Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dhimmied Down Again

Dhimmification continues.

In a review from Newsweek you can find the latest on offer: a sitcom — actually, they term it a “drama” — on HBO about polygamy. Don’t ask why, maybe they just figured it might draw an audience.

Essentially, the plot revolves around a shopkeeper in Utah who has three wives and pops a lot of Viagra. Maybe it’s just an extended Viagra commercial? As one actress who plays a part in his harem puts it:
    "In my career, I've pretty much seen it all, but I can honestly say I've never seen anything on a polygamous family," says Tripplehorn. Though she was intrigued by the concept, Tripplehorn wasn't sure she could handle it. "I had a hard time finding a connection as to why a woman would share her husband. I didn't think I was up to the task. I didn't think I could make it real."
Nothing like having integrity in your work life, lady.

Of course, the moral imbeciles producers of the show are quick to explain away any ambiguity:
     Despite the title and the Viagra, "Big Love" is only peripherally about sex. The Henricksons are devoutly religious and wholesome (they are not Mormons, but an unspecified offshoot). Most of the action focuses on how Bill, who owns home-improvement stores in Utah, handles the mundane aspects of his overpopulated life. How does he keep three women emotionally, as well as physically, satisfied? How does he juggle the demands of work and home? And how do the wives deal with all the competition? Suffice it to say these are three very desperate housewives. "It's everything that every family faces, just times three," says co-creator Mark Olsen. "The yuck factor disappears and you just see human faces. We found it to be a mother lode."
This may be the mother of all mother lodes. Can you say “crock”, Mr. Olsen?

I love this…stuff. It reminds me why we got rid of our television. No doubt those who still own these propaganda outlets will soon be treated to a Palestinian version of “The Brady Bunch.”

I can’t wait not to see it.

Hat Tip: Commenter Rebecca JW on Jihad Watch

UPDATE: They don't mention any children in this show. How can a man have three such worldly delights and not be producing scores of descendants? Not a one of 'em looks pregnant.


Papa Ray said...

Its easy, condoms by the case.

Papa Ray

X said...

Perhaps he's signed up to the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement and got the snip.

Children seem to be something almost hated by left-wingers and media luvvies...

jeet said...

Surely you're not implying that the Mormons are out to undermine American society, are you?

Dymphna said...

Papa Ray-- so that's where you do your shopping, huh? Busy man.

Archonix-- I agree with your sentence about left-wingers, et al, but I'd remove the word "almost" to make it more accurate.


I'll presume you're being arch. You know the movies and TV...introduce these ideas with dhimmis, not with real life cases. Thus when airplanes are hi-jacked the bad guy is a WASP. But of course...

Pastorius said...
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Pastorius said...

Jeet is not being arch. He came on my site and made a similarly blind comment. That's his disgusting brand of sarcasm, but it's pseudo-sharp wit is based on willful ignorance.

I've got a new name for you, Jeet. How about Mr. Magoo.