Monday, August 07, 2006

The Expanding No-Go Zones

Reader JDM has been busy translating Norwegian articles and blog posts for us. Here are two related pieces, each highlighting a different aspect of the gradual surrender of Norwegian civil society to the lawlessness of Muslim immigrants.

The first of these is from HonestThinking (which apparently has no permalinks; readers who want to see the Norse version will have to scroll down):

Well, it’s finally happened

August 2, 2006 — HonestThinking and others have, for a long time, warned that sooner or later Oslo will come to see conditions similar to those seen for some years in Malmö in which certain portions of town are gradually taken over by immigrants. There are, for example, countless neighborhoods and areas of Paris and other French towns where the police are powerless.

But, of course, this will never happen in Norway, so we ought not talk about it. This kind of fear-inducing propaganda will, in addition, just destroy all the work going on with integration. We don’t want to create a climate of hate. Right?

Unfortunately, [the Norwegian newspaper] VG, reported last week that a policeman had to run for his life from an angry crowd:

FurusetThe plainclothes officer was hit in the face and told to leave the Furuset [shopping] center. The policeman, who was on duty at the time the episode took place Thursday (7/20) afternoon, had to run for his life to get away from the angry men. VG has found out that he was told that this area was none of his business […] Sources told VG that a gang of young men have basically defined Furuset as their area and that they don’t accept “intruders”.

HonestThinking comments: We believe this episode marks an important transition, and we find it odd that it has not received more attention from the media. This is a clear indication of future developments and [certain Norwegian] politicians do not, in the future, have any excuse for painting a utopian picture of a tolerant and harmonious Oslo.

If the government doesn’t soon do something drastic, we will, in the years ahead, lose control not just of Furuset but also other neighborhoods and sections of Oslo. The same thing will happen in other towns as present demographic developments continue. Increased efforts at integration will have no effect.

HonestThinking to certain Norwegian politicians: don’t come whining in five, 10 or 15 years that no one could’ve predicted how badly things would go. These developments are obvious to anyone who is willing to face the truth.

These immigrants have, in addition, little use for those empty phrases like “artificial barriers between ‘us’ and ‘them’”. Their message is clear: here, increasingly, it is us who run things.

The second piece is an article from VG Nett:

Muslim milieux accept violence against homosexuals

André DahlIn the space of a week in July, two gay men were brutally beaten up in downtown Oslo by immigrant youth for being homosexuals.

“There is a quiet acceptance of violence against gays in the Muslim milieu”, says André Dahl.

“Youths with an immigrant background are responsible for aggravated assaults against homosexuals. It is extremely strange that the entire Norwegian élite will line up in protest if an immigrant is ever assaulted, but a violent episode against a homosexual for being gay rates merely a notice in the papers”, states André Dahl, himself a homosexual and half-Turkish. This gives him insight into both communities.

“There is a need for a national discussion of the responsibility of Muslim leaders and immigrant organizations and the reality of this quiet acceptance of violence against homosexuals”, says Dahl.

I’m certain that the mainstream press in Norway, just as in this country, would rise up as one in outrage against any right-wing Christian extremist who dared to harm a homosexual. But the rules are different for Muslims.

One of these days the disconnect on the Left between Islamophilia and Homophilia will reach its limit, and either Bruce or Abdul will have to be pitched headlong off the PC sled. Who do you think it will be?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

If current demographic trends continue, the Islamicization of Europe is inevitable. But the current governing élite — the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, the revolving-door socialist-coalition politicians of most European countries, and the academic left — will not relinquish power to Islam willingly. When the changeover finally occurs, when the baton is passed from the current occupants to the enforcers of the shari’ah, how will it happen?

Watch Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Britain, and France. The “no-go zones” are expanding imperceptibly, engulfing whole neighborhoods and encroaching on middle-class areas. Eventually the lawlessness will consume entire cities, turning places like Malmö into “Gaza North”.

And, like Gaza, these Islamic enclaves will depend economically on the European welfare state. Their metastasis, as Fjordman has pointed out, will cause the welfare state to collapse.

The parasite will have caused the death of its host. The welfare feeding tube will dry up. What happens next?

