Tuesday, January 31, 2006

À La Recherche du Temps Trouvé

But I tell you, Monsieur, zees ees zee real Tour Eiffel!My heart was gladdened tonight when I discovered this French AOL search site. Yes, that’s right — the French are using America Online.

How can they stand it? Quelle indignité!

Actually, you’ll notice that l’Amerique does not appear on the page, just the abbreviation AOL. A few English words creep in here and there — the dreadful but unavoidable “shopping”, for instance — but, at a glance, you wouldn’t notice that the page had been contaminated by Anglo-Saxon culture.

So, by all means, recherchez jusqu’à ce que les vaches viennent à la maison!


a4g said...

It's all in the marketing.

Avance! Objet: L'arrière.

Dymphna said...

Nah...some of it's genetic. But if you live in America long enough, it kind of wears down the chromosomes a little....