Saturday, May 19, 2012

“The Flag of Islam Will Fly High Over This Building”

As mentioned earlier tonight, Anjem Choudary is engaged in a little judicious arm-twisting and intimidation of the Norwegian government in an attempt to spring his esteemed colleague Mullah Krekar from the slammer.

Mr. Choudary insists that all his talk of exchanging Norwegian hostages for the Merry Mullah does not constitute a threat. Not at all! He is merely trying to help the Norwegian government “understand the reality of the situation.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video from NRK:


bilbo said...

a clear threat!
why has this terrorists apologist not been arrested?

Anonymous said...

This retard Choudary is a wonderful
advertisement AGAINST Islam, the truth always seems to slip out with him. No further explanation is
needed as to why we need to totally
dismantle 'the religion of peace'
throughout the entire World.Choudary
is Satan's mouthpiece.

babs said...

Wow! This guy wants to take the world back 1,000 years.
The bigger point is why are the British people allowing him to live on the dole while he spews his hatred and threats? He is clearly able bodied and articulate. Why is the British gov't paying for his welfare?
I would think that if I were a member of BFP or EDL I would lobby heavily to get this poison off the dole.
I have to give points to the news reporter that interviewed him. Everyone in the UK should see this broadcast. Your tax dollars at work!

Anonymous said...

RonaldB here:

Choudary is correct on some topics.

What are Western forces doing in Muslim lands, like Afghanistan and Iraq? We know that we are not going to change Islam, nor the culture, nor the country. Sharia law is already being implemented in those countries.

The greatest terrorist threats now come from Pakistan, our ally, Iran, which was greatly strengthened by our actions in Iraq, and Hamas, a recipient of US aid.

9-11 was made possible by the US State Department sucking up to Saudi Arabia for tourist and student dollars, and by an insane policy of domestic security maintained by the Bush administration up to 9-11. Operationally, 9-11 was planned and implemented from a Hamburg, Germany base.

In other words, US and Western engagement in Muslim countries is a losing proposition. US forces have no business being involved in Muslim countries, unless it is to depose a specific ruler as punishment for hostile actions.

President Bush initiated the Iraq War because he wanted to get back at Saddam Hussein for attempting to assassinate Bush senior. That would have been fine if the US had left as soon as Hussein fled Baghdad. The point would have been made, even if Hussein had managed to recover his power.

The US and the West should leave Muslim countries strictly alone, and completely stop any further Muslim immigration. There are also cases where the Muslims will get ahead of themselves and attack a non-Muslim territory, such as Israel or Bosnia. In these cases, the Muslim population supporting the attackers can be expelled, but not genuinely peaceful Muslim communities. So, Muslim occupation can be rolled back, although only in defensive wars.

Unfortunately, Western political organs seem determined to suppress any effective defense. This is illustrated by the Western attacks on Serbian militias fighting Bosnian Muslim aggression.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we send him to a Mohametan country and have done with it. He clearly hates Western civilisation so he can't possibly complain if he is ent to Somalia, say.

wheatington said...

How is it that Andy Chowderhead has not met a gang of soccer hooligans?

laine said...

This fomenter put forth a very specific plan of hostage taking (a form of terrorism as other hostages of Muslims have met death) to bargain his fellow fomenter's way out of prison. How can this not be considered a threat?