Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The BIG Story of 2005

Via Little Green Footballs:

Austin Bay is taking comments on your suggestions for the biggest story of the past year.

So far, it's everything from Katrina to Benedict XVI, with a few suggesting the Middle East changes. I agree, those are some big sea-changes all right. Sea changes in a desert? Hmmm. Need new metaphor.

My favorite comment (so far) was this:

     I’d say the undeclared war on President Bush being conducted by elements in the CIA, the MSM, the Democrats, and the Washington establishment is the big story of 2005.
Yes. As in history repeats itself, Mr. Lincoln.

I suggest you take a gander at what others have to say and perhaps opine there your own self.


Sissy Willis said...

I had a kinda clever suggestion but couldn't get my comment to publish at Austin Bay. No email address there either. Sigh.

Sissy Willis said...

Egad. I just read his admonition to be patient. Blush. Am now posting about it to calm myself down. :)

Dymphna said...


I've done similar things. Like stupidly posting twice on LGF...Mr Johnson does not take kindly to people who hit the "post" button twice.

"Blush" doesn't even begin to describe it. More like a "hide under the table" moment.