Thursday, May 05, 2005

Trunk vs. Tail

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK) reposted a list of prominent Jews in the media made by Jeffrey Blankfort and posted on the website, including with it the following commentary:
    If Jewish groups can help their community to do so well in the Media, why can the muppets who run our Mosques not establish a simple program that a monkey could organise to teach Muslims simply how to get jobs in the Media are our Mosque Leaders losers or what, or is asking why Mosque Leaders dont have a brain a stupid question ?
These comments are followed by a list of prominent media people, including such familiar names as Wolf Blitzer, Larry King, Michael Savage, Dennis Prager, and Michael Ledeen.

This brought to mind part of an earlier Gates of Vienna post:
    Is the rich and fertile culture of "The West" even conceivable without the Jews? In every enterprise open to them Jews excel. They are over-represented in the highest reaches of the arts and sciences, and in the academy; despite historical obstacles and discrimination, they are to be found among the greatest mathematicians and physicists, composers and musicians, historians and novelists. Examine the masthead of a magazine, the credits for a movie, or the members of a university faculty, to see the contributions of the Jews.
Interesting: Muslims observing the same data came to a slightly different conclusion. What do you suppose the "simple program" was that the Jews organized in order to insinuate themselves into the loftiest eyries of Western culture? Was it the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Or the Ten Commandments? Or a culturally-based striving for excellence in all intellectual endeavors?

In any case, MPACUK seems to have its arm up to the elbow in the tail region of the elephant, while here we are poking with our red-tipped cane at the tusks and trunk.

Hat tip: Andrew Apostolou


peggy38 said...

It also helps that the Jews are a culture based on Biblical values which are as distinct from islamic values as one book is from another and one person is from another.

While all books have something "bookish" in common, they do not all say the same things. If they do agree on an issue, one might contain an idea that the other doesn't have or else it will present the common idea in a much more eloquent and inspiring form. In the same way, not all people possess the same intelligence or the same giftedness.

Because the Jews drawn their inspiration and morals from the text of the Bible, their moral and logical arguments and their success will always surpass any equal number of muslims attempting to gain the same influence. Jewish contributions will simply win out through sheer attractiveness and logic. Thats why they have the influence they have now. That is why they lead with us Christians as our partners in this modern western enterprise and no amount of muslim striving will ever achieve the same except through bullying and force and supression of ideas just like islam has always suceeded in the past.