Sunday, August 13, 2006

“Testicular Lunacy”

What’s that?

It’s what you find here at Gates of Vienna, according to one R. Porrofatto in the comments to a post yesterday on alicublog:

Lunatic by GoyaAs you point out, the commenters there [at TigerHawk] slobber as expected, but I think this from Gates of Vienna takes the prize for testicular lunacy:

If this were WW2, we wouldn’t be worrying about the feelings of Muslims, or castigating ourselves as racists for attempting to defend ourselves. We’d be girding our loins to defeat the Ragheads just as we battled the Nips and the Krauts to an unconditional surrender.

Admit it — you winced at my last sentence, didn’t you? That illustrates the depth and breadth of the problem we now face.

So we’re not only insufficently militarized, but too decent to acquire the strategic bigotry and racism that will ensure victory.

Boy oh boy, Mr. or Ms. Porrofatto sure has our number! Bigotry and Racism “R” Us!

At least we’ve got the testiculars with which to be lunàtic.

Well, as Paul at Wizbang once said:

You know you’re being effective when you make the moonbats bark.


Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Gad, them lib-er-als think GoV is way out? They should try cruising Stormfront where half the contributors deny the holocaust, and the other half demand to bring the gas chambers back (and, as usual, some straddle both camps).

Voyager said...

Belgian Regime Keeps Harassing The Brussels Journal (2)
From the desk of Paul Belien on Wed, 2006-08-09 19:53

This morning the police came to my door again to question me about allegedly racist articles on The Brussels Journal. I was not in. Tonight the local police phoned to “invite” me urgently to the police station. In Belgium any leftist or totalitarianist can lodge a complaint against “internet racism” through a Belgian government website and the judiciary starts an investigation. Apparently someone in Ghent has lodged a complaint against this website. I am not allowed to know who this person is, but I am requested to come to the police station to be interrogated. I told the officer that I refuse to justify my writings for anonymous complaints. “I am not living in the Soviet Union,” I told him (though I fear I am).

As a matter of principle I will not go to the police station. I defend the freedom of the press, which implies the right of journalists not to be questioned by the authorities about articles and opinions that they write or edit. I told the officer that if the police wants to question me they will have to arrest me. The Belgian authorities are clearly intent on intimidating us and closing down this website.

Mr. Spog said...

Don't moonbats squeak, like other bats?

shoprat said...

You need to face the evil and fight it. It is not bigotry to recognize and confront evil.

Mother Effingby said...

It's getting mighty sensitive out there. I like the combination of the words testicular lunacy....Witness the Baron's Hairy Cods! Terrible and Wondrous to Behold! Fear them! Fear them!

Jason Pappas said...

Since I was one who didn’t wince I must confess; I was watching WWII movies and, as you might remember, the words “Jap” and “Kraut” were in frequent use. One movie, a Hollywood Canteen-type review, talked about fighting the Germans, not the Nazis – who we’d call “radical,” “militant,” or “fundamentalist” Germans, today. ;)

Of course, not everyone talks like a lawyer (God forbid!) “Nazis” was the more exacting term but so what? In the end we defeated the enemy doing what had to be done and we’ve accepted, indeed befriended, a reformed nation.

I try to use more exacting terms like “jihadist” because of my academic hangover. But not being a pedantic head-master in a stuffy prep-school, I never take anyone to task for using more a more colorful working-class language. Being the son of a truck-driver, myself, I’d just ask: how would my father put it?

Wince? Nah!

Frank said...

Half the battle is to disallow the "racism" narrative to mean anything. Its only power as a rhetorical tool flows from the fact that it is reacted to, leading to the obvious rejoinder "methinks he doth protest too much".

Hell call me a racist anytime, I don't care. I won't even ask you to defend the notion. I'll just call you a poopoohead back and we'll call it even, since each is as about as meaningful as the other anyway.

lumberjack said...

Testicular lunacy? I've had that. It goes away if you take lots of liquids and avoid aerobic exercise.