Tuesday, October 11, 2005

USMC Vet Has Some Important Links

At The Word Unheard, USMC Vet has a feature on Mark Tapscott’s appearance on Fox News. Mr. Tapscott is the director of the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Media and Public Policy. He was interviewed to get his speculations about the reasons why the MSM has studiously ignored the bizarre death of Joel Hinrichs at Oklahoma University.

Unfortunately, Mr. Tapscott was unable to explain the absence of the “dominant media” in a story which has so far, he says, been “blog-driven.” Excellent term for what is — and isn’t — happening with this story.

The Sarge has some good links, including one to a video of the interview and an essay of Mr. Tapscott’s in which he questions whether or not this OU explosion and the New York subway threat are linked.

It is Ramadan after all. And we are Satan, are we not?

Read the Sarge here.