Sunday, December 11, 2011

Breivik: Likes and Dislikes, Part Two

Giuseppe Maria Crespi, ‘Bookshelf with Music Writings’, 1725-30 (detail)

A few days ago we posted an analysis of people referenced by Anders Behring Breivik in his 1,500-page manifesto. The remainder of the references cited fall into the following categories:

Armament 21
Book/article 43
Chemical supplier 9
Computer system 2
Corporation 12
Data source 1
Dear possession 2
Equipment 15
Equipment supplier 7
Historical/current event 4
Institution/agency 15
Media 13
Military 4
Movie 10
Movie producer 1
Music 8
Organization 11
Political party 5
Product 3
Retailer 4
TV show 10
Underground organization 5
Vehicle 6
Video game 8
Website 35
General 7

As you can see, references to armaments, chemical suppliers, equipment, equipment suppliers, and military-related entities comprise 56 out of 261 entries, more than 20% of the total. Add the violent video games, movies, websites, etc., and Mr. Breivik’s preoccupation with dealing out violent death looms even larger.

Such influences are thus far more significant in the killer’s manifesto than the writings of Fjordman. By the logic employed by Geir Lippestad (Mr. Breivik’s attorney) and the Norwegian news media, these weapons manufacturers, filmmakers, and chemical suppliers must bear their share of responsibility for the massacre on Utøya.

Why doesn’t Mr. Lippestad call for the CEOs of these companies to appear in court and testify on behalf of his client?

Once again, the answer seems obvious: they’re mostly not in Norway. Norwegian scapegoats are urgently needed to take the fall for the actions of Anders Behring Breivik. That’s why Fjordman and Hans Rustad are taking most of the heat: they’re conveniently Norwegian, and also hold unacceptable political opinions. Therefore they must answer for Mr. Breivik’s crimes.

Unlike the killer, they were not preoccupied with violence and did not advocate violence. Except for immigration and Islamization, their positions had almost nothing in common with those of the murderer. They were not concerned with the topics that interested Anders Behring Breivik the most.

However, it was those two areas of overlap — immigration and Islamization — that made them targets for the Norwegian establishment. That’s why they are being summoned to answer the Grand Inquisitor in Oslo.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Like the list of people in Part One, the data below were collated and summarized based on the detailed analysis provided by the Transatlantic Statistical Underground. The assignment of categories in the raw data was incomplete, and needed to be normalized in order to create this table. I had to make some educated guesses, so some of the entries may not be in the most appropriate category:

