Tuesday, May 24, 2005

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

It looks like Coke and Pepsi have a rival.

Mecca Cola hopes to cash in on the anti-American sentiment in the Middle East. Tawfik Mathlouthi is the French entrepreneur behind the push to make Mecca number one (Hat tip: Gavriel).
    He hopes to make Mecca Cola the soft drink of choice for Muslims everywhere and thus push out that icon of American capitalism Coca-Cola.
It is all about combating “America’s imperialism and Zionism by providing a substitute for American goods and increasing the blockade of countries boycotting American goods,” Mr Mathlouthi told BBC News Online.
There is a “blockade of countries boycotting American goods”?? Hmm…so that’s why we’re having this nation-wide economic slump. At least now we know why.

It is to be hoped that there are not imitators on the horizon. “Papal Fizz” perhaps, or “Episcopalian Elixir,” or “Saracenparilla”. Caffeine-free “Mormon Mojo”, maybe… the mind boggles.


StoutFellow said...

A couple of points. First, it's obviously a Coca Cola copy. Sounds like Coca Cola, same color scheme as Coca Cola. Only difference is you're "stupid" if you drink Coca Cola.

Demand for bottles of Mecca Cola - which bear the slogan "No more drinking stupid, drink with commitment" - is already soaring.

One wonders why not call it "Dhimmi Cola", at least in the European market? I guess it's because its initial target market is Muslim Europeans.

"Launched in France just two months ago, the drink is now being exported to Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

Next week the Scandinavian countries Sweden and Denmark will join the club, Mr Mathlouthi said
And in one month's time the drink will go on sale in the Middle East for the first time. .

This is some fairly dramatic evidence confirming the work of Bat Ye'or. Soon Muslim Coke will be available all throughout the Eurabian Axis, with 10% of profits going to the Palestinians and 10% to European NGOs (that support 'worthy' causes). Stupid, indeed, to drink the Cola of the Great Satan, when you can drink Islamic bubbly and support both the Intifada and the Islamization of Europe at the same time.

Halfwit Joe said...

It certainly brings new meaning to the phrase "cola wars."

Dymphna said...

Byron --

"New meaning" is right: as Stoutfellow says above, the 'war' is not really about cola it's about dhimmitude.

ronin1516 said...

Dymphna - if you find out who produces "Mormon Mojo", please do let me know!!!! I am a Mormon, who still misses a good espresso-based drink!!!!!

Michael said...

I tell you what, Pepsi definately won the cola wars here. You rarely see Coca-Cola on the streets here. Rather than one large distributor, you see many smaller distributors around the city. You drive past small warehouses stacked to the roof with blue Pepsi cans. Haven't seen the Mecca Cola around yet. If and when I do, I will get a photo of it for you.

Dymphna said...


Mormon Mojo would obviously start with roobios tea. No caffeine, of course. Maybe add some tropical fruit concentrates. It could be a real Salt Lake City hit...

Dymphna said...

Ma Deuce Gunner--

Thanks for the info. It's seems Pepsi is the fave of the terrorists. The Egyptian report is real alarmist. Has the rumor spread to Iraq yet or do they just ignore the E. press?

Mecca Cola --dhimmi cola -- is being marketed first in Europe to teh Muslims there. Might be awhile before you see it.

BTW, was reading Michael Yon's blog recently. He said people ask to send CARE packaages to soldiers but that he didn't think they needed much. Then later he mentions some kind of glasses with lights that enhance night vision and make finding ammo easier in battle conditions.

Are there things the average soldier could use which are slow in forthcoming?