Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Different Kind of Immigrant

For a change of pace, reader LN sends his translation of a story in yesterday’s edition of the Swedish newspaper Expressen about a fully assimilated Muslim immigrant to Sweden:

Iranian Changes Name — Becomes Sverige-Demokrat

SamuelÄlgemalm He is against mass immigration, and stands topmost on the election list of the Sweden-Democrats in Växjö.

Twenty-one years ago he arrived to Sweden as a political refugee from Iran.

Now, he has also changed his name. From Gharachorloo to Älgemalm.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

“I am entirely integrated in the Swedish society. I have converted from Islam to Christianity,” says Samuel Älgemalm 43, earlier Mohammed Ebrahim Gharachorloo.

Why “Älgemalm”?

“It is a nice combination of nordic nature and culture. I work as a state employed archaeological inventory agent and I often am peeking at the moose up in the woods of Småland.” [Translator’s note: Älgemalm is a clever combination of älg = moose, e = conjunction vowel, and malm = a sandy wooded district.]

Not awkward at all

That he become an active Sverige-Demokrat [resembles the Danish People’s Party — translator] he thinks is not awkward at all.

“It is no strange or hostile xenophobic party. We only want to encourage immigrants to return to their own countries and to their roots if they are unhappy in Sweden.”

Among important election questions, Samuel Älgemalm gives prominence to the government’s sick integration policy, brutal Muslim cultural imperialism in the West, and, on the local plane, the struggle against the building of a mosque in Växjö.

The Sweden-Democrats are aggressively going forward with their candidatures in municipal councils all around the country. They have lined up in 104 municipalities.

Correction from the translator: “The article was taken from KVÄLLS-Posten not from the EXPRESSEN — these two papers have the same URL and the same owner (Bonnier), collaborate — but the former is situated in Malmö, the latter in Stockholm. Their contents are circa 60% different.


Charles Martel said...

And he will be one of the first killed as the Islamics gain more control.

bernie said...

Why is it that only when one leaves Islam is he able to become a good citizen of his country?

If you allow, here is a brazen plug of my post: Can Muslims be Good Americans? No. No. No.

Zerosumgame said...

I am not surprised that such an Islamic immigrant would be Iranian.

Exiled Iranians are often those who fled the vicious Shiite fundamentalism of Ayatollah Khomeini, so they are perhaps amongst the most secular and anti-jihadist of all Islamic immigrants.

As American posters may know, the heart of the anti-Khomeinist, secular Iranian exile is Los Angeles, where the community is so large, the city is jokingly referred to "Tehrangeles." I have been through some of the areas where they are concentrated, and despite the vast presence of Farsi advertising and shops, I did not get an uncomfortable feeling of being in "enemy territory", so to speak.

A. Eteraz said...


if i ahd a last name like that i'd change my name too