Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dhimmocracy in America

In last night’s comments on Dymphna's followup to my Jamaat ul-Fuqra post, commenter Felix said,
     Deporting radical islamists, islamofascists, jihadists is the way to go. It is the best homeland security policy. Once deported, the gov't does not have to spend so much time, money, and effort on surveillance and monitoring the islamofascists.
The only downside I can see is that we might deport a person who is not really an islamofasicst. I would set up a hearing board where the individual can try to show that they are not part of that movement. Many radical islamists are pround of their ideology so they will tell authorities straight out.
Deportation is not the death penalty and it is not permanent internment. The deported islamofascist can continue to be an islamofascist in their country of origin.
Unfortunately for all of us, the country of origin of most members of Jamaat ul-Fuqra is the United States of America.

They are a group that parted ways with the Nation of Islam over doctrine, and their defining feature is a zeal to wage violent jihad.

One of the problems facing any attempt to investigate or disseminate information about Jamaat ul-Fuqra, at least in its American branches (Virginia, Colorado, Tennessee, Georgia, New York, etc), is that it largely consists of young black males recruited from prison populations by Saudi-financed chaplains. For these convicts, with little or no family affiliation, ul-Fuqra is home, church, and nation.

These are not the grim buttoned-down legions of Louis Farrakhan. These are violent criminal psychopaths who get to continue their careers of robbery, fraud, murder, and mayhem, all for the greater glory of Allah. And they are American citizens.

To make matters worse, they are mostly African-Americans. Any attempt to deal with them is going to bring the wrath of the Multicultural Mafia down on the head of whoever does it. You can see why the mainstream media shy away from this topic, and why law enforcement is treading so gingerly. Arrange a mass bust at an ul-Fuqra compound, and you’d have the entire army of Sharpton, Jackson, Sheehan, and their uncritical media entourage swarming around you like hornets. There’s no political payoff for any functionary who attempts it.

I can see why people are afraid to go there. I’m afraid to go there, too: down that road looms a Race War. When the shooting starts, that’s how it will be played in the media, and no politician will be able to allow it to continue. We are pretty much stuck on this one.

It’s the omnipresent cultural poison that has infused every nook and cranny of American life: the PC desire to avoid being labeled a “racist.” And there’s always some race-hustling poverty pimp or fund-raising civil-liberties group out there ready to hurl the epithet in all directions. Do you see the conundrum? We have enclaves of Americans who hate America, who have proved themselves willing to do her harm, yet reining them in will be deemed a “hate crime.” Figure your way out of that one.

So I’ll just get it out of the way right now: I’m a racist. I want to see something done about ul-Fuqra, so I’m a racist. Call me that; I don’t care.

I think it’s time to “commit a hate crime” and do something about this enemy that’s in our midst. If we allow things to continue as they are, these compounds and camps and communes will grow and spawn spinoffs and continue to amass ordnance and explosives and guns.

They will wait. Wait until America is vulnerable, after another terrorist attack, after a major natural disaster, after the avian flu strikes…

The Great Islamic Jihad will be happy to piggyback in on a race war in America. They will also be happy to piggyback in on the craven American PC fear of being termed “racists.”

They don’t care. Either way they get the Caliphate, and Dhimmocracy in America.


Rick Darby said...

You've nailed it. As a culture, we have allowed rhetoric that once had a valid meaning, in the civil rights struggle of the '50s and early '60s, to be used for completely different ends. We have made particular words into talismans -- "equality," "rights," "racism," "hate," etc. -- that can be waved like a magic wand to silence all opposition.

Race hustlers from Jesse Jackson down to the "diversity trainers" that indoctrinate defenseless employees have gamed the system for years. And while the results have been bad, ranging from unfair set-asides for "minorities" (i.e., everyone except white non-Hispanic males) in government contracts to thumb-on-the-scale college admission practices, they haven't directly threatened our security and lives.

But there is no reason why radical Islam can't learn to use the same tactic, and CAIR obviously has all the moves down. I haven't heard of this gang of Muslim ex-convicts, but this could be as you say the next step in exploiting the liberal faith in non-judgmentalism.

So how do we counter the inevitable reaction from a large chunk of the power structure in the U.S. that any truth telling is the equivalent of southern sheriffs cracking bullwhips?

Maybe if everyone thus accused said, "Yes, in your stupid twisted terminology I'm a racist," the curse could be lifted.

The trouble is, we all want someone else, or many others, to go first.

Gryffilion said...

Perhaps Leonard Cohen should have written:

"Dhimmocracy is coming to the U.S.A..."

American Crusader said...

