Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gulf News Prints Letters to the Editor About Sinful Denmark

Gulf News is posting Letters to the Editor on the Danish brouhaha. Some of the suggestions are quite…vacuous.

There has been a furore over the publication of 12 caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by Denmark's biggest-selling newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Gulf News has been tracking the developments closely. On January 29, we asked our readers a question: "Do you think Denmark should apologise over the cartoons?" In response, we received hundreds of letters and e-mails from around the world, including Denmark. We publish here a selection of the letters.
This mess has been going on since September of last year and this news organ gets around to a public question four months later. This is what they consider “tracking developments closely”? MSM mediocrity is certainly a world-wide phenomenon, isn’t it?

Following this breathless announcement they put up letters from Dubai, Belgium, the US, India, etc. A real cross-section. My favorite letter is the first:

We all believe that the Almighty is the ultimate authority to punish the guilty. Therefore, we, being the servants of God, have no right to punish other humans. However, drawing cartoons or making disrespectful comments on any faith is unacceptable. Freedom of expression and democracy are meant to ensure expression of feelings, comments and suggestions in a respectful and healthy manner. It is high time the Danish government punished the guilty and apologised to the world in general, and not Muslims alone. Also, I wish the UN come out with a uniform code to punish offending individuals, publishers and nations.
My gosh! Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Call in the UN, they’ll handle it.

Be still, my eyebrows.


Pastorius said...

The Arab League has officially called on the UN to ban all "religious hate speech."

As far as I know, the UN are considering it.

First, they've got to figure out how they can make money off it, though.