Sunday, November 07, 2010

Straight Talk From a Berlin Cop

Thilo Sarrazin, the German Social Democrat and former board member of the Bundesbank, caused quite a stir a couple of months ago by publishing a book that criticized Multiculturalism and mass immigration. Mr. Sarrazin is concerned that the continued mass immigration of Muslims into Germany will mean the destruction of German culture and traditions.

Mr. Sarrazin has now been repudiated and shunned by the oligarchs who manage the German state. However, his book is so popular that political leaders are twisting themselves into pretzels to try to tap into widespread anti-immigrant sentiment without abandoning multicultural orthodoxy.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is one of those who are trying to have it both ways: she spoke out against Multiculturalism, and then later affirmed the value of Islam in Germany. The latest step in her Sarrazin-induced dance was a recent summit on “integration”.

Many thanks to JLH for translating the following account from Politically Incorrect:

Integration Summit: Policeman Does Sarrazin

Since Thilo Sarrazin was not invited to the fourth integration summit, a Berlin police officer had to leap into the breach to represent the people’s voice. 47-year old Chief Inspector Christian Horn did that, apparently so convincingly that, after three hours of discussion, Chancellor Merkel singled him out by name from 120 participants from politics, science, public life, and immigration organizations.

BILD reports:


In the process, Horn had talked about his job — as temporary leader of the work group on integration and immigration in Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

The policeman reported calmly to the circa 120 summit guests — among others. Interior Minister Thomas de Mazière, Family Minister Ursula von der Leven (both CDU), NRW-Chief Hannelore Kraft (SPD), DGB-Chief Michael Sommer — talking in plain language about his experience.

  • Straight talk on violence: “Many children with a Turkish or Arabic immigration background grow up experiencing violence, especially in their own families. It is not surprising that many of them regard violence as a completely legitimate means of communication. … Physical violence all the way to severe or dangerous injury — to say nothing of verbal or psychic violence — is not unusual.”
  • Straight talk on criminality: “Extortion and coercion in the school are just about the order of the day: we have even learned of cases of out-and-out enslavement of fellow students. This violence is directed against fellow students and occasionally against teachers.” The chief inspector described an experience at an elementary school in Kreuzberg: two children from Arabic extended families beat a Turkish-German fellow student so severely that he had life-long hearing impairment.

    Later, through the combined persuasion of police and an immigrant group, the fathers of the two perpetrators are convinced to attend a school conference scheduled by several parties. When they see that most of the people in the room are women (school heads, teachers, policewomen) they are prepared to leave immediately — they see only “women.” [Instead of Frauen, the more perjorative Weiber in used. English has no equivalent word.] They do not leave only because the policeman present requests that they “stay if you please.” They accept only with ill will the school’s agreed upon measures.
  • Straight talk about downplaying: Incidents of violence were often downplayed in the family, or not dealt with. “In one case we know of, the parents’ dealing with the problem consisted of the child getting a beating.”
  • Straight talk about women: Muslim students and their parents are deficient in recognizing the authority of female teaching personnel.
  • Straight talk about hostility to Germans and about anti-Semitism: There are incidents of racism weekly, sometimes daily, especially among Arabic children. “Beginning with ‘Germanophobia.’ which we find in several schools, the spectrum runs to even more frequent anti-Semitic comments by Muslim students. Often openly during class.” The state of Israel’s right to exist is denied.

  • Straight talk about Islam: “Islam is called upon as a justification or even a reason for anti-Semitism, violence or vilification against perceived infidels or such persons who according to the particular interpretation, are not good Muslims.” These students must be made to understand “that they have, to say the least, misunderstood, or completely failed to understand Islam.”
  • Straight talk about youth employment: Communication and networking of all participating parties is essential “without vanity and thought of competition,” Horn said. Many youths “drift off into criminal milieus, others are taken in by the broadly laid-out youth work of mosque organizations, which are to be viewed with skepticism.” Schools are the only chance to advance integration.

Chief Inspector Horn spoke for a good ten minutes — and was much applauded. Chancellor Merkel praised him: “What Mr. Horn has told us is the real-life environment of many people. We must not distance ourselves from it. We must take ownership of these subjects, so that they are not appropriated by pied pipers.”

Whom do you suppose she meant by that?