Great takes courage to actually go out and investigate than to sit safely in your living room typing on your keyboard.
You're exactly right. There is nothing a politician fears more than to be called a racist. President Bush continually says that Islam is a great religion in which a small minority has hijacked:
October 11, 2002
"Islam is a vibrant faith. Millions of our fellow citizens are Muslim. We respect the faith. We honor its traditions. Our enemy does not. Our enemy doesn't follow the great traditions of Islam. They've hijacked a great religion."
November 13, 2002
"Some of the comments that have been uttered about Islam do not reflect the sentiments of my government or the sentiments of most Americans. Islam, as practiced by the vast majority of people, is a peaceful religion, a religion that respects others. Ours is a country based upon tolerance and we welcome people of all faiths in America."
I hope that behind closed doors in the White House that the president and his advisers have a better grasp our understanding about Islam's true nature.
It's easier to burn down a compound in Waco, killing only God knows how many children and other innocent people, just because the leaders were white Americans.

Baron Bodissey said...

DP111 -- you're missing my point here. Almost all the members of ul-Fuqra in America were born in the USA and have not left it.

Where shall we deport them to?

They are not invaders; they are a cancer within that will have to be excised by law-enforcement means. It will be very difficult.

Baron Bodissey said...

DoubleDribble --

Good to have you on board! Your contribution has added a measure of sober discourse that has been sorely lacking here so far.

Your comments indicate that you truly understand the nature of my vicious inherent racism, and I'm glad of that.

Baron Bodissey said...

DoubleDribble --

I have a phobia about Islam when the particular Muslims involved are murderous thugs. Follow the links and read about JF's established track record of murder and crime. Or don't, if all you want to do is sneer and call people names.

More accurately, you could call me a "Thugophobe".

Dymphna said...

"Right Wing Chickenhawks"?

Aren't they just like the "no-blood-for-oil" people, but without the wax burns on their hands from the candlelight vigils?

Except for admitiing he's unable to bring the ball down the court properly, what is double dribble's claim to fame exactly?

Righteous sneering perhaps?

Dymphna said...

Or is that nic referring to a physical deformity perhaps? Didn't think of that.

Gryffilion said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gryffilion said...

Wow, D.D. really brings a whole new meaning to the word "troll," doesn't he? I haven't seen insults of a quality that high a quality since I graduated from middle school. I especially liked "PowerLosers"--because, after all, it's not loser-ish behavior at *all* to come onto someone else's blog and start pulling a bunch of ad hominem punches.
Bravo, Double Dribble. May your twin drool not stain this blog for too long...

Anonymous said...


Your blog is excellent. Your posts are succinct and clear. I'm lockstep with you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo..M, not N

Baron Bodissey said...

CraigH --

Not only that, you're on a Baron Bodissey post!

Not that it matters -- Dymphna watches my prose closely and edits it for clarity. Sometimes we even co-write a post, and flip a coin to see who gets the byline.

Thanks for the encomium!

Dymphna said...


It's obvious that Craig knows who the true genius around here is.

(of course it takes me several attempts to get the word verification right...)

Edwin said...


Wikipedia is a joke.

"a war which...kills hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians"

You're an idiot.

Dymphna said...

you said:
Yes Dymphna, I have serious case of cleft lip, and because I grew up poor, it has never been properly dealt with. When I get excited, especially during a political argument, I have a slight drooling problem. Hopefully we will be able to get beyond that and you (and the Baron’s) readers will judge me by my arguments, not my appearance or my slight spraying problem. I am not ashamed of my condition, therefore my moniker DoubleDribble...

And what is your point?

The people who comment on here have lots o' problems, physical--mental-spiritual -- but I've never seen one use a nic to define his or her limit that way. How would we even know if you didn't pull this in-your-face nonsense. As I said, your point?

We have all sorts of people with various limits who comment here: asthamatics, one-breasted women, dyslexic dropouts (there's another dd for you), pock-marked pizza faces, people whose children have died in the war, a guy who had to drop out of law school when he went blind, those who walk around with permanent colostomy bags hanging off them,recovering alcoholics, etc., etc.

Not one of those people defines themselves by their limits, as least not in their choice of nic. It is instructive that you chose to do that. Do you have anything you like or believe in or is it all about deficits? I got yours beat all to hell, boy. Obbiously you haven't read my Norm Geras interview...and that was a gloss --didn't hit the really low points. Otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation, cause I sure would trade your deformity for several of mine.

I am very active in Operation Yellow Elephant, which is a patriotic movement that encourages College and Young Republicans to “Shut up or Sing up”. That is, with the military facing manpower shortages, we feel that the wealth and upper middle class supporters of the war should enlist.

