Monday, August 28, 2006

Empire and Apocalypse

ApocalypseIn the years since 9/11, Westerners have been hard put to find a comfortable space from which to contemplate Islam. We are stuck between the stereotypical poles of agitprop: The first claims the Islam is jihad 24/7, the second that Islam is the “religion of peace.”

The first assertion seems to ring truer to us; it was not Methodists who brought down the Twin Towers, and it was not Englishmen who danced in the streets that September day. The second claim, of pacifism, is much harder to fathom. In order to find it, we must trace back the millennium and more since Mohammed’s visions to find any mention of peace on earth within Islam’s cultic structure. Even then, “peace” was evanescent.

We see little peace in Muslim countries. Besides their eternal bloody internecine conflicts, there are no democracies, no tolerance for other religions, and no science or technology except what has been borrowed or stolen. The words “bellicose” and “belligerent” come to mind when one considers the spawn of Islam — entities like Hamas or Hizbullah or the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim organizations in the West play the victim role to the hilt. Thin-skinned, hyper-vigilant, and suspicious groups like CAIR evoke little more than impatience or ridicule. They demand a Shari’ah existence in a democratic environment; it’s never going to happen. Nor will their demands for unequal treatment meet with eventual success. Certainly they may win a skirmish here and there, especially hand-in-hand with America-hating groups like the ACLU. In the long run, however, Islam’s run-in with modernity will mean the end of the current fantasy that fanatical Islam rehearses repeatedly. This doesn’t mean the secular culture, the overlay, will disappear. It will simply adopt Western ways.

Islam as a polis understands two terms: the Tribe and the Umma. This perspective is fatally limited because it does not give individual Muslims the flexibility or political maturity to make decisions based on enlightened self-interest. When there are only two choices, and those options are at both extremes, then the real choice is simply survival. The notion of individual liberty is not merely anathema; it cannot even be conceptualized under this system.

No system of thought or religious belief can be considered in isolation. First the system must be understood in terms of its own history, and then it has to be assessed in contrast to what stands against it or what enhances it. Finally it must be considered in terms of its own vision of the future, and how that vision reflects or contradicts the other systems operating concomitantly in the world.

It is well known that certain Muslims have found fascism attractive. Fascism is simply a subset of Utopian imperialism dating back to the French Revolution, fast-forwarding past the failed Soviet fantasy to stop at the present-day idea of a European transnational entity.

Socialism, in some of its forms, shares a vision with Islam of elitist imperialism: the common many, ruled by the wise and benevolent few. These few, allowed to operate as they see fit, will bring lasting peace and a definitive end to bloody conflict.

It is not difficult to understand how Europe would be tempted by this easy answer to conflict, nor how its alignment with Islam occurred. Centuries of bloody wars have exterminated or propelled into exile the best and the brightest from the continent. They are gone. The remnant bought the stale-dated Marxist idea because there was no vibrant vision to fill the vacuum created by the death of God and the birth of the Random Generator. Thus the European Union could be thought of as “Soviet Lite”, a comfortable — almost stuporous — existence, where personal security obliterates concern for future generations. Erik Erikson’s final stage in the human lifespan has been eliminated under this scheme. This phenomenon is what allowed 15,000 elderly people to perish in the August heat of France.

Is it any wonder, then, that Europe has morphed into Eurabia? The hordes of Turks, Africans, Pakistanis, and Arabs were brought in to do the dirty work when times were good, or given “asylum” by credulous European governments. Blind to the unintended consequences, Europe signed its own treaty for the elimination of Europe qua Europe. In its place we have Eurabia.

Europe has little experience with mass immigration except at the point of a sword. On the whole, it does not seek to “naturalize” its foreigners, as America has done since her inception. The process of assimilation in the U.S. has often been bloody and unjust, but it has proceeded apace for all these generations. It is how things are done here.

Europe has no such template. Each country has its own superior tribe which runs things. Any unions are fragile and built on fantasy or fleeting self-interest. Who is taking bets on how long it will be before Belgium fractures along its cultural fault lines? Brussels, in fact, is the perfect capital for the European Union, since it is also the capital of a country cobbled together from leftover pieces, with a wedding-cake monarch perched on top. Who, besides its bureaucracy, takes the entity known as Belgium seriously?

Europeans don’t assimilate foreigners; they tolerate them. In many cases they are slow to grant citizenship, and show little comprehension of what it means to have pockets of undigested tribes within their borders — borders they are blindly scrabbling to eliminate.

The EU would be in trouble even if it didn’t have its Muslim immigrants to contend with, or the nightmare remnants of its former colonial subjects crowded into ghettoes without jobs and without hope. But it does have those millions of [pick your favorite verboten hate-speech epithet for foreigners] and it spends stupendous amounts of money trying to buy some kind of peaceful coexistence with people it neither likes nor respects. Meanwhile these [favorite epithets] are planning what, exactly? You saw the French university students rise up and march against the idea of giving “those people” a more level playing field in the economy. Those fortunate few put on the best recent example of an “I’ve-got-mine-and-the-hell-with-the-rest-of-you” display.