TPM said...

Please watch this video on Russia Today with activist for increased immigration to Europe, Anetta Kahane.

Zenster said...

Mr. Sarrazin is concerned that the continued mass immigration of Muslims into Germany will mean the destruction of German culture and traditions.

Concerned? How about:

Continued mass immigration of Muslims into Germany will mean the destruction of German culture and traditions.

There, fixed that.

Has there ever been even one single country in all history that managed to retain its original culture while peaceably resolving a large scale influx of Muslim immigrants?


India and Spain most certainly did not.

Richard said...

I can understand their worry's, the multicultural ideas that were pushed by the left has a strong grip on minds of most people in the West. Europe and America are starting to wake up but it will take time, time that hopefully we will have before the major fighting starts.

Zenster said...

… the spectrum runs to even more frequent anti-Semitic comments by Muslim students. Often openly during class.” The state of Israel’s right to exist is denied.

Erm … isn't Holocaust denial an actionable violation of German law? Shouldn't there be some bulk prosecution of Muslim deniers based upon these grounds?

After all, I seem to recall that Hitler's genocide of the Jews didn't quite make it into the Qur'an by well over a millennia or more. Therefore, it's not as if Holocaust denial is religiously protected "free speech" for Muslims, no matter how much they think it is. At least, not if the foregoing German legal code pertains.

EscapeVelocity said...

These students must be made to understand “that they have, to say the least, misunderstood, or completely failed to understand Islam.”

Wrong again. Anybody with a modicum of reading comprehension, understand Islam, you dont have to be a linguist or literary expert to read the plain worded exultations to murder and subjugation, imperialism, colonialism, agressive violence.

Good Lord!

magnus said...

Is a "soft way" to respond these violent Muslims -- instead of the "leave your religion!"-way, which might be better, I don't know, I'm asking :) -- to refer to Jesus on the topics?
If so, can it be okay to invite them to Christianity too?

sulber nick said...

Zenster makes an interesting point viz - since Holocaust denial is illegal in Germany why aren't Muslim Holocaust deniers prosecuted? Maybe the German authorities are frightened that it could bring down the multiracial/multifaith/multilegality/multicultural house of cards.

Nick said...

Excellent point there! Isn't it about time we turned the tables round and sued one of these Islamic bampots for what, in Germany, is an offence? (Although I note that denying Israel's right to exist is not the same as denying that the Holocaust took place.)

If we can establish a judicial precedent and make it known that a Muslim person is not exempt from the law of whatever land they have chosen to live in, and get just one case pushed through the courts, that could be a very significant event indeed.

Nick said...

And what's this nonsense about 'taking ownership of these subjects'? It's people like her 'taking ownership' of these subjects - i.e. denying the truth - that's led to this sorry state of affairs.

It's time to allow these subjects to stand by themselves, for objective truth to stand untouched, and beyond anyone's 'ownership'. The truth just is. If it's time for anything, it's time for a return to rational thinking. By our politicians, and by all of us. (Which means that politicians throughout Europe must stop persecuting people for speaking the truth.)

BRDrefugee said...

Regarding Zenster:

That´s an excellent example how the contemporary legal system works in (BRD/FRG)Germany. Good that this is brought up here.

If an ethnical German would say things like that he/she would find himself sued very fast. I am not joking.

The muslim immigrants receive a "bonus" in these cases because of being a "valuable enrichment".
(Even in cases of murder, in the US for instance unthinkable)

So, the legal system here is simply a joke.

What could help is, if you from outside would make this more public ,that this situation is scandalous. This would bring our "government" into an embarrassing position.

It´s just an idea. This would help us here with that.

sheik yer'mami said...

The good policeman assumes that Islam does not teach what it does and that Muslim terror comes from misunderstanding the peaceful religion.

If that was understood, the battle would be as good as won.

Meanwhile, Wilders accuses Merkel of copying him (a hard act to follow)

Sean O'Brian said...

In 1978, when Margaret Thatcher remarked that British people felt "rather swamped by people of a different culture" she picked up so much extra support that other Tory MPs called her "Thatcher the Vote-Snatcher". Of course she didn't do much of anything to stop or reverse Third World immigration into Britain, so I'd say Merkel is acting in a venerable tradition of conservative doubletalk.