Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tomorrow Belongs to the Ummah

From Vlad Tepes comes another reminder that we’ve been here before:

The above video pays hommage to the movie Cabaret, starring Liza Minelli and Michael York. See this clip for the original source.

Cabaret itself was based on the short novel by Christopher Isherwood about Weimar Germany, Goodbye to Berlin.


goethechosemercy said...

This song should be the background music for every video such as this.
Every single one!

laine said...

As Mark Steyn says: "Tomorrow belongs to those who show up for it". He's made the case that demographically, Europeans are not showing up for their own future whereas EU hospital nurseries are filled with babies named Mohammed and their future brood mares. And wasn't it Gaddaffi who in one of his less daffy moments predicted that Muslims would take over Europe by the cradle? But long before that happens, Europeans are again standing by passively as a small militant group wrests from them their public spaces, their money, their sense of security on any kind of transport, their present.

Anonymous said...

Slash the welfare state and we will make a giant step forward to reducing the threat. We are paying for our own destruction. Also boycott all muslim businesses, especially taxis and takeaways.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Agree with last comment, let's have one universal and simple rule.
HAVE WORKED FOR TEN YEARS[in this country]. Game over!!!!That will get half of the Moslem Retards off the island.

Sue said...

In the small northern English city where I live a foreign face was a rariety until the nineteen eighties. Yesterday when I walked through the city centre every third person I passed was black or asian. Its already too late.