Now complicate it further: loose cannons in the form of nuclear weapons in the hands of renegade terrorists who, on principle, reject treaties or restraint or the notion of borders. These terrorists — anarchists at heart — aren’t stupid. You can’t say they don’t play with a full deck. The situation is much worse than mere stupidity: they do indeed possess a complete deck of cards, but it’s not the same deck we have, and the only rule in their game is that there are no rules.

For some, “It’s the Umma, Stupid!” For others — and we harbor many of these in our midst — it’s Schadenfreude at the opportunity to witness the destruction of their hated nemesis, America, and any other countries evil enough to align themselves with the United States.

There is no way to predict when or where the conflagration will begin. But we know for certain that it is only a matter of time. Our leaders still play politics as usual; they are hamstrung by outdated rhetoric and posturing — useful perhaps in another era, but lethal now.

The tipping point may have been reached — one cannot say until after the fact. Will it be failure in Iraq — a failure devoutly prayed for by many Americans who need to see us fail in order to justify their own belief system? Will it be Iran’s unleashing of the nuclear-weaponed apocalypse that proceeds to immolate others, like a group of carefully-placed dominoes? Will it be the delirious fantasy vision of watching an entire American city suffer the same fate of the Twin Towers while its enemies dance in the streets?

As difficult as it is to predict the point at which it all begins to dissolve, it is even more difficult to forecast the American reaction — not response, but reaction. Response implies some considered approach. In extremis, one reacts, and that is what Americans will do.

The first and most vulnerable targets will be those within our own borders who have jeered at this country, who have labeled us unjustly, who have looked down from the heights of Olympus and found America wanting in so many of the virtues it considers important: tolerance for the deviant and undeserving, and the assigning of victim status to anyone with a grievance and a thin skin. These are the people who will be most at risk in a global nuclear environment, an environment they helped to create.

If not merciful, their dethroning will at least be swift.


Da Bear said...

Yamamoto made only one fatal error, his task force didn't find the carriers at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese foreign ministry exponentially compounded Yamamoto's error by failing to deliver the declaration of war to Cordell Hull before the first bombs landed.
Therein lies the kernel of our WWII victories...we were a nation pissed off at the Axis, not annoyed or angry, just real and truly Texas rattler pissed, that 2,700 Navy and Army soildiers were killed in sneak attack.
Today it will take something more horrific to occur to have that pissed off, wild eyed, rage bubble to the collective conscious of the country, given that so much informations is screened and diluted through the liberal filters of the MSM. But it will happen, a tidal reaction that will surge forward and cleanse all the (political) debris in its path, and receed quickly, leaving a clear vision of vengence that will give birth to a new Araibian ocean of shimmering glass.

Americans are slow to anger, but relentless once aroused. (Just recall Grant, Sherman, Tibbits, Le May, Patton)

Da Bear

mts said...

The trouble with reactions vs. responses are that a lot of times, rage and destruction are wasted on the wrong people. How many Sikhs were harassed and had their businesses boycotted after 9/11 by people who confused them with muslims, since they wear turbans? Although Sikhs constitute 0% of the jihad problem. And when, God forbid, they start lynching Arabs if we do get hit by a muslim a-bomb, they'll forget that many they call "rag heads" are Christian or secular Arabs who got the heck away from the muslims in the Old Country and wanted to come somewhere where islam wouldn't bully them. The Germans felt betrayed after their WW I loss, but instead of blaming their leaders, they went after the Jews. The mob will satisfy its berzerker rage, but never will it accomplish a hit against the enemy.

Those to blame will be the lukewarm who, instead of meeting the real enemy, decided to go PC, appease, and excuse. Those to blame will be those who protest not for a better or different way to help their country, but who protest and fight for the jihadist enemies of their country, even if these enemies will kill them first for their proclivities if they even took over here.

O will it suck to the nth degree when people think that the rulers haven't got their defense in mind, and the populace feels like a cornered rat, then anarchy sets in. I just hope it's all focused on our enemies. Who knows, maybe they will initiate NGO style armies to go after the jihadists. Like the Abraham Lincoln Brigade that fought in the Spanish Civil War. Or the Cuban anti-Castro counterrevolutionaries, or the Nicaraguan Contras.

KG said...

mts, there's not much doubt that should the "Western street" blow up, a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt. But worldwide, a lot of innocent people are getting hurt right now and I don't see any way this war is going to be prosecuted effectively without that happening on our side as well.
The people to blame for that--should it happen--are the politicians, the media and academics. Sadly, they're the least likely to suffer the consequences.

