Friday, April 13, 2007

Compasses Anyone?

From Ex-Patica News:

12 April 2007

AMSTERDAM - Islamic arrestees who are being held at the Segbroek police station in The Hague have a compass in their cell. This way they can always check which way is east so that they know which direction to face when praying. A spokesperson for the police confirmed this on Thursday after a report in the AD.

The compass is painted on the ceiling of the cells. An employee at the Segbroek station recently saw the compass on the ceiling of cells at another police station. He thought it was such a good idea that he proposed providing the compass on the ceilings of cells at his police station as well.


From The Brussels Journal:

Muslim arrestees held in a windowless cell in The Hague have been praying West instead of East, facing Washington DC instead of Mecca. The Dutch press agency ANP revealed today that the compass which the Dutch police painted on the ceiling of the cells in the Segbroek police station to enable Muslim criminals to pray towards Mecca pointed in the wrong, opposite, direction. A police spokesman said a mistake had been made. The mistake has meanwhile been rectified.

Orienteering Badge, BSAPerhaps we could round up a few Boy Scouts, complete with compasses? The boys could organize an orienteering class for the Dutch police. For those who pass — and manage to find their way home — perhaps a similar badge could be designed for their uniforms?

Can’t have disoriented Muslims crowding your jails and praying to Washington D.C. for surcease.

Remember Gitmo, the very least that's mental abuse.

Anyone have a copy of the EU laws on this one?

[the orientation ends here]


Conservative Swede said...

Orienteering is a great sport from Sweden (also its name is Swedish).

I think it's the first time you publish a post (or rather just a picture) with a positive reference to Sweden.

Oh, the memories...

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

I remember once long ago having a conversation with the police chief of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands in his office in Charlotte Amalie. About 10 minutes into the conversation I realized that there must be a string stretching from that office to his home. There was no other explanation for how he was able to find his way to work.

Dymphna said...

Conservative Swede--

You are right: they are *memories* now.

At least according to the Swedes who viist our pages and send us email.

I don't pick on Sweden. In fact, I haven't posted on the latest atrocities. It's just too sad. I can't even read them all the way through anymore.

Sweden is not alone in this. But a country that can demand of private companies that they MUST hire 40% women or quit doing business...this is a country on a suicide mission.

We are dooming our men, and Swedish laws are complicit in that.

Soon, there will only be memories left.

Conservative Swede said...

Oops, I should have added a smiley :-) I love it when you bash Sweden. And you should hear me when I get started. I'm the worst. Even my conservative foreign friends seem to think I go to far, because they often try to point out good sides of Sweden when they talk to me (something they would never do otherwise).

But Sweden is insignificant, and only of interest to bring up when arguing with liberals. Nowadays I focus my efforts on conservatives--who are far too liberal in my view. And then I focus my attacks on America, a far more important country. Most conservatives still believe that America is the example to follow, while Europe is doomed. But the fact is that America just as much as Europe needs to go through a complete metamorphosis. Even more, since it's the country holding the imperial position of the West. Either that, or Europe will have to break with America to be able to survive.

People are blinded by the superficial view of the current political theater of shadow play and shifting mirrors, with the Vietnam war as the backdrop. But with a longer historical perspective it is clear that it is America which is the main source and the guarantor of the prevailing left-wing hegemony in the politics of the West. (Have you read e.g. Jean-Francois Revel's "Without Marx or Jesus"?)

Dymphna said...

I looked at Revel's book some years ago and didn't find it congenial. It had that admiration for the spoiled American boomer children that I find facile. He is too much a revolutionary to ever grasp the fundamentals of constitutional change. IMHO. Also, he was fooled into thinking that those children ran anything. They were simply pawns in the great anti-American chess game.

I don't think the book has aged well. And his son's move into religion must've been a blow.

OTOH, I bring to his work my own spiritual slant on life; I don't speak the language of the atheist. I understand it, but it's not my native tongue and certainly not a foundation I could utilize to construct anything substantial.

"Political theater" is exactly right. What a good term! That's why I seldom want to write about it. It's much like the passing entertainment scene -- with no TV and little radio, I have no idea who those faces are I see ono magazines while waiting to check out my groceries. They all seem obscene.

I don't find Sweden insignificant; I find it terminally sterile or like a deer frozen in the headlights, unable to move out of the way of the oncoming train.

