Thursday, July 07, 2005

You, Too, Can Be Certified!

Blogging is so 2004! Everybody who is anybody has an Online Magazine, right?

Certified Online Magazine
You can have one, too -- steal this certificate for your blog!


Anonymous said...

Even we have succumbed to intellectual inflation! Same stuff, fancier name. At least, unlike our school system which uses the same name for less stuff, we do maintain the standards.

American Daughter said...

It is a lovely graphic. Did you make it yourself? Are you keeping track of the weblogs that are using it? Have you considered forming an alliance?

Baron Bodissey said...

Yes, I