Friday, August 25, 2006

Muslim Collaboration in the Holocaust

The Mufti of Jerusalem and the NazisPastorius has sent a note reminding me of the excellent video from German television, “Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism“. It’s about the Mufti, Muhammed Amin al-Husseini, and his collaboration with the Nazis before and during the Second World War.

And here’s some more information about the Mufti’s activities, from Muftism and Nazism:

The Berlin based headquarters of the Mufti controlled almost a world-wide net of collaborators. Sponsored by German money he extended his claws to the Middle East, as well as to other areas where Muslims lived. His main activities were:

1. Radio propaganda;
2. Espionage and fifth column activities in the Middle East;
3. Organising Muslims into military units in Axis-occupied countries; and
4. Establishing some German controlled Arab Legions and the Arab Brigade.

He visited the Balkans, had his picture taken saluting Hitler, met Ante Pavelic, the Croatian “butcher” and dictator, and was even in touch with Emperor Hirohito of Japan. Also, he was in charge of supervising Axis propaganda to Muslims all over the world and himself went on the radio on several occasions and his broadcasts were among the most violent pro-Axis utterances ever produced. He had at his disposal no less than six “freedom stations”… urging the Arabs of Palestine and Moslems all over the world, including those in the United States, to rise against the Allies, join the fifth column, commit acts of sabotage, and kill the Jews… In addition, Haj Amin supplied the Middle East with propaganda papers and pamphlets in Arabic.

His greatest achievement was, however, the recruitment of tens of thousands of the Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania to the Waffen SS. His Arab Legions later participated in massacring tens of thousands of partisan Serbs, Jews and Gypsies. In 1943 there were 20,000 Muslims under arms in “his” division of the Waffen SS, the Handschar… Nevertheless, the Balkan adventure was only his spare-time activity because his main interest was the fight against World Jewry. In the annual protest against the Balfour Declaration, which in 1943 was staged in the large Luftwaffe hall in Berlin, the Mufti attacked the “Anglo-Saxon and Jewish conspiracy” phrase he so frequently used, and said: “The Treaty of Versailles was a disaster for the Germans as well as for the Arabs. But the Germans know how to get rid of the Jews. That which brings us close to the Germans and sets us in their camp is that up to day.”

A favorite canard from Muslims (and the Left) is that “the Jews are just like the Nazis”. But the story of the Mufti is a sobering reminder — as if we needed one — that such assertions are what psychologists refer to as “projection”.


Profitsbeard said...

Not "projection" but intentional "misdirection".

More a sleight-of-hand trick, known to any amateur magician used for baffling the gullible, than a misunderstanding of themselves.

Muslims admire the Nazis, so they would never compliment the Jews with such a seriously-made comparison. It is all p.r. b.s. to sucker the puerile panderers in the World Press.

Those in the Media who have not digested history will have to re-eat it (like a metaphorical Biblical dog).

sharinlite said...

Thank you for this post. I had seen the video a few weeks ago but lost the thread. I have bookmarked it for future reference. Those that do not see and hear for themselves the evil of this cannot be trusted. We all need to pass this on to as many as possible.

Anonymous said...

Don't leave out his association with Arafat - he was Arafat's uncle through Arafat's mother, Arafat went to stay him Husseini, Husseini was Arafat's mentor.

I believe he was also Saddam's mentor.

enuff said...

Turkey? 'Islamists in charge' via Turkish Daily News.

M. Simon said...

Track Back,

The Nazis of the Middle East.

Baron Bodissey at the Gates of Vienna reminds me of an important part of Middle East history that does not get near the attention it deserves. (although I covered some aspects of it here: The Palestinian Role in the Holocaust where I link the Mufti to Yasser Arafat through family connections) The Baron starts with:


I have a bit of history about Nazi efforts to recruit the Arabic world against Brits, Americans, and Jews.

I also discuss the history of "Mein Kampf" in the Arab world.