Those are much worse fates than insignificance, and Sweden is suffering from at least one of these. It is killing the initiative of its own people better than Mao ever did -- and for the same religion: socialist ideology. But the Swedes do it ever so much more politely, don't you think?

The national icon for Sweden could be a nordic looking man with a gag stuffed in his mouth.

Conservative Swede said...

So who's really running "the great anti-American chess game" then, Dymphna?

The truly damaging and suicidal aspect of Swedish politics--the mass immigration--didn't have its source in admiration of Mao and Stalin, but in our admiration of America. I'm surprised how blind people are to such an obvious fact. And in recent history, no political system has been more un-multicultural and kept Islam out better than Communism.

Socialism is obviously not the problem. Liberalism is.

X said...

Nah, the problem is having a political class, a group of people who never go outside their political bubble and inhabit the real world. People who go in to olitics when they get their first job and remain there until they die. even then the effect can vbe mitigated if they're of the more libertarian or liberal-in-the-original-sense mould, but all politicians inevitably move twaord authoritarian behaviour. Authoritarianism, liberalism-in-the-new-sense and the idea that everything can be solved by application of the power of the state and the regulation and 'normalisation' of every aspect of people's lives; that's the real problem. And it's a big problem because it's so similar to the authoritarianism of Islam. The only difference is that our authoritarians worship at the altar of the state.

Authoritarian behaviour is not an exclusive to any particular poiltical belief, but it is so much easier for socialism to slip in to authoritarianism because socialism is predicated on the same basic idea of controlling people via the spparatus of the state. The only reason the soviet union was so effectively able to resist the islamists of its day was because the soviet union did not tolerate any alternative forms of belief to that of belief in the state. Modern socialism positively embraces alternative forms of belief, as long as they are experienced through the appratus of the state. Religions that operate outside this apparatus or otherwise act in ways that threaten to reduce the power of the state are shunned or ignored. Islam does not threaten the state. Islam is the state, which is why modern 'liberal' socialism has so positively embraced it. Old fashioned socialists see Islam as a threat to the purity of their vision of the perfect state. Social democrats evebn moreso, as Islam threatens not only the purity of the state but also the freedom of the working classes from which the social democratic movement was born.

The swedish government is very certainly not run by old-fashioned socialists, or social democrats, but those multiculturalist liberals of the very worst sort, who are increasingly at odds with the general population. I expect something will snap any day now, as it will in many other countries. At least that's what I'm praying for...

Incidentally, Dymphna, I think the 40% thing is Norway, not Sweden, though the Swedish government isn't innocent in that regard as they require 25% which, strangely enough, was about the average participatiopn of women in boardrooms prior to the law coming in to place...

Conservative Swede said...

The swedish government is very certainly not run by old-fashioned socialists, or social democrats, but those multiculturalist liberals of the very worst sort, who are increasingly at odds with the general population.

So where did the inspiration for this change come from? Not from the Soviet Union, not from the Swedish social democratic model of the People's Home, not from the French revolution. It came from America.

The influence of America upon Europe, especially a country as Sweden, from the end of WWII up until the '70s was immense, with all it's superficial ideas of "celebrate diversity", "immigration is great", "people of colours" etc. America was the dazzling model country, the shining star, and still is for many Europeans. Even the European anti-Americanism was born from American people's own reaction to the Vietnam war.

Had Sweden still been ruled by old-fashioned socialists, authoritarian or not, we would not have been headed for suicide now. We have to separate between two things in our analysis:

1. The fact that the suicidal ideas, like e.g. post-colonial guilt, are obviously not homegrown in Sweden, but imported.

2. The reasons why this suicidal multicultural mindset, in which all of the Western world is trapped, in recent decades (Sweden is a late-comer!) in several respects has turned out worse in Sweden.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to the compasses, I think someone was having some fun with the prisoners. If they were facing away from Mecca, then their butts were facing towards Mecca, probably a big no-no.

Dymphna said...

Thrasymachus --

What a great image you have described.


X said...

CS, it's an interesting argument. I think you need to be more specific, though. I agree that Sweden must have imported the multiculti idea from America, but I don't blame the Americans for it. I actually blame my own people. Multiculturalism grew up in Great Britain and France, both former colonialists with a great deal of self-imposed "guilt" about their colonial past. From there it migrated to California, the incubateor of just about every crackpot idea since the movie industry moved out there to avoid paying patent fees to Edison.

