

Baron, you should change the name of that GIF file to swedendemocratsnew.gif (and throw the original one away). Otherwise everyone that have been looking at Fjordman's article, will have the old logo in their cache, and will therefore get the same result as me and Paul: too see two identical logos the first time (and maybe the only time) they open the page. And will thereby assume that you are making a mockery of Sverigedemokraterna's change of logo. And we don't want that!

Baron Bodissey said...

C. Swede, the problem is that the cache will also hold the image tag as well as the image -- not much I can do.

Wise people refresh once a day, anyway... :)

Profitsbeard said...

The "daisy" logo is a clever marketing trick, and will work better for the p.c-poisoned public over the old (looks too much like a Soviet-ized 'statue of liberty' torch) design that might merely intimidate the timid.

The "strategy" should be the same in all efforts against Islamofascism:

-utilize the popular tools (like this cutesy logo) of the surrounding culture to get the people's attention, then:

-quote the problem texts and dismal dogmas of the pedophile warlord to rub the West's wishful noses in the raw intolerance, misogyny, terrorism, and tyranny in the Koran and Hadiths, and expose the Mohammedans' undisguised contempt for "the infidels" (films like "Obsession", et al).

The more the Europeans and Americans hear how Islam views them ("pigs and apes", "worthy of Hell", etc.), the less charming this "faith" will seem.

It is a campaign of information, first of all.

Because, until the tide turns, mentally, against the b.s. of "peaceful Islam", the harder work about immigration restriction, etc., remains.

It will be almost intractible unless the public is repelled by Islamofascism.

So far, they are only un-nerved.

hank_F_M said...


The two logos say very differnt things and one would suspect they represent very
differnet things. Did you perhaps get an explanation for the change.

Conservative Swede said...

C. Swede, the problem is that the cache will also hold the image tag as well as the image -- not much I can do.

Saving the picture twice, under two different names, so that it won't share the name of the image in the Fjordman post?

Conservative Swede said...

The two logos say very different things and one would suspect they represent very different things. Did you perhaps get an explanation for the change.

One is the the demo, and the other is what you really get when you buy the product :-) No, bad joke. One rainy day I will write about the background to this in my blog.

Profitsbeard said...

conserative swede-

Your joke is apt.

The 'firebrand' logo would scare off those you want to entice.

But once they're in, they're be able to learn about the movement and gradually handle the more passionate 'torch' behind the pretty (unthreateningly inviting) 'flower'.

Symbols are vital.


(One reason the Islamo-infiltration group in American stole the name of the international organization CARE and cunningly called themselves "CAIR".)

Conservative Swede said...

The quick story to answer hank_F_M's question is that, Sverigedemokraterna was not originally the party with the purpose to entice the many people, but the party to indulge in jingoism for the few. But the anti-immigration parties meant for the many, were silenced, cowed and bullied by the establishment and their stormtroopers, so effectively that they became extinct. Only the thickheaded jingoists survived. Only they cared nothing about the steamrolling ostracism. So when ordinary people finally started to wake up, there was only Sverigedemokraterna, which became the vehicle for this movement. But the party had to be completely reformed. And so it has now, with a flower on the top.

Endnote: All Swedish parties have a flower as their symbol.

Baron Bodissey said...

C. Swede --

Saving the picture twice, under two different names, so that it won't share the name of the image in the Fjordman post?

The problem was that if I uploaded the flower under a new name, I would have had to change tags in at least 3 different posts, and I didn't have time for that.

I have to triage my time these days. Building a new image was simply all I had time for.

Conservative Swede said...

Baron, that's fine. I'm only trying to help.