Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mohammed Says “Buy Danish”

Love them little mousies/Mousies what I love to eat/bite they little heads off/nibble on they tiny feetOkay, everybody, we have official kosher halal support for buying Danish and here’s the proof.

Actually, I tried to buy some tinned food from a Danish site (I love paté). I ordered thirty dollars worth of things, but when I got to the checkout line they needed sixty dollars in shipping fees. Supporting the post office just isn’t the same.

Anybody wanna send me some Danish cookies? The butter kind, s’il vous plait. Of course, if you see any Danish paté, skip the cookies..

Hat tip: The Pink Flamingo Bar and Grill


Alexis said...

Are you telling me you can't buy Havarti cheese locally? What is this world coming to??

Oh by the way, I challenge you and everybody else in the world to prove to me, using contemporaneous sources (written or archeological) dating before 662 AD, that Mohammed actually existed as a person and was not a mythological figure invented later.

Myra Langerhas said...

My local supermarket had some Royal Dansk cookies right on the shelf. Break 'em up and put 'em on some ice cream. Delish. Also picked up some Rosenborg bleu cheese. Its a little pricier than the brand I'd buy, but its a much better quality.

Papa Ray said...

Sandmonkey says to boycott Egypt.

Read it and find out why.

Papa Ray
West Texas

gumshoe said...

great job repackaging the
offensive cartoon!!

most fundamentalists
are uncomfortable with anything less than absolute,dogmatic answers.

humor frightens them.
it requires thought,
and a mind.

Pierre said...

What an honor to be linked to by the Gates of Vienna! Thanks very much.

Had to find a way to make a statement that would fit into most of my posts about "Moderate" Islam.

Btw anyone have a definition of moderate Islam? Was Mohammed a moderate?

Pierre Legrand

Dymphna said...

Pierre Le Grand --

Look up a few posts further to one entitled "The Irish Like the Danes"...or soemthing like that. Everything takes so long to load and I'm too lazy to go get the link. Anyway, once there, click on to "Moderate Muslims."