Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We Have the Names of those Egyptian “Students” but No Photos

Here's the latest intelligence (using the term loosely) on those missing boys from Egypt:

An FBI advisory says there are, at present, no known connections to any terrorist group but that the students are to be “approached with caution” and taken into custody. They “are here illegally and wanted for questioning,” the advisory says.

The advisory comes just over a month before the five-year anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks on the United States.

“This is of very serious concern and is being closely tracked,” said Rep. Peter King (R-NY), Chairman of the Keystone Kops House Homeland Security Committee.

The FBI says the Egyptians arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York on July 29 and disappeared. The advisory says the alert is nationwide but that there is specific concern the Egyptians may be on the Eastern Seaboard.

According to the advisory the 11 missing Egyptians are:

1. Ibrahim, El Sayed Ahmed Elsayed  DOB OF 4/29/1986.
2. El Dessouki, Eslam Ibrahim Mohamed  DOB OF 02/21/1985.
3. El Bahnasawi, Alaa Abd El Fattah Ali  DOB OF 04/02/1986.
4. Abd Alla, Mohamed Ragab Mohamed  DOB OF 02/15/1984.
5. El Laket, Ahmed Refaat Saad El Moghazi  DOB OF 09/01/1986.
6. El Ela, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abou  DOB OF 02/02/1985.
7. El Moghazy, Mohamed Ibrahim Elsayed  DOB OF 08/08/1986.
8. Abdou, Ebrahim Mabrouk Moustafa  DOB OF 02/25/1984.
9. El Gafary, Moustafa Wagdy Moustafa  DOB OF 07/01/1988.
10. Maray, Mohamed Saleh Ahmed  DOB OF 09/12/1985.
11. El Shenawy, Mohamed Ibrahim Fouaad  DOB OF 08/12/1988.

FBI advisory

So. If you see eleven suspicious looking Egyptians, by all means take them into custody, because you can be sure that the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee is “tracking this closely.” Using a bloodhound, no doubt.

Now, don’t you feel better already?

Personally, I want the shills — the guys who showed up and stayed around — grilled thoroughly, remanded into custody until their plane taxis up to their own personal paddy wagon, and then have them put aboard and sent back home. Pronto.

Proof of guilt or innocence is irrelevant at this point. Security trumps alien “rights.” They can get their rights and liberties at home. Which is where they belong.

This is farce with a deadly edge.


Jason Pappas said...

Arrived at JFK and disappeared? There’s a large Egyptian community on Steinway Street in Astoria not far from JFK. I assume we have agents undercover in this community and the so-called Egyptians have been found and are being watched. Now, how do I convince myself of that …