Saturday, October 08, 2005

Did He or Didn’t He?

According to report this morning in The Norman Transcript, Joel Hinrichs never visited the local Masjid An-Nur mosque in Norman, Oklahoma:
     Distorted media stories have city and student Muslim communities on edge, after it was revealed that bomber Joel “Joe” Henry Hinrichs roomed with a Muslim student at the Parkview apartments near the University of Oklahoma campus.
However, the FBI has found no connection between the 21-year-old engineering major, who died from an explosion at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday about 100 yards outside OU’s Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium packed with more than 84,000 fans, and the Muslim community, other than other than Hinrichs’ rooming with OU finance major [name redacted] from Pakistan.
And Hinrichs apparently never visited the Masjid An-Nur Islamic mosque that has served the Muslim community at 1304 George Avenue since 1978.
“He had never been to our mosque and he’s not associated with our mosque in any way, shape or form,” said 44-year-old Mohamed Farid Elyazgi, who has lived in Norman with his family since 1985. “We had never seen him until we saw his picture in the media.”
This directly contracdicts earlier stories from different sources. Whether it is the truth, or instead another instance of taqiyyah, remains to be seen.

A further note:
     Elyazgi emphasized that Islam forbids suicide and Muslims condemn all acts of violence.
Well, of course. That simply goes without saying.


American Crusader said...

It's hard to tell the truth when you're dealing with people who see deception as a central tenet of their faith. The Koran allows followers to deviate from strict Muslim practices in order to blend in and avoid detection while at the same time they are planning attacks.

Always On Watch said...

Let's consider:

1. Muslims don't condemn acts of violence toward infidels. Infidels are not counted among the innocent ones.

2. As for never Hinrich's never having gone to the mosque, he wouldn't have had to. His roommates could've taken care of the indoctrination.

3. If Muslims so much condemn suicide, why were the 9/11 jihadists so venerated all over the Middle East?

BTW, the feds have now sealed the warrant. Doesn't sound much like a suicide-due-to-depression to me! A sealed warrant implies an ongoing investigation, and the feds don't investigate suicides due to depression.

And like Lindsey, I don't like the looks of that beard. Did he shave his body hairless?