In the UK, our 'guilt' was imposed by the Labour party, who were definitely marxists of the old school, but also influenced heavilly by Gramascian ideas. The americans adopted this colonialist guilt, for reasons that have never been clear - like Sweden they had no reason for it - and turned from a country that welcomed immigrants who could improve the national; fibre to a country that welcomed anyone who arrived on their shores. "Bring me your tired, your hungry, your huddlded masses yearning to be free" lost the last clause. Freedom became anathaematic to the new multiculturalism. The fact that it's largely a movement run and adopted by socialists simply made it easier for Sweden's socialist leaders to adopt the same model.

In this case I can't even use my favourite scapegoat of the French. The left in my country are responsible for it and they're the ones you should hold responsible. No offence to our hosts when I say this, because it might sound a bit arrogant, but the Americans were simply naive about the end results of this behaviour. Hell, maybe that's a compliment. Naive optimism isn't such a bad thing really... The US, even now, has a strange sort of hidden admiration for what the motehr country gets up to, and a great many would have adopted just about any idea that came from these shores. It's unfortunate. But there you go...

Conservative Swede said...


I just wrote the following to Lawrence Auster regarding Paul Belien's defeatism:

It's a Wilsonian delusion that political change happens through voting. Real political change never does. Real political power is not represented by a plurality of votes. It's represented by having the greatest means to apply violence. It's only when living under the protective wings of an empire--such as Europe have been living under the protective wings of Pax Americana the last 60 years--that peaceful political procedures make sense. The means to apply violence here represented by the mighty American army, providing the protective shield for the Europeans (however, and apple with a worm in it).

But it's when this is seen clearly that we can also see why the system of modern democracy--a Wilsonian invention--can never allow real political change, but is only of ceremonial value. You will not be allowed to transgress the (over)ideology imposed by the guarantor of your protective shield. Or you will be given the "Serbian" treatment.

The point is not that the Europeans lack the will to fight. They are, just as the Americans, lulled into a false sense of security. Westerners truly think that we still dominate the world (including our own countries), and have an unmoved sense of invincibility. They generally think that we are steamrolling the rest of the world to adapt Western values, and that there is just some friction on the way.

Just look at Sweden. Sweden is often brought up as the worst Western country in many ways. I invite everyone to come here and visit. You'll find the most idyllic place, where you'll feel safe walking in the streets after dark, etc. Do you remember the VFR reader who wanted to escape California and said he "felt more at home in smaller towns in Sweden". This picture is not at all untrue. It takes many decades for the destruction of a country to come in effect.

It's only if you're a thinker, or you had bad personal experiences, that you will already now see how the current incarnation of the West is terminally ill. It doesn't show, not in the ordinary life of common people. We are past the point of no return, but it still doesn't show. It's like that George Washington quote, that in a democracy people have to feel it before they can see it. And it doesn't feel quite yet.

But we are headed for the moment when the perception of the idyllic order will break apart in Europe, followed by the illusion of the imperial protective shield along with the system of modern democracy. This will be a truly revolutionary moment. The awakened Europeans will not only have the Muslims against them, in this fight, but their own political elites, leftist stormtroopers, and a Wilsonian Uncle Sam. Bush II would have reacted just like Clinton, had there been another Serbia in Europe. And so will Giuliani or Hillary (let's hope for Tom Tancredo in 2012).

It will start with street wars, then civil wars in one or two European countries--maybe in England and Holland, where we have already seen unrest caused by "white hooligans". It will spread like wildfire over most of Western Europe. Next we will see extensive migrations within Europe. White people will flee to countries such as Poland, while the Muslims will escape to countries such as France. Mid 21th century, Europe will look like a chess board, now in a situation of more conventional warfare. We will see Europeans building city walls around their traditional cities, but for the first time in history to protect the country side from the cities.

Please keep up with your good efforts at VFR. I hope and pray there's not another Wilsonian president in office when this get started.

IgnorantInfidel said...

But if they are in Brussels shouldn't they be facing south to pray towards Mecca? But if they want to face east toward Moscow of Leningrad so be it.