Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Islamic Ratchet

As noted here recently, Pakistani irredentism manifests itself in a claim to the province of Kashmir. Other territorial hot spots for Islam are in southern Thailand, the Philippines, Indian Punjab, northern Nigeria, Kosovo, Chechnya, Dagestan, and, of course, the Palestinian territories.

And then there’s Al Andalus, formerly known to most of the world as “Spain.”

As Dymphna has written, “any geography that once belonged to Islam always belongs to Islam and it is the duty of every Muslim to reclaim its property.” This doctrine means that Muslim cemeteries anywhere in the world are part of the Ummah, and subject to Islamic agitation.

And what about the areas that are not yet Muslim? It doesn’t take a Muslim majority to turn a province into a hotbed of religious strife and jihad. Recent examples can be found in Rotterdam, Birmingham, Toronto, Malmö, and Hamtramck. When the Muslim population in a region reaches a certain critical point, the agitation begins: You must respect Islam! No more pig imagery! Women must cover themselves! Muslim holidays must be observed!

Take a look at these Muslim population statistics. It’s no surprise that Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey are almost entirely Muslim. Saudi Arabia clocks in a 95.7% – what are the other 4.3%, for goodness’ sake? Filipino maids? Christians in the catacombs under Riyadh?

But look at the countries that lie on the outermost marches of Islam’s “bloody borders”:
CountryPopulation Pct # Muslims
United Kingdom60,441,4572.7%1,631,919
United States295,734,1341.4%4,140,277
It’s easy to see why Nigeria has a problem: it’s half Muslim already. And India, at 12%, has a mighty struggle ahead. But the other trouble spots have a much smaller percentage, yet they – especially Europe – are the ones that cave in more easily to Muslim pressure.

The one exception is China. Now why do you think that might be?

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Islam ratchets in one direction only. Where Muslims are in charge, other faiths are gradually driven out, converted, or killed. No one may convert out of Islam on the pain of death.

The signposts to dhimmitude are all prominent all around us. Neon lights are flashing and horns are blaring to draw our attention. The arrows point in one direction only.

We ignore them at our peril.

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newc said...

Yeah. I was browsing around the World fact book and wondering how they got 98% conversion rates in some lesser known Africian countires. Gee, I wonder how those conversions went?....

It is global clensing plain and simple.

Pastorius said...

In answer to newc: I was with my kid at a Christian festival in a local park one day, and I met a very nice Ethiopian lady. I asked how she liked the U.S. and she said she thanked God for being able to come here.

She told me the Muslims caused a lot of trouble where she was from. She said they forced conversion through threats, but she also said they paid people to convert.

That was the only time I ever heard that one. I wonder if it's true.

Pastorius said...

Oh, and I have a question for you. It seems you left one very obvious country off your list of those on the bloody borders of Islam. France.

I presume you had good reason.

What was your reason?

Unknown said...

Al-Francia to be precise.

All jokes asside, when is the world going to learn the truth of the alleged 'golden age' of Al-Andalus?

Baron Bodissey said...


I couldn't list them all. Also, I didn't feel like googling up another link.

Also, I was trying to list the areas of conflict that were not so much in the news recently (not counting the Palestinians, that is).

John Sobieski said...

France at 50M and at least 5M (no one knows for sure since France bans collecting religion - "we're all French". That's 10%, but 1 out 3 babies born in France is a Muslim. That's today. The future demographics look worse.

ik said...

Baron - here is the newest technique- sorry no link the newspaper has a crappy website which gets the links get changed every day -
Paving the way for Islamistan
"Some 46 organisations accompanied by 420 Muslim luminaries have reportedly presented a memorandum to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and urged that agricultural land in the possession of Muslims be transferred from the law of the land to the Muslim Personal Law - rather like the rules of marriage and divorce. If this ridiculous demand is met, the country would lose its sovereignty over lakhs of land parcels. These territories would become quasi-wakfs. According to Islamic theology, wakf properties belong to Allah the Merciful, which make every property a micro Islamistan."

The background to this is that in India - there is one law for everyone else and a separate law for Muslims called "Muslim Personal Law"
According to this a Muslim man in India can get four wives and can divorce a wife by just saying the word "talaq" three times in front of a Mullah -The latest "innovation" is divorce by SMS message (send a SMS message with the words "talaq,talaq,talaq" see links here and here

There was also a case where the Supreme Court of India ruled that a Muslim woman must be given almony by her husband - the dhimmified Congress govt of India got scared of losing Muslim votes and amended the Indian constitution to allow Muslim men to no longer pay alimony(or pay less - not sure) see here

Anybody protesting against this is classified as a "Hindu fundamentalist" and told to shut up.