The system is chaotic and the results are unpredictable. But it seems unlikely that Europe will avoid bloodshed before political stability returns.


Papa Ray said...

"The parasite will have caused the death of its host. The welfare feeding tube will dry up. What happens next?"

Then, my friend, the long knives come out and the infidels had better come up with the jiziya, or their heads will be seperated from their worthless bodies.

Papa Ray

Profitsbeard said...

The Europeans wanted a little exotica in their midst, as well as cheap "guest" labor.

They now learn that it is less expensive, in the long run, to do you own dirty work. Otherwise you get tough, canny, resentful infil-traitors who know the infrastructure better than the natives.

Like inviting tigers into your house to control mice, you soon find that the solution is worse than the problem.

Either the Euro-peons start to reclaim their countries or they'll have to begin learning the ancient art of booti-lingus (cunnilingus on boots). A favorite pastime for those reduced to the debased status of a "dzimmi", or "dhimmi".

Reading a biography of Charles Matel or memorizing "The Song of Roland", meanwhile, might help replenish the apparently dissolving EU spine.

Those who do not digest history are doomed to re-eat it.

Profitsbeard said...

"Charles MaRtel", of course.

(I tend to drop my r's when I'm angy.)

Francis W. Porretto said...

I've believed for a while that the key to dissolving the Leftist / Islamist alliance lies in forcing them closer together. How much more friction could they possibly generate than:

-- in exclaves in a semi-socialist country,
-- practicing overt acts of hatred toward a Leftist mascot-group,
-- while excluding the agents of the State under a religious-extremist rationale?

When this blows, the thunder will shake the world.

Zerosumgame said...

While I feel sorry for gays having to endure this (I think of writer Bruce Bawer who lives there), my primary reaction to this piece was one of overwhelming schadenfreude.

ziontruth said...

I will tell you the story of Vortigern. He was a Celtic king of Britain after the Romans had left. The Celtic clans were at war with each other, with often stalemates. So Vortigern had a grand new strategy: to invite the Germanic tribes from the regions of North Germany and Denmark to help him. They would provide the military power, and he would grant them some land in exchange. Once all the land was his, it would be affordable table scraps in comparison.

Hengest and Horsa obliged. The rest of it is recorded in Venerable Bede's writings, and today even the Irish are struggling to keep their Celtic language alive.

pacific_waters said...

"There are, for example, countless neighborhoods and areas of Paris and other French towns where the police are powerless."

Powerless? How about gutless? Of course, in the US it wouldn't be wise to be white and in south central in Los Angeles. But at least the police have the guts to control it as much as possible and haven't surrendered.

dick said...

I agree with Mark. Norwegians have to deal with this, despite their politicians.

Norwegian history in the past century is illuminating. This is the land of Quisling. But it's also the land of one of the fiercest anti-Nazi resistance movements.

It's the Norwegian people who will end up solving this (if it's ever to be solved!) And they are fortunate in having a Scandinavian neighbor, brave little Denmark, to model the way.

Frank said...

Frankly the homosexual issue is one of the major problems with the West at the moment. More than a few Westerners are extremely uncomfortable changing their morality in favor of manufactured "rights".

The acceptance and glorification of homosexuality in the West plays out to Muslims and many Westerners alike as decadence, and creates a convergence of opinion between the West and Islam, and that is a very dangerous thing for all concerned.

I am not looking for a Sophomoric lecture on "tolerance" etc, so anyone who wants to deliver one, please find another target.

dick said...

scottsa, Come off it. I think you have an axe to grind here.

The West has, generally, come to tolerate homosexuality, not to glorify it. I don't think many of us equate tolerance with decadence or believe that it requires us to change our own morality. Western debate regarding homosexuality is, at this point, largely concerned with issues such as whether or not to allow gay marriage - and there is an honest divergence of opinion, within and between Western nations, on such topics.

This has almost no point of contact with the islamic attitude. For example, frontpagemag noted that sentences for homosexuality in Saudia Arabia have ranged from 2,600 lashes plus imprisonment to execution; sentences in Iran for homosexuality and lesbianism have included public beheading.

