Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Drooling Fool

There has to be some limit to the idiocy of diplo-double speak. Whatever that limit is, Kofi passed it so long ago you can't even look back and see it anymore.

Today, he lectured President Bush after a private meeting and in front of reporters --

...not to "escalate" tensions over Iran's nuclear ambitions because the world wants to "find a way out of this crisis."

"We need to be able to resolve it, and I hope there will be no steps taken to escalate this approach," Mr. Annan told the president at the end of a meeting in the Oval Office.

It is not reorted whether Bush bitch-slapped him before or after Annan the Ass made this crapulous statement to waiting reporters. However, Scott McClellan got in his licks:

White House press secretary Scott McClellan later railed against Iran without escalating the administration's rhetoric.

"Iran has shown that they can't be trusted with nuclear technology because they have hidden their activities for some two decades," he said. "They failed to comply with their international obligations."

The meeting came as Iran announced that it was postponing a planned resumption of negotiations with Russia and also would restart its uranium enrichment.

The Moscow talks, which had been designed to assuage world concerns about the Islamic republic's intentions by having Russia enrich uranium for Tehran, had been scheduled to resume Thursday.

"We support the proposal that was offered by Russia," Mr. McClellan said. "But what you see coming from the regime is continued defiance of the world, a continued disregard for their international obligations and a continued thumbing of their nose to what the world has demanded."

Or, as Goesh said so well in a recent comment:

For sure the world we know will be forever altered once Iran is armed with nukes. They have immense energy contracts with China. Once China has its 3 Gorge dam completed, it will have 9 times the electrical output of Hoover dam. It will go mostly to industrial development. Relatively decent products made with very cheap labor and no peripheral overhead costs like social security and workmans comp and unemployment, no OSHA, no EPA, no Human Rights and Cultural Diversity watch-dogs that a society must pay for. The 3 Gorge dam will enable China to project naval force via carriers. They will resist, possibly even with the threat of force, anything that threatens their access to Iran's energy reserves. they fear a major disruption if force is used and Iran knows this and will exploit it. China holds billions of US dollars as well. The US reached its apex and 9/11 was the start of our decline. Iran with nukes only hastens the decline. Once armed and the cash flowing in, they can export terrorism and disruption like we can't imagine. Hell, they can set up large training camps right on their borders and there ain't a damn thing can be done about it. It's like the thug that shows up for a street fight with a sawed-off shotgun and everyone else has brass knuckles, pretending to be tough. But be of good cheer - you can still have it your way at McDondalds. Ain't it grand being free?

I think instead of McDonald's it will be more like the Dali Lama's hotdog: "make me one with everything."

If only someone had the wisdom to tape Annan's mouth shut permanently.


Anonymous said...

So Koffi wants to "find a way out of this crisis." Presumably the UN will be responsible - just like it was in Rwanda, Darfur, Sudan (southern non-Muslim area), Bosnia and the list goes on.

Pastorius said...

The United States sure has projected an immense amount of power in the last few years for a country in decline.

I think Goesh overstepped there.

The fact of the matter is the entire Western world is moving rightward directly because of the steps that America has taken. Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Iraq owe their Democracies to us. Syria is on the verge of toppling, and Iran may very well soon be also.

If we pull off the destruction of the Syrian and Iranian regimes, then Goesh's vision of an America in decline will be absolutely null. If not, then we can start talking about America in decline.

What we really are right now is Michael Corleone sitting as Godfather at his nephews baptism; waiting for the calls to come in. Have the assassination which I ordered been pulled of? We shall see.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Kofi's harmless, and good to keep around just for comic relief, unless we can find away to scrap the whole UN. The scandals are entertaining -- wasn't Benon Sevan some kind of Star Trek character ? Anyway, I'd hate if dear old Kofi actually got replaced by somebody who knew what he was doing.

Unless, that it, you could bring back Boutros of the Two Names...

It is quite enough that we pay for the UN. God forbid we should ever have to listen to it.

PhilippinesPhil said...

Hmmm. Interesting assertion that the 3 Gorges Dam will all of a sudden free up China to superpower status. I wonder what would happen during our upcoming war with the PRCs when we blow the "dam" thing up with a few JDAMS? No more Chinese superpower?

China, go ahead and put all your eggs in one basket, coz if you start something we'll just blow up the basket! Much of the world doesn't get it how a benevolent U.S. superpower actually forces other countries to be peaceful who might not otherwise be so peaceful.

Ahhh people...why must we be this way? Can't we all just get along? sigh.

El Jefe Maximo said...

"Can't we all just get along ?"

Sounds like Philippine Phil wants Rodney King to be UN Secretary General.

Hmmmm, not bad actually. Scuse me while I go put on "Imagine" and "Kumbaya."

Always On Watch said...

A little more about Kofi Annan:

United Nations Secretary- General Kofi Annan attended Monday evening a ceremony held at a hall here to mark the 27th anniversary of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.
At the ceremony, the secretary-general felicitated Iran's Permanent Representative to the world body, Mohammad-Javad Zarif, who hosted the event.

Among those who attended were a large number of New York-based Iranians as well as pro-Iran political and cultural figures both from Iran and other countries.

The ceremony was also attended by almost all diplomats of other UN member states.

The UN secretary-general held friendly talks with a number of guests on the sidelines of the ceremony.

Iranians wordwide celebrate February 11 each year as a glorious occasion marking the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979.

The day was celebrated in Iran on Saturday with a national rally attended by millions of Iranians.