Sunday, October 07, 2012

Somalia Comes to Maine

The mayor of Lewiston, Maine apparently hasn’t heard that requiring Muslim immigrants to assimilate is the moral equivalent of genocide.

We need more like him:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.


Anonymous said...

6000 of them! In one generation the town will be a crime infested litter strewn hovel.
Paris Claims

Green Infidel said...

Yes. The more like him the better. Let them fume. Let them riot. Let them rage. And let the American people wake up!! (especially before November)

Anonymous said...

Once again proving we need to stop the policy of importing impoverished, uneducated and unemployable 3rd worlders with a culture that is hostile to ours.

All these Muzzie primitives do is be a drain on public services and produce more little drains who will grow up and become Jihadists.

Anonymous said...

I'm sharing it!

Foregone said...

Indeed so; it's proper to wipe your shoes before you enter.

Anonymous said...

Don't be mistaken, this not a black versus white conflict at all. This is islamic immigration, reaching a certain ammount will demand shariah law, then you will start to cry. Don' t let them in for the sake of your children!