Sunday, February 12, 2006

“I Will Not Be a Dhimmi”

Gates of Vienna has been getting credit (and links) for something that was said in the comments last week by Minh-Duc from State of Flux. We reproduced his comments in a later post, but Minh-Duc deserves the credit for his escape from Communism and his love of his adopted country.

Minh-Duc’s words are succinct and moving, and only he could have been the author.

As it turned out, he expanded his comment into a post on his own blog, State of Flux:

The demands [for an apology for the Mohammed cartoons] suggest a few things about those who demanded them. By asking the government of Denmark and Norway to punish the cartoonist and their publishers, the demanders have absolutely no regard for individual liberty. By asking the government of Denmark and Norway to apologize for the offense of private citizen, they believe that the state and the individuals are one and the same - this is the central value of facism. By boycotting Danish and Norwegian products, they believe that one member of the collective can be punished for the action of the other. This is the very same attitude that result in the barbaric gang rape of Mukhtar Mai.

Let not pretend that they seek to redress an insult to their religion. It is a mere pretext. They seek nothing less than our submission - our unconditional surrender to their rule. To them I say “bring it on.” I will not submit. I will not surrender. I will not be a dhimmi. I did not escape Communism to live under Sharia. You are prepared to die for your religion. I am prepared to die for my freedom.

Take note of the name: Minh-Duc.


PhilippinesPhil said...

These rampaging muslims I see demonstrating all over the world while demanding death to us infidels remind me of mindless lemmings. Friday afternoons they are instructed by their local neighborhood imams (their lemming leaders) exactly what slogans to scream, which nation's flag to burn, and which embassy or church to burn or stone. Now, if we can just get all these ilamic lemmings to throw themselves off cliffs...!

Dymphna said...


I find Minh Duc quite determined. He would have been an ace on General Washington's staff.