Panday said...

For a glimpse of an aroused America, read this alternative reality piece by John Derbyshire. I'm nearly 40, and this is how my grandparents, the WWII generation, would have fought this current conflict:

Quetzal said...

From the post:

"Centuries of bloody wars have exterminated or propelled into exile the best and the brightest from the continent. They are gone. The remnant bought the stale-dated Marxist idea because there was no vibrant vision to fill the vacuum created by the death of God and the birth of the Random Generator."

From david s.

"Does anyone see a way out of this? Is there any possible way that Europe WON'T come to blows? If anyone does, please shout it from the rooftops here."

I'd look with (at least some) hope towards Eastern European countries, fresh into or at the fringes of the EU. They're a hefty bunch of new blood, just out of a horrific regime and not at all eager to try another one. They're fresh into capitalism and the Western ways and much more right-inclined (at least at the street level) that one might guess from the official position. They might, just might, bring a new look into an aging, senile Europe.

Bad thing is, the closer you get to the West, the more contaminated they get...

Profitsbeard said...

For your word "dethroning" in the last sentence, I always use "collective spiritual regurgitation by the culture at large".

The treason of the 'clercs' ["intellectuals"] will lose all ears.

Instantly, when the pain wakes enough people.

(You lose concern for that hangnail when a Sunni or Shi'ite croc clamps down on your shin.)

Frank said...

Excellent essay. I am deeply frustrated by the fact that the West refuses to act while sanity is at the helm. Once the crest comes it will be too late, and what the moderates won't do now, the angry mob will. And its all so preventable. That's the frustration.

We need to act now, with what may seem Draconian measures today, but will be as spit in the ocean to the coming alternative.

We need to halt in its tracks ethnic immigration and initiate mass deportations of ethnic troublemakers; whether they are "new" nationals or second generation. We need to recognize and publically admit that the floodgates have been open too long and that what started with an intentional policy of multicult in Canada and Europe has by now become multicult everywhere by default of sheer numbers. And we have to, in the face of accusations of the dread "R" word, recognize and admit that people like living with people who are like them, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is no inherent Virtu in attempting to hide or bury that fact. And for God's sake we have to at least name the immediate enemy. Its Islam, stupid.

Perhaps most of all we have to rediscover our pride in Anglo-Saxon society; not in terms of race as causality...Western society is not a triumph of race...but in terms of a superior Idea by a people who happen to be Caucasian.

Unfortunately none of that is going to happen. If one goes back and reads the Parliamentary debates in Britain leading up to the Second World War, one runs into the idea, formed by the pro-Chamberlain faction after the failure of the Munich Agreement, that the people of Britain had simply not been ready for war in 1938 and that Chamberlain had allowed Britain time to become psychologically prepared for war. As much as this may seem a rationalization spawned by hindsight, there is an element of truth to it.

We in the West are not ready for taking hard measures to avoid war, and we certainly are not ready to actually fight a real one. We can't even name the enemy, much less fight it. We are still busy apologizing for perceived and rather mild excesses during the last world war, leaving little room for the minor feat of fortune telling needed to see that its all coming again. But this time its coming again in spades, and its a shame.

Beach Girl said...

Gates of Vienna and the responses of your readers should be required reading.

Papa Ray said...

Excellent and well written.
I touched on this growing attitude among Americans on a post at Belmont questioning how Americans would react.
I will copy it here in response to this post:

Like I've said before, there is a lot of great minds and higher education here.

But, I still (really) believe that very few of you really, really get. it.

This is not a subject that you have a lot of time to debate. The plan you see, is that Islamic (insert your description of what they are or should be called here) plans to either convert every last one of us or subjugate us under Islam and it's laws, killed on the battlefield or pen us up to be slaughtered at their will.

You won't find a moderate Muslim who will admit to that, but it's true and they know it. They are almost as afraid for their own lives because they know that the coming Islamic Empire won't abide with any moderation.

You will be a true believer or you will be punished.

I'm not good with words, but I know there are many that are that are saying the same thing. Saying that we can't live with Islam and any talk otherwise is a waste of time and effort.

And we don't have a lot of time. I am not going to let my GrandChildren fight my war.

As far as this thread goes, here is how I see it here where I live. We are fed up, pissed off and just a little ways from doing something about it ourselves.

We have exausted our patience with our corrupt congress and our President who seems to have lost his nerve.

Extreme? no, it's getting common place. Three years ago I would have said that this attitude would be impossible.

It's worse in other parts of this country, just starting in most and none of us want to wait for another big bang or thousands of us to die.

But those who don't understand the threat or don't want to, call us racists or warmongers or worse.

Well, we fit neither description. We are Americans who want to follow the law of the land, but fear for our families will soon change that.

And we are willing to give our lives in the defense of our families and way of life, so that our kids and grandkids do not have to.

