Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The “Mother of Satan” Appears in America

According to ChannelOklahoma, TATP has been confirmed as the explosive used in Joel Hinrichs’ suicide bombing at the University of Oklahoma.
    NORMAN, Okla. — Sources confirmed Tuesday night that at least one of the components in the bomb used by Joel Henry Hinrichs III Saturday night was a product called TATP.
Technically, TATP is triacetone triperoxide. However, it’s called the ‘Mother of Satan’ by Islamist extremists. Experts say it is made by mixing common household items such as drain cleaner and bleach to create a white powder with a strong smell.
It’s so volatile that it can explode even if it’s merely dropped. It can even explode spontaneously, experts say.
There have been very few reports of TATP being used in the United States; however, there have been more documented cases overseas — including Richard Reid, who was arrested after he used TATP in his shoe and tried to light it on a flight.

Hat tip: azbookrat


El Jefe Maximo said...

I have wondered these four years why we haven't seen suicide bombers here yet. Hope this guy isn't some kind of harbinger of things to come, although I rather suspect he is.

The enemy's perfect weapon: a low-tech random killer, hard and expensive to defend against, no end of crackpots and weirdos to carry them, particularly if they can get a good leftie false flag recruitment operation going.

goesh said...

sounds like another muzzy fanatic to me - if he had succeeded, MSW would be all over this pointing out how the war in Iraq depleted resources for combatting real terrorism