Sunday, October 30, 2005

It’s Not Just Zionism

The World Without ZionismDr. Zin at Regime Change Iran has a request to make of the blogosphere. He wants us to get the word out about what “The World Without Zionism” envisions in its entirety.

It’s not just the destruction of Israel. Iran’s President Ahmadinejad is quite explicit that the United States in particular and the Anglosphere in general are very much in the crosshairs of the Great Islamic Jihad as orchestrated from Teheran. Just look at the complete graphic the mullahs produced for the week of jihadist zeal: both Israel and America are falling to the bottom of the hourglass.

Read the words of Ahmadinejad’s chief strategist, Hassan Abbassi:
     We have a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization... we must make use of everything we have at hand to strike at this front by means of our suicide operations or by means of our missiles. There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and in the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them.
But it is not only the US that Abbasi wants to take on and humiliate. He has described Britain as “the mother of all evils”. In his lecture he claimed that the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and the Gulf states were all “children of the same mother: the British Empire.” As for France and Germany, they are “countries in terminal decline”, according to Abbasi.
“Once we have defeated the Anglo-Saxons the rest will run for cover,” he told his audience.
Given the predilection of the craven appeasers now dominant in the media, academia, and the upper levels of the diplomatic corps, it’s understandable that Mr. Abbassi might come to this conclusion.

Those of us who form the backbone of the Anglosphere know that he is wrong, tragically wrong, but there is no way to communicate that to him. Our only hope of avoiding massive carnage is regime change in Iran.

So we’ll let Dr. Zin have the last word:
     The vast majority of the people of Iran do not share [Ahmadinejad’s] views and long for real democracy in Iran. How long will we wait to support the people of Iran in their struggle to free themselves from these dangerous mad men?


citizen_us said...

I have to think the "Iranian street" should be the catalyst for Iran.

I hear quite alot about Iranians that desire freedom, but if they are only going to talk about it, nothing will happen.

Where are the Iranian underground soldiers? Where are the millions calling for freedom? Where are the uprisings of millions of like minded people?

There are no millions calling for democracy in Iran, I am afraid.
Those who are calling for it are students, or others with info and knowledge gained from access to the internet.
Which is, of course, a generalization.

I do not think the population of Iran has enough critical mass to allow a rebellion to succeed, even with our help, short of blowing up everything.

It appears that yes, indeed, we will have to do something. Or Israel will have to do something.

As sure as the sun rises every day, the U.N. will do nothing. Until the mushroom clouds blossom from the B.S.

Iran stated it's goals, clearly and concisely.

Here we stand, doing nothing.

Always On Watch said...

This is a chilling article.

Baron Bodissey said...

Franze -- I have been to your blog many times, since we're on your blogroll!

Franze's blog is A fructibus eorum cognoscetis eos ("By their fruits ye shall know them", Matthew 7:16). But be warned! It's all in Spanish, of which I read very little. He has a post up now about Tariq Ramadan -- quote: "Tariq Ramadán, heraldo del terror y del odio"

Spanish-speakers should head on over there.

X said...

Bill, I can feel your anxiety, but I think you should be re-assured that the Rapture doctrine isn't biblically based. Islam is definitely an "anti-christ", since it fulfills all the defintions from the Gospels and Acts (false prophets, false laws, animism - actually an inverted form that says all imagery is evil - idol worship - if worshiping a meteorite isn't idolism, I don't know what is - persecuting the faithful), but the modern doctrine of a single Anti-Christ figure appearing in these end times is just that, a modern doctrine. It has no biblical basis. The anti-christ figure portrayed in Revelations is more likely linked to Nero than anyone else, especially taking the fact that the Hebrew transliteration of Nero's name is Nun Resh Nun Qof Samech Resh, NRN QSR, as Israel at the time tended to adopt Greek spellings for the caesars. Hebrew letters serve as their numbers, and NRN QSR also adds up to... 666. :) The Anti-christ is not any particular man, but a spiritual and attitudinal problem amongst groups and individuals. Islam is anti-christ in its very nature, by not only denying the divinity of Christ, but by proclaiming itself as superior to his teachings, and those of the chosen people. It is antichrist because it is born out of war, rather than peace. It is antichrist because it seeks to persecute Christians, and to kill off those who refuse to believe.

You also mention Daniel. The prophecy of the weeks in Daniel was meant to be one continual period, but the rapture doctrine "stops the clock" just as the last week is about to start and inserts a gap of about 400 years. In reality, that last week of Daniel's prophecy coincides quite nicely with the ministry of Jesus, who made a convenant with Jerusalem and was executed after three years. His execution ushered in the new convenant, rendering the old Hebraic sacrificial system obsolete, and effectively destroying it.

I could go on for pages about this but that would be rude to you and to Dymphnia and the Baron. Let me just finish by saying that we do need to be alert to these things, and that Islam poses a very real threat to the world, but we aren't to be raptured, America and the west aren't to be ground under the thumb of a new caliphate and Islam is going to loose this war. We have nothing to fear. It's all temporary anyway...

X said...

Ah, slight correction. The gap of 400 years should actually be 2000 and growing... woops. :)