Oh, balderdash. The problem with YE is just what you said: "we feel..." How about doing some real thinking instead? How about primary source investigating? Go to some of the schools that let in ROTC and talk to those kids who are planning military careers. They'd make mincemeat out of your "argument."

Then try going to the schools that refuse to let the ROTC in, refuse to let the military recruit on campus, and refuse to let them even put up posters. Ask them why.

Your sneering "patriotism" convinces no one. It's also not based on reality. My son took ROTC for two semesters. He has asthma and no chance to join, but he admires the military and knows how important they are.

You could take your argument over to Bill Keezer, whose upper middle class son just finished his training for taking out IEDs. He's off to Iraq shortly. Here's his link to his son's work: The kid could've stayed home, but he joined a BOMB squad, trying to undo some of the mortal hatred of others. While you're there, be sure to leave a comment...

Or go over to Donald Sensing's blog. There's another well-off person with a kid who is in the Marines and off to Iraq soon, if he's not already there.

ALso try Airforce wife, or Baldilocks, or Michael Yon. Read some people who are actually in the trenches. They ain't all poor.

Or you could come to our house in early December. We're wrapping presents for the guys who are serving, who are making a difference.

Finally, try digging up some real numbers for the supposed military "shortfall." I can guess where you got your numbers...anyone can play that game.

Troll away, Yellow E., but I'm not going with you because what you're doing tears down the social fabric. It makes this country just a bit more hateful and divided. If you need to do that...well, congrats on exercising your first amendment rights.

Btw, the more you say, the more transparent your suffering. Eventually you'll be so far down into that black -- sorry, yellow hole no one will even be able to hear you.

American Crusader said...

Just for the record doubledribble...although not injured in combat, I am a disabled veteran nonetheless. I was thinking Baron that it's quite possible Islam itself might end up fighting among their different factions. Shi'ite and Sunni are not the only Islamic factions. Some of the recent news has pointed to differences in their philosophies. The Kurds owe very little allegiance to either side. The history of Islam is full of interfaith fighting. Always Watching gave me an interesting quote "first me and my brother against my cousin, then me and my brother against each other"

Dymphna said...


Your nic reminds me that our (Catholic)high school used to use that name. Wonder if they still do...

One of the reasons anti-war stats lack integrity is that they conflate the numbers of guys injured in combat and guys who are unfortunate to become disabled off the field. Which happens at a stable rate, year in, year out. It doesn't help you guys who were standing in fate's way, but it's meretricious of the Yellow Fellows to use the numbers that way.

You're right about the factions in Islam doing each other in...Christianity looong ago dealt with that problem. There are so many hundreds -- thousands -- of splinters that it's irrelevant.

Harriet Meiers and her minister just left their church over some kind of doctrinal differences and have started up another church. It's only news because she is...

It remains to be seen if the intellectual revolution that changed the face of Christianity and Judaism can do the same thing for Islam. Their whole world view is so anachronistic that it's going to take a huuuge leap.

The jury is still out on that one...oops, Sharia courts don't have juries. Never mind.

Gryffilion said...

Double Dribble, you left out this piece of info from your Wiki-surfing...

"Chickenhawk is an epithet used in United States politics..."

An epithet. An ad hominem attack. Already it's loaded from the start, as Mark Knopfler might say. It's already always a biased term.

Gryffilion said...

I think the good Dymphna's point was that defining yourself in terms of what might be considered "faults" or "deficiencies" puts you in a defensive frame of mine--as if you were waiting for someone to ask, "Why are you named "Double Dribble," anyway?" so you could pull out your story and make everyone feel vaguely embarassed.

I have asthma and bad sinuses but I don't refer to myself as the Hacking Sniffler. Isn't it kind of strange to refer to oneself by a cruel nickname given in childhood?

Dymphna said...

Yellow Fellow--

Your mother was right. Get rid of the nic and do whatever you need to do to your cruel brother, even if it is years in coming. If you can't bring yourself to do anything, have your mother string him up. Her instincts sound right.

If you've been using that name for so long and no one ever asked you about it, then obviously no one was ever listening to you to begin with. That's sad. Hope I never go to the places you hang out in...people have been taking an interest in my nic since I started using it: Dymphna is the patron saint for crazy people..

geoff said...

I'd just like to point out that we have a similar problem in the UK. As an employee of an educational institution I, with other members of staff have to attend 'anti-racist' meetings. What we are subject to is an embarrasing 3 hours of 'everything you do is wrong, everything we do is right'.
I personally despise racism and bigotry in any form but we consistently being bombarded for being white (or black with a 'white' attitude).

