Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Jihad at the University of Oklahoma?

I’ve been paying attention to accounts of the suicide bombing at the Sooner football stadium since the story first broke. The Northeast Intelligence Network seems to have the latest:
    Joel Hinrichs The last 12-18 months of the life of the University of Oklahoma Student Joel Henry HINRICHS III remains somewhat of an enigma, although one significant report has been confirmed by two student sources at the University interviewed by this investigator: HINRICHS had ties — close ties — with one or perhaps two men of Arab origin while attending the college in Norman, Oklahoma. This report was also further substantiated today by a law enforcement source no longer on the case (as the case is now being handled by federal authorities).
“Obviously, I cannot go on the record, but you are ‘not wrong’ in your findings,” stated this law enforcement officer. “There is much more to come out of this [investigation], including the likelihood of Middle Easterners from this area being involved in this bombing,” he added. “Right now, no one is talking, and we have been verbally ordered not to make any comments to any media — period.”
When asked of the origin of the “roommates” or Middle Eastern men he referenced, this source simply stated “Pakistani.” According to one university sophomore present at the game and a witness to the direct aftermath of the blast, HINRICHS indeed lived with one or two students from Pakistan, although it is not clear if both actually attended the university.
“At the end of the day, enough evidence will be collected to prove that this was a terrorist bombing that went wrong and Islamic men with terrorist beliefs were also involved. Whether that fact will ever come out, like ten years ago, [Murrah building blast on 19 April 1995 that killed 171 souls] remains to be seen.”
Obviously exasperated, the officer closed with the following statements:
“If you could have seen the people walking out of the stadium [Saturday night], you would have thought nothing happened at all. No one seems to believe that it will ever happen again, ever happen to them. It almost did. I feel like everyone is living in a fantasyland.”
This is a news story that bears watching.

Update: Reader azbookrat has just sent a link to this evening’s ChannelOklahoma news story on the topic:
    Hinrichs Tried To Buy Ammonium Nitrate
NORMAN, Okla. — The general manager of a Norman feed store said Tuesday that Joel Henry Hinrichs III had inquired about purchasing a significant amount of ammonium nitrate, the primary ingredient used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
Additional Update: Gateway Pundit has more.

Hat tip: azbookrat


Kathy K said...

The NIN is not exactly a reputable site.
That's not to say he might not be right - this time.

Baron Bodissey said...

Bellicose Woman --

I agree that NIN is not your average reliable source. But I doubt they made up the "Law enforcement officer" quotes out of whole cloth. I think something's going on.

The question is, what? If something is being hidden from us, then why? See my latest post, So Where's the Fire? for a rant on the topic.