Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fake But Deadly

Newsday reports:
    A Bronx man has been charged with possessing an illegal cache of about 1,000 counterfeit law enforcement badges, authorities said Tuesday.
ICE agents arrested [Sergio] Khorosh on Monday at his home after he accepted delivery of about 100 fake U.S. Marshals Service shields. The delivery was being monitored by the agents, who had first intercepted the badges last month in a shipment from Taiwan to San Francisco.
During a search of Khorosh's home, agents discovered about 1,000 more badges, some resembling those of the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and New York Police Department, court papers said.
Ficke said the badges were in good condition, made of the same materials as authentic badges, even with some of the same markings on the back.
"It's the first time we've seen something this legitimate," said Ficke. "These are very, very good. Counterfeits that look as good as the real thing."
This is where the real GWOT action is -- not at the airport, where the TSA is spending 18 gajillion dollars of your tax money to search your grandma for icepicks. Thank God for an alert Customs official.

Guys holding these IDs would breeze right through airport security. How many more of these are in circulation right now?