Saturday, February 04, 2012

Tommy Robinson Speaks in Leicester

Back in December a group of culturally enriched young women in Britain escaped jail time after they were tried for beating up a white girl in Leicester while shouting racial epithets at her. The news of their non-punishment went viral after the CCTV footage of the attacks was uploaded to YouTube (see our earlier post for that video).

To highlight the injustice of what happened, the English Defence League held a demonstration today in Leicester. Below is an excerpt from Tommy Robinson’s remarks at the event. About halfway through you’ll hear his caustic response to a man who sieg-heiled him (off-camera) from the front of the crowd. The “Nazi” is thought to have been a provocateur from Unite Against Fascism, but there is no word yet from the EDL whether this has been confirmed.

WARNING: Tommy’s language gets a little salty here and there during this clip:


Chiu ChunLing said...

Good to see Tommy back up and ready to fight. May God continue to bless him, and forgive the odd bit of salty language.

john in cheshire said...

He's certainly one of the good guys. Pity there aren't too many of them about these days.

Anonymous said...

Yes, one can tell that Tommy is a good guy.

Danko said...

One just can't help but thinking on El Ingles' famous essay:

Muslims probably think that the patience and endurance of westerners has no limits, and that they can do simply anything they want against them, because they are fully backed by the western governments themselves who exercise the most brutal repression against their own citicens. Oh, and of course that eternal "siegheilfascistnazi" idiocy of the damned leftist/multiculturalist traitorous sectors of the western societies... one could really have get much more caustic when addressing to such... such... people. One really wishes one could be there to somehow back the E.D.L. and make muslims clear that soon no force on earth will be capable of tying our hands back anymore and stopping us from protecting our ever-decreasing descendancy.

May God lead Robinson and co. to the triumph.

babs said...

I thought TR was barred by law from not only speaking but even attending an EDL rally. Did that get reversed?

Chiu ChunLing said...

How would it be even remotely legal to bar Tommy from attending EDL rallies?