That fear for our families is something that the Muslim community should understand and heed. Because fear is the greatest destroyer, bar none.

I'm too old to go back over the wire, but I and millions just like me will sure take care of our families here at home.

Mark My Words!

Papa Ray
West Texas

8/21/2006 10:37:06 AM

Then at Belmont, on another thread that is tied into this subject, I said this in response to a question by another commentor to yet again another commentor, about the coming upheaval and our attitudes concerning how we will react as Americans:

Written above (by someone who knows the answer well)
[this question was asked]
"What have you got that you can realistically expect sombody else to die defending for you? And what have they got that you would die to defend for them?"

[my answer, although the question was not aimed at me]

If he is a father or grandfather, I would defend them (his children) with my life.

America is it's children, we are the protectors of this great Nation, until we pass that great responsibility on to them, as they will pass it on to theirs.

America is special, we are special and don't let anyone tell you different.

God did shed His Grace on us, and we will value and protect this Republic from all of it's enemies..forever.

For our Children.

Papa Ray
West Texas

8/21/2006 10:15:00 PM

Dymphna knows that even without Islam, that [e]urope is in deep trouble just from the construction of it's governments and it's failed dreams of a EU, that would challenge the rest of the world in leadership and influence.

We all know the reasons behind the decline of the old europeans and their continuing isolation from the rest of their population. That has been going on for eons. But the population changed with all the immigrants (or when at least most of them) coming in that were Muslim. Muslims that have no intention of becoming europeans, let alone French or British or Belgium. So it looks like the Governments there will be slowly absorbed by Islam.

But I think before that happens, each country will have to deal with it's own civil war because there are still many there that will not want to leave or live under Muslim rule.

I'm sure we are going to find out in the next few years. I may not be here to see it, but many of you will. I envision a United States that will take sides, which side, I don't know for sure.

But I'm hoping it's not the side of governments that will not fight Islam.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Papa Ray said...

When we talk about [e]urope, we sometimes do it with distain and with distaste. But we need to watch our govenrments actions just as close, actually closer because they directly effect us.

I'm sure all of you are aware that we are proscuting Marines for killing civilians (which is right as long as they are considered innocent until it's been proven by a military court otherwise)

But how many of you know about the Ramos-Compean Case? I would wager a lot less of you.

I happen to have had personal contact and conversations with our Border Patrol Agents as well as Minutemen. I am a new member of the Texas Minutemen, by the way.

They are doing an impossible job, not well, but they are trying as well as they can. But it's impossible with their small number and the thousands of miles of border.

Talk about American Attitudes? Well, here is where you will find a divide between those for open borders and for the rest of us that want them closed. This is an area where I think the first real makings of civil unrest will get violent.

Read the above, scroll down to the press releases if you are unfamiliar with the case.

This "border" and immigration issue is the same as [e]urope is fighting now. Are we going to allow our PC government to dictate to us our how safe we can be in our own country?

I don't think so, at least not for long.

Papa Ray

In Russet Shadows said...

Wild. I blogged on this very same subject recently twice: America is Dissolving and No-go Zone #542.

Papa Ray said...

Very Good russet shadows, it's amazing how our collective thoughts are coming together all over this Republic.

I left you a comment on your blog also.

Papa Ray

Dymphna said...

david s--

Go to Drudge and look on his sidebar. He has every imaginable listing of news sources and writers. I haven't looked lately, but it used to be quite complete.

PJ Media has a wide range.

The Baron likes Google but I don't care for it.

C. Owen Johnson said...

Excellent post, but I have to take issue with two statements:
“Our leaders still play politics as usual; they are hamstrung by outdated rhetoric and posturing — useful perhaps in another era, but lethal now.”

Thus is not true of all our leaders. There is in fact a strategy in place and it is being implemented and it is in no sense outdated, which is, ironically, why I think so few seem to be aware of it.

So I also take issue with the statement that we will react rather than respond. We are responding, and more to the point there is evidence - I think good evidence - that our response is working. I will not elaborate further here, as Shrinkwrapped has been kind enough to post my rather lengthy thoughts on this matter in his blog, should be anyone be interested.

P.S. Later I might want to split hairs over the notion that Islam “does not give individual Muslims the flexibility or political maturity to make decisions based on enlightened self-interest … that individual liberty is not merely anathema; it cannot even be conceptualized under this system.” If one departs from theological purity into practical social aspects — consider say Indonesia — I do not believe this conception is supported. I have modest doubts about the strict theological construct too, having to do with external historical forces that can themselves be viewed a corruptions imposed on Islamic theology at variance with an Arab tribal tradition that did allow, if not enlightened self-interest in the strict sense we understand it, at least a useful analog.

But these are comparatively minor points and do not undermine your overall point and are in any case a topic for another day.