Books, movies, weapons, etc. cited by Anders Behring Breivik in his manifesto

Source: The Transatlantic Statistical Underground

Aimshot Laser Sight and Flashlight1Neutral
Allen Buttstock Shotshell Ammunition Carrier1Neutral
ASE Utra CQB-QM silencer1Neutral
Bonowi Shop1Neutral
Capsicum Solutions1Neutral
Cop GMBH1Neutral
Eotech Transverse XPS 2 Red Dot Sight1Neutral
GG&G Picatinny Style Scope1Neutral
Glock 172Neutral
Glock handgun1Neutral
HK416 assault rifle1Neutral
Israeli Weapons1Neutral
Knife and Bulletproof1Neutral
LaserLyte Pistol Bayonet Quick Detachable1Neutral
Loctite Blue Aluminum Threadlocker1Neutral
Ruger Mini 14 semi-automatic rifle1Neutral
Ruger Mini Rifle1Neutral
Al Qaeda playbook1Like
Book 1st Chronicles 21:27,291Like
Book 1st Letter to the Corinthians 4:201Like
Book 1st Samuel 2:91Like
Book 2nd Chronicles 20:12-171Like
Book 2nd Kings 19:351Like
Book 2nd Letter to the Corinthians 12:121Like
Book Acts 12:23, 5:291Like
Book Daniel 11:321Like
Book Deuteronomy 9:3, 33:271Like
Book Exodus 22:2, 15:3,6, 23:201Like
Book Genesis 12:31Like
Book Gospel of Luke 22:361Like
Book Gospel of Matthew 26:52-541Like
Book Habbakuk 3:121Like
Book Isaiah 24:17, 42:13, 52:12, 41:111Like
Book James 4:71Like
Book Judges 5:81Like
Book Leviticus 26:31Like
Book Nehemiah 4:17-181Like
Book Proverbs 24:101Like
Book Psalms 144:1, 35:1, 9:3, 7:11, 34:7, 91:11, 35:5-81Like
Book Samuel 25:131Like
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (Book)1Neutral
Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook (Book)1Neutral
Encyclopedia Americana1Neutral
Encyclopedia Britannica2Dislike, Neutral
Europe Burning (Book)1Neutral
Face Value (Book)1Neutral
Hadith2Dislike, Neutral
Hammond Historical Atlas of the World1Neutral
Haykakan Harts Encyclopedia1Neutral
Prozac Nation (Book)1Neutral
Remaking Eden (Book)1Neutral
Rogue State (Book)1Neutral
The Eurabia Code1Neutral
The Passing of the Great Race (Grant)1Like
The Return of the Patriarchy1Like
W. Haig & R, Burn, S. Chan & Co.1Neutral
World Book Encyclopedia1Neutral
Chemical supplier#Reaction(s)
Dupont Tychem1Neutral
Yara (fertilizer company)1Neutral
Computer system#Reaction(s)
Windows 71Neutral
Ford Modeling Agency1Neutral
General Electric1Neutral
Goldman Sachs1Neutral
Lehman Brothers1Neutral
Oslo Sporveier (Subway company)1Neutral
Data source#Reaction(s)
2000 USDA Agricultural Resource Management Survey1Neutral
Dear possession#Reaction(s)
Breitling Crosswind1Like
Montblanc Meisterstück Pen1Like
Alert 3601Neutral
ATAC Shield Boot1Neutral
Barley Crusher MaltMill1Neutral
Black & Decker X61501 13 mm Countersink Bit1Neutral
Casio EXZ 330 SR1Neutral
Damascus FX-1 Flexforce1Neutral
ESAPI plates1Neutral
Garmin GPS1Neutral
Hatch Operator Tactical Gloves SOG1Neutral
Skins Compression Gear1Neutral
UK Body Armor1Neutral
X Socks1Neutral
Equipment supplier#Reaction(s)
DREMEL Tool1Neutral
Security Versand1Neutral
Shop Engarde1Neutral
Historical/current event#Reaction(s)
Islamic Terrorism in India1Neutral
Pompidou-Heath Summit1Dislike
US Founding Fathers1Like
American InterContinental University1Neutral
Council of Europe1Neutral
European External Action Service1Neutral
Food and Agriculture Organization1Neutral
Frogner Church1Neutral
Majorstuen Retirement home1Neutral
Multiple European Intelligence Agencies1Neutral
Norwegian Intelligence Agency (PST)1Dislike
Norwegian UDI1Dislike
Oslo Handelsgymnasium/Hartvig Nissen High School1Neutral
U.S. Congress1Neutral
Uranienborg Elementary and Secondary School1Neutral
USDA, Economic Research Service1Neutral
Copenhagen Post1Neutral
Forbes Magazine1Neutral
Interfax Religion1Neutral
Jerusalem Post2Neutral
Pakistan Christian Post1Like
Sign and Sight1Neutral
South Asian Voice1Neutral
The Economist1Neutral
Time Magazine1Neutral
VG Nett1Dislike
Washington Post1Neutral
Canadian infantry1Neutral
Democratic Army of Greece1Dislike
Fourth generation warfare1Neutral
Operation Quicksilver1Neutral
300 (movie)1Like
Baader Meinhof Complex1Like
Gattaca (Film)1Neutral
Lord of the Rings1Like
Passion of the Christ1Like
Star Wars1Like
Vanishing American1Neutral
Movie producer#Reaction(s)
50 Cent (Rapper)1Dislike
Catholic Church2Dislike, Neutral
Japanese, South Korean and Taiwanese Political System1Like
Lange feat. Sarah Howells1Like
Lux Aeterna1Like
Protestant Church1Dislike
Sex and the City1Dislike
English Defense League (EDL)1Dislike
European Movement1Neutral
European No Campaign1Neutral
Human Rights Watch1Neutral
Justiciar Knights1Like
Knights Templar1Like
Norwegian Defense League (NDL)1Like
Order of Flemish Militants1Dislike
Serbian Network1Like
Political party#Reaction(s)
British National Party1Like
Oslo Progress Party1Dislike
Progress Party Frogner1Dislike
Progress Party Youth1Dislike
Nicotine provider1Neutral
no Explode1Like
Red Bull1Like
Retailer#Reaction(s) specialty textile outfitters1Neutral
Safe Guard Clothing1Neutral
TV show#Reaction(s)
Battlestar Galactica1Like
Sleeper Cell1Like
Spartacus - Blood and Sand1Like
Stargate Universe1Like
The Shield1Like
True Blood1Like
Vampire Diaries1Like
Underground organization#Reaction(s)
Conservative Revolutionary Movement1Neutral
Ergenekon Network1Like
Indian/Hindu Resistance1Dislike
Red Army Faction1Dislike
Hyundai2Dislike, Neutral
Volkswagen Crafter1Neutral
Video game#Reaction(s)
Bioshock 21Like
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare1Like
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Game)1Neutral
Dragon Age II1Like
Fallout 3-New Vegas1Like
Grand Theft Auto (Game)1Dislike
Modern Warfare 21Like
World of Warcraft (Game)2Like, Neutral
American Thinker2Neutral
Arab News1Dislike
Assallamu Alaykum1Dislike
Assyrian International News Agency1Like
Brussels Journal1Neutral
Center for Inquiry1Neutral
Dallas Morning News1Neutral
Democracy Reform1Dislike
Doctor Bulldog and Ronin1Neutral
EU Referendum Blog1Neutral
Front Page Magazine1Like
Google Video1Like
Holy Crime1Neutral
Islam in South East Europe Forum1Neutral
Islam Watch1Neutral
Jihad Watch1Like
Little Green Footballs1Like
Middle East Forum1Neutral
Middle East Media Research Institute1Neutral
Militant Islam Monitor1Dislike
Monsters and Critics1Dislike
Online Calculator1Neutral
Religion of Peace Blog2Like, Neutral
The American Conservative1Like
United Human Rights1Like
Olaf G. Hansens tale i Rabat1Neutral
Polas 241Neutral
Tactic 241Neutral


