Friday, February 10, 2006

CENTCOM Checks in at the Gates

CENTCOMYesterday Gates of Vienna received an email from one of the soldiers at CENTCOM charged with communicating with bloggers:

Greetings Baron Bodissey,

My name is SPC Gehlen and I work with the US Central Command public affairs office. I found a link to your site while I was perusing war blogs, and I saw that your site deals with issues concerning the Central Command area of responsibility. I wanted to invite you to check out our website at

We provide news/press releases, images, casualty reports and more for anyone interested in the CENTCOM area of responsibility. I want to invite you to place a link to our site on your page if you think that [it]is something your readers would be interested in… You can also sign up for our newsletter here.

Let me know what you think. If you have any additional questions or would like more info, please let me know and I will do what I can to help…

On a personal note, I like history and your tie of modern political landscapes and historical ones is fascinating. Keep up the good work.

We were delighted to hear from this soldier and are glad to fulfill his request. I’ll add a smaller CENTCOM logo and link to the sidebar the next time I update our template.

Being a chickenhawk with no military experience, I am reluctant to write detailed accounts of military matters. But I admire the US military greatly, and commend the milbloggers who have performed a dedicated, crucial service in countering the kinds of "news" that our seditious media refuse to let the American public know. Despite the attempts of those who manipulate news information, milbloggers have prevented them from creating Vietnam Redux and having to suffer the fate of their fathers' war efforts. Their initiative takes courage.

I recommend that our readers browse on over to CENTCOM and take a look around.


Baron Bodissey said...

Jak -- Unfortunately, you couldn't detect my sardonic irony! I was being arch, holding in contempt those who use the designation "chickenhawk".

I should have surrounded the word with the tags <irony> and </irony>!

Always On Watch said...

Over the last week or so, CENTCOM has contacted several of us antidhimmitudinal bloggers. I think that I got exactly the same letter, as did several other bloggers. What's going on?

Feel free to discuss this via email with me, if you prefer.

Baron Bodissey said...

AOW --

The little note at the bottom, plus the typos & misspellings (which I eliminated in my excerpt) indicate that this was more than just a form letter. In addition, Dymphna and I have emailed back and forth with the guy since, and had a very interesting and informative correspondence.

As to what's going on -- I think the military must be realizing that no matter what they do, the MSM is going to continue to sandbag them and impugn them, so that there's not much point in wasting time with them. They noticed that they've got a cheering section in us, and they're trying to cultivate us.

Smart move! I bet the big blogs like LGF have gotten the same letter.