Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Jamaat in Georgia

AlivilleThe Politics of CP has an exclusive report on a previously unknown Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound in Georgia. Through diligent investigative work, CP has uncovered another village of Sheikh Gilani’s disciples, this one called “Aliville”. Here’s how he tracked the place down:

Last fall, following Hurricane Katrina, a pair of news stories appeared about a “charity” linked to the Muslims of the Americas called Hand to Hands Social Service Agency describing the contributions of several of its members from around the country to the relief efforts. [Hand-to-Hands is headquartered in Binghamton, NY; their website is]

One of the stories, from Spero News, mentions the names of a couple of women hailing from a place called “Aliville (Odem, GA)”. After googling “Odem”, I realized the town is actually spelled “Odum”. It is not clear if the name of the town was misspelled intentionally. Nonetheless, after working through a number of search string combinations, I finally found what I believe to be Aliville. It lies 14 miles northeast of Odum just off Hwy 169 aka Lanes Bridge Rd in northern Wayne County.

He’s got aerial photos, maps, and much more information about the connections of the place to other JF operations. Look at his map and you’ll see how disturbingly close Aliville is to several sensitive military installations.

The existence of this Jamaat does not seem to have been made public prior to now, and it’s not clear if the authorities were aware of it.

Kudos to CP for his dedicated effort! Go over and read the rest.


John Sobieski said...

It is amazing how much acreage you can buy in some of these small remote towns in the South. The Muslims are smart and are spending wisely, building their 'camps' for training and indoctrination right under our noses.

Exile said...

Wierd, I just blogged about Al-Fuqra, and here they are again.
I believe the US is making a mistake in allowing them to exist.
Off to On the Wing with you...
Read "The enemy within".