Anonymous said...

It's important to state time and again that some blogger writing descriptive essays based on information that is already in the public domain will in no way lead any sane and rational person to act as AB did.

And no sane and rational person will hold a blogger writing descriptive essays based on information that is already in the public domain responsible for AB acting as he did.

It would be more rational to blame the makers of the TV programme "Dexter" which glorifies a serial killer who chooses his victims because they "deserve" to die, and because the world will be a better place without them.


Lawrence said...

I cannot and will not recant anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience...

... Martin Luther said that in context of Faith.0

... we are now saying it in context of basic rational thought.

The "Grand Inquisitor" is seeking a certain set of answers, and if those answers are not provided (as in just don't say anything to give them any reason to hang you) that is about all one can do with faced by a witch hunt.

In this case the judgement has already been rendered, they're just trying to figure out how severely to punish based on whatever additional justification you may give them at the last minute without causing said victim to become a martyr-symbol against the judge.

This is such ugly business. I can't offer much more than prayers for strenth for Fjordman and Rustad. And pray for repentance on behalf of Breivik.

Anonymous said...

In my admittedly limited legal experience, it seems that an effective tactic, should the worst come to the worst and Fjordman actually be charged with anything (as opposed to attacked indirectly in the media) is to present the jury with an alternative "perpetrator" - one that is far more likely to be "guilty" than the accused.

So: I suggest that Fjorman do the necessary research NOW and read all of Jeff Lindsay's books.

Here's the first one.

Then watch the TV series - apparently AB enjoyed it. One can't help wondering now in what way AB enjoyed it? Could it possibly have had an effect on him?

Read the books & see what you think.

bilbo said...

i do not accept that ABB was acting for the right wing.
i believe that he thought he was but in reality was acting, unknowingly, for the left.
i fail to see how any one, ABB included, could expect the right to benefit from his actions and i don't believe they were intended to.
Fjordman and Hans Rustad are being subject to a continuation of that attack so as to discredit them and the greater counter-jihad movement.
ABB's survival was key to this, dead he would be silenced, they needed him to pile on the pressure.

marking him down as mad means that he will live out his days in relative comfort and may even see freedom again one day.

Anonymous said...

"...[he] may even see freedom again one day."

Yes. Some day, well-wishers will make the case that ABB is fully rehabilitated - just like would-be presidential assassin John Hinkley with his apologists who are upset that his freedoms are curtailed by the mental ward.