Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Women Warriors

Hamas is training women as jihadists. There have been interviews, blog posts, and lots of verbiage coming out of Gaza about this non-event radical move on the part of Hamas.

Waging jihad and lining up to die for what, exactly? These proud women martyrs get how many virgins when they hit the doors of Paradise? If it’s not being too nosy, what do they do with these virgins? I mean, we know what the jihadi men do with them. Lord knows, Mohammed described that in great, gory detail. But he didn’t make any provisions for women warriors, of course — he could hardly have predicted women with rocket-propelled grenades. Can’t think of everything, even if you are Mohammed.

Women Martyrs’ BrigadeNow tell me, how are these intrepid warriors going to run in those skirts? It would be funny if it weren’t so ham-handed and pathetic. Women can’t even leave the house without a chaperone and now they’re going to be given weapons in order to annihilate Israelis? Beware the laws of unintended consequences, fellows. So you use the women to get rid of the Zionist Entity. And then what do you do with all those armed women? Heh.

The putative leader of the women’s martyr brigade is Rasha Rantisi, the widow (since April, 2004 when her husband was the target of an Israeli assassination) of Abdelaziz Rantisi, former head of Hamas in Palestine. He was preceded in death by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, also a former head of Hamas and subject of a targeted assassination. Being the head of Hamas in Palestine is a life-long position, if you don’t examine too closely how lengthy you expect such a life to be.

Mrs. Rantisi is a figurehead, not a fighter. Actually, she’s running in the parliamentary elections planned for next January so she’s pretty much an armchair general by now. Not that she’s unwilling to talk about the glories of fighting to exterminate Israel:
    "Palestinian women have produced great heroes who resisted the occupation in a legendary fashion and dug underground tunnels that instilled fear in the hearts of the enemy," she added. "It is with great honor that we see today the fruits of these sacrifices, as the enemy run away from our lands."
Rantisi said the fight against Israel would not be over with the completion of Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip and parts of the northern West Bank. "Our case is not Gaza alone," she stressed. "The other parts of Palestine and the Aksa mosque continue to suffer under the yoke of occupation."
Who is going to tell them that they’ve re-invented the wheel with this move? Israeli women have been doing military duty since 1948. And they look like they mean business. israelisoldiers

What is it about Islam that it only seems to be able to assimilate modernity part way? It’s as though they have the language but not the idiom, the music but not the rhythm.

This may be a whole cultural example of “born too late.” Or, as an American general so succinctly put it recently in another context, these folks may be stuck on stupid. In fact, they may be glued to it permanently.


airforcewife said...

There's a very good book about this phenomenon called "Army of Roses." The author seems pretty unabashadly anti-Israel, however even she can't seem to reconcile the "cult of death" with her preconceived notions of nobility. At one point, she describes meeting the baby son of a suicide bomber (male, this time) and wanting to snatch him and run off as his family holds him up and talks about the baby's adulthood of blowing himself up.

The look into the backgrounds and motivations of these women made it a very worthwhile read, even though the author puts a lot of blame on Israel by describing what Israel HAS instead of addressing the reasons that the Palestinians don't have those same things.

American Crusader said...

Excellent post...you can't expect rational thought from most Islamic organizations. When they are not trying convert the world to Islam, they massacre themselves.
Their duality of what's right and wrong for Muslims and for the rest of the world is almost incomprehensible.

Yashmak said...

I can't help it. I have to say it. IDF gals are hot.