The longest standing demand of the Hindu Nationalist parties is that there should be one law applied to all the people EQUALLY and FAIRLY.

Your article would be much better if there was an additional column showing the percentage of Muslims in those countries around 1950 and the percentage now.

India -Muslims 7%(1947) 15%(2001)
Pakistan- Hindus 20%(1947) 1-2%(2001)
Bangladesh-Hindus 40%(1947) 10%(2001)

In Malaysia the Muslims had 40% ( the rest were divided among Indians Chinese etc each less than 20%) and they declared the country a Islamic state. Now they have reached 60% and they are already caling for the imposition of Sharia Law on EVERYBODY. And Malaysis is held up as an example of a moderate Islamic country.

ik said...

I found the link for the article which I posted in the previous comment

Paving the way for Islamistan

Remember that they had earlier asked for the graveyards and Taj Mahal - and now this! - Baron, those properties you found in Virginia are now owned by Allah!

Baron Bodissey said...

ik, this is excellent material. When I have time I will do a post using it (giving you credit, of course).

American Crusader said...

"The one exception is China. Now why do you think that might be?"
Islam didn't fare very well under the old Soviet Union either. Obviously it did survive though, particularly in the provinces furthest away from Moscow. I think Islam knows full well the reaction of the Chinese to Islamic agitation. There is one thing I would like to mention that I think has significant importance.
For many Islamist the ultimate goal is to reestablish the caliphate. As long as Islam has Australia, Britain, United States and Israel and other Western countries to fight against, they are able to put up a unified front.
I see Iraq as being a perfect example of a point I'm trying to make. Once the United States has left Iraq to its own future, you will see Iran trying to dominate Iraq and in particular the Southern Shi'ite regions. The Kurds and the Sunni population will not allow themselves to be ruled by Shi'ite Iran.
Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and others are not very fond of Iran's growing influence in the region. The only good thing that could happen in Iraq, if it is unable to form a stable democracy, is that it will become a mass fighting ground between the different factions of Islam.

J A F O said...

More accurately al Andaluz refers to the southern autonomous region of Spain called Andalucia.

Incidentally the population of Spain has gone from 40 million to around 44 million in the past three or four years, due entirely to the influx of illegal imigrants, many of whom are Muslims from north Africa.

Unknown said...


Excellent posting of information on the stats before and after partition (of India).

Keep up the good work of getting the truth out there everyone.

james said...

Do we actually know how many Nigerians are Moslem? See the BBC article on the lack of a Nigerian census.

Baron Bodissey said...

james -- the same goes for Brazil. The number there is suspiciously low; there's a note about it at the answers.com page. The Brazilian government may be deliberately underestimating the number.

The numbers in France are suspect, too, of course. Probably also a lot of others in Europe, since to note a person's religion violates the PC rules.

tyreea said...

But look at the countries that lie on the outermost marches of Islam’s “bloody borders”

Does anyone know the origin of that quote? My father said it is old, "The borders of Islam are drawn in blood"

Baron Bodissey said...

tyreea -- It's credited to Samuel Huntington, from "The Clash of Civilizations." I don't know if he was the first to use it.


"The interactions between civilizations vary greatly in the extent to which they are likely to be characterized by violence. Economic competition clearly predominates between the American and European subcivilizations of the West and between both of them and Japan. On the Eurasian continent, however, the proliferation of ethnic conflict, epitomized at the extreme in 'ethnic cleansing,' has not been totally random. It has been most frequent and most violent between groups belonging to different civilizations. In Eurasia the great historic fault lines between civilizations are once more aflame. This is particularly true along the boundaries of the crescent-shaped Islamic bloc of nations from the bulge of Africa to central Asia. Violence also occurs between Muslims, on the one hand, and Orthodox Serbs in the Balkans, Jews in Israel, Hindus in India, Buddhists in Burma and Catholics in the Philippines. Islam has bloody borders."

AndyS said...

What is the percentage of Muslims in Russia? Especially with the falling population, I wouldn't be surprised if they have as big an Islamic population (percent wise) as India

AndyS said...

According to the link - 15% of Russians are Muslims !!!!