We always are told by the usual PC freaks that Whenever a bomb goes off in the UK its not the fault of the bombers but the US/UK coalition. When a car bomb explodes in Iraq its our fault. When a kidnapping takes place, its the fault of the West.

Conveniently they forget about Saddamm and his policies of gassing and torture.

I would like to ask the PC lot where would they like to live and for the Government to pay for their transport and strip them of their citizenship.

There got it off my chest!!!

Dymphna said...


While you're late to the discussion, your rant is most welcome. I have athing about those stoooopid PC meetings too.

You can read one at my other blog:

No More Mea Culpas For Breathing While White

Alexandra said...

All Things Beautiful TrackBack Islamberg In New York

Alexandra said...

All Things Beautiful TrackBack Islamberg In New York

Alexandra said...

All Things Beautiful TrackBack The Sin Of Racism:

"It all started with going over to Baron Bodissey's great blog Gates Of Vienna, a favorite of mine, to research my previous post of the day about Islamberg In New York. I glanced over at the comments in the 'Dhimmocracy In America' and laughed, because I realized that the accusation of racism and Islamophobia is a commonly detonated gratuitous attack on the right leaning bloggers, and that far from being an exception, my blog's liberal commenters have become the cry for recognition of what has become the liberal norm."

Captain USpace said...

Good stuff, these guys are dangerous terrorist monkeys. It IS NOT racist to want to destroy evil. Next time a liberal screams 'RACIST!', just say very forcefully, quickly punch'm right back with 'You're full of sh*t, YOU'RE A RACIST!'

That stops them in their tracks for a minute and they'll look at you quizically like 'huh?'. Then they may be ready to listen to some facts, and how you are NOT a racist. And neither are they, for harboring way deep down some of the same concerns you have.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
hate your own race

liberal bigots demand
that white people blame themselves

Beach Girl said...

A bit late to this party but I say those who so readily call me "racist" are far more racist than I could ever be. I'm racist because I believe in personal responsibility and accountability for one's actions.

I believe every Islamist who skirted into citizenship in 1986 when I'd venture to guess many of the Jamaat etc, etc group did, should be deported. They breed hatred and call for my death. And I'm supposed to be comfortable with that 'cause they happen to have black skin. Nyet!

Great post...

You are right, Dymnpha - we don't select "negative" nicknames, now do we? No, we go for positive names. You should see all the hits I get from Muslim nations - men looking for women to abuse no doubt? Only a guess.

imelda.maglalang said...

"Deporting radical islamists, islamofascists, jihadists is the way to go. It is the best homeland security policy. Once deported, the gov't does not have to spend so much time, money, and effort on surveillance and monitoring the islamofascists.
The only downside I can see is that we might deport a person who is not really an islamofasicst. I would set up a hearing board where the individual can try to show that they are not part of that movement. Many radical islamists are pround of their ideology so they will tell authorities straight out.
Deportation is not the death penalty and it is not permanent internment. The deported islamofascist can continue to be an islamofascist in their country of origin."

I really think we should deport all the Jews. Anyone with common sense can see they've done far worse damage to America than Arabs ever could. Remember it was jew communists who stole nuclear weapons secrets for the Russians.

Last week we had an ordained rabbi with dual citizenship Homeland security chief Chertoff, over in Israel proclaiming that Hezbollah was a more serious threat than al-Qaeda. this despite we haven't caught bin Laden. And just who is Hezbollah threatening? they may have taken up to 3 americans hostage in the 80s (the real bad guys then were Islamic Jihad). Hizbollah really only threatens Israel. As much in moral terms as military. that is, twice in the past 10 years Hezbollah has ran the Israelis out of South Lebanon, which puts them in the class by themselves of being Arabs who could handle Israel.
Don't believe the forthcoming rhetoric you'll hear about Hezbollah, and in fact, it's a good research project for you bloggers to tally up just how dangereous they have been and are to America. In the meantime, stop being 'sheeple'.

VinceP1974 said...

Hezbollah has been establishing and maturing a network for itself in Venzuela and Central America. They are well represented in many parts of the US including Detroit, New York City, Dallas, Charlotte, NC and Washington DC

X said...


I call troll.

Anonymous said...

Graham, I searched on the new troll's nic and learned that maglalang is Michelle Malkin's maiden name. The new troll either is or is pretending to be Filipino/a. There are many Filipinos in California, and they're not especially anti-semitic. Maybe this one is a Muslim. I wonder why it chose to comment on such an old thread. Maybe the old threads should be closed.

Baron Bodissey said...

Good idea. This thread is now officially closed to comments.