Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hidden Assets

Newly rich?According to Fox News,
     On Friday, Iran’s Students News Agency reported Friday that Central Bank governor Ebrahim Sheibani said Iran had begun moving its foreign currency reserves from European banks and transferring them to an undisclosed location as protection against possible U.N. sanctions.
Does this mean that Dick Cheney is sitting on a pile of money?


Jeff said...

Iran seems to be preparing for something. Does the West recognize the signs, and are we prepared to act, sooner rather than later?

Van Helsing said...

It means that we're all sitting on a pile of trouble. You get the impression that Iran isn't just preparing to build nukes — it's preparing to use them.

Mussolini said...

Iran is throttled at the top by Islam. Islam demands jihad against the unbeleivers in the "Lands of War." Iranian leaders believe they are blessed by Allah to succeed.

For Iran to give up trying to destroy all the non-Islamic peoples, they would have to believe they are unworthy to enter paradise.

They want to go to paradise. Nothing will stop them but death - whether they blow themselves up killing infidels, or we kill them with bullets.

Islam is a political murder-cult. Until we treat them like we did the nazis and destroy their sick "religion," we will not win this war.