Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bestial Profiling

Thanks, Max...ummm Bernie

This image has been liberated from Planck's Constant.


Fellow Peacekeeper said...

"Holy camel shit Batman! Do you think theres a terrorist in the airport?"

"No Robin, we shouldn't jump to conclusions. There's no evidence of that at all. In fact we shouldn't jump to rash conclusions as to the exact species of ulungate, nor speculate about its geographic origin, or ... even worse ... make racist speculations about the ethnic orginis of it owner, or linking some geographical or ethnic group to terrorism."

"but ..."

"No butts Boy Wonder, for all we know its not even a means of transport, but some othergendered somebodys significant oth..."

"Wait .... what did you say? Holy bestiality Batman, there ARE terrorists in the airport!"

"Boy Wonder, you may .. just . be . right.... lets - no, nooooo. If we do that now, after having seen the camel, The ACLU would have asses in stir before nightfall for having racially profiled the terrorists."

"Hmmmm, that doesn't sound that bed ...eerr bad ... aah ... but ... wait, if you're right, we can't make any discriminative distinguishment between ungulate species - sooooo maybe its more like a pig! There be, like, Danes in the airport, cause we can bag their pinkie racist mohamed caricaturing asses like ZAP KAPOWIE and nobody will care!"

"Boy Wonder, now that is fucking brilliant thinking! Lets roll"