Who in the West, at this point, regards homosexuality as a capital offense? As meriting flogging? Or beheading?

The Observer said...

The public opinion on non-western immigration are shifting in Norway. And it’s shifting fast. People are no longer afraid to express their personnel views on these freeloaders. An MP for the progress party actually wrote a letter to the editor of the largest Norwegian newspaper today, where he declared war on the islamists in Europe. This would have been unthinkable only a couple of years ago.

Frank said...

Apparently I'm not the only one with an axe to grind lol.

Immediately two folks jump in to castigate me for my opinion. The first tells me that "old" societies (presumably the Spartans) accepted homosexuality and therefore it is not new. This can apply to slavery, public beheading and a number of even more widespread practises as well, and I hardly see how its oldness affects its morality.

Next, of course, "womens rights" are trotted out, as if 50% of the population somehow equates to an aberration affecting 3% of the population at best. As far as I know, excluding the armed forces, homosexuals have had the same rights as everyone else since about 1970, which is quite different from the non-personhood of women. This type of red herring nonsense does more to harm the lobby than anything else if you ask me.

Dick has a more reasoned response, in that he simply draws a divergence between Islamic corporal punishment and western acceptance of homosexuality, but he too misses my point.

As I said above, homosexuals have no fewer rights than anyone else. The "rights" being manufactured are marriage and a host of other things having nothing to do with "rights" and everything to do with the normalization of homosexuality against the will of, I would hazard a guess, the majority of the west.

The effect of this is an alienation of the majority in the realm of morality, but more than that the entire debate speaks to an increasing disconnect between reality and society; something Socrates sought to deal with and something that eventually overtook and sank classicism in the form of Dyonizianism and Cynicism.

Shallow rationalism like the memes supercop flings out play well in neo-liberal "academic" circles but amounts to nothing more than empty verbiage.

In a nutshell, radical permissiveness is nothing more than nihilism. When nihilism is widespread in a society it leaves the gates open for attack by anything with expressed certitude. One need only look to the Weimar society to see this, although one can look at the demise of any hegemonic society to find the same damned thing. Supercop is right, but not in the way he thinks. This thing is old. Yet we refuse to learn from it because we somehow think its new too.

Brentbo said...

As a fifty-something gay guy, it is encouraging to see everyone here so aware of the dangerous attitudes about gays common in Muslim culture. American attitudes, by contrast, have shifted dramatically from hostility (or denial) to acceptance. But ScottSA is right -- radical permissiveness is dangerous and everyone here knows it.

Zerosumgame said...

My question is "Can an anti-immigrant party take power in Norway without being banned?"

This is not idle speculation. Vlaams Bok was banned in Belgium (although they had their anti-Jewish problems too) while Fjordman tells of a more moderate anti-immigrant party in Sweden being ruthlessly crushed by the Social Democrats. And we all know what happened to Pim Fortuyn.

So can it happen without thousands of Norwegians taking to the streets to challenge the government?

Frank said...

supercop: take a deep breath and start again. Maybe the second time you won't end up with a "long, incoherent non-sequitur" when you finish. Maybe look up "manufactured right" before you start; that way you won't look like a complete ass.

Frank said...

James: I think the problem is that he doesn't know what he means. He had a knee jerk reaction and found himself in over his head. Its that kind of naive stupidity coupled with a lack of knowledge that spawned multicult in the first place.

YIH said...

One of these days the disconnect on the Left between Islamophilia and Homophilia will reach its limit, and either Bruce or Abdul will have to be pitched headlong off the PC sled. Who do you think it will be?
My money is on ''the Left'' throwing ''Bruce'' under the bus.
Three reasons: Sheer numbers (many more muslims than gays), most gays are so PC that when other gays are attacked there will be few gays protesting, and the muslims are the more vocal (and violent) ''victim group''...

YIH said...

To add to my previous comment:
Look at the late Pim Fortun, who had the temerity to ask the question ''I can tolerate them (muslim immigrants) but can they tolerate (the openly homosexual) me?''.
The PC media claimed his killer was ''an animal-rights activist'' but during his trial for the murder came right out and told the truth: ''I did it to defend the muslims''. 'nuff said...