Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Bush Doctrine at Work

Well. What have we here?
     Saudi women will be able to fully participate in an election for the first time in this ultraconservative Islamic kingdom, after the government ordered a local chamber of commerce to allow female voters and candidates.
No matter how you cut it — and you can be guaranteed this will not get anywhere near the attention Cindy Sheehan has, even though it is historic and maybe even earth-shattering — the rocks George Bush threw into the slime hole that is the Middle East continue to make their ripples.

Look at that quote. Women are not only voting, they’re being permitted to run for office. Unlike the previous municipal elections, where women were permitted to submit their votes through a male guardian, this will be a real step. A baby step, but a true beginning.

Will they have to campaign while wearing the portable telephone booths they are required to don when going out in public? Perhaps. But that’s beside the historic point: women are going to vote in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

While the troops roll on in Iraq, while women hold elective office in Afghanistan, and now, while the Saudi women turn out for the vote for the Chamber of Commerce elections in November, the turbulence in the pool continues. For a desert country these Saudi princes are learning to roll with the waves President Bush has created.

Read it and weep, Osama. Maybe even your momma will be voting someday, eh? Meanwhile, keep sending those cards and letters and videos, boy.

Hat tip: Captain's Quarters.


airforcewife said...

Now this is not to degrade your forum - I love the learning I get from reading what you post...

But women are allowed to vote and run for office in Saudi Arabia and I have to learn about it ON A BLOG???????

Which, of course, means that less than 5% Americans will hear it.

I have never before reached the nearly expoloding head phenomena I've heard so much about... Never.

al fin said...

Get used to it, afw. The mainstream media is at war with the Bush administration, and will conceal any news that might help Bush.

To other side of the coin is that anthing that reflects badly on Bush will get nonstop coverage for weeks. Get used to it.

Papa Ray said...

While looking for info on the Saudi elections...I ran across this interesting parody?.

These guys must be transplanted democracks.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Papa Ray said...

Actually I'm not sure what the guy is...that wrote this.

here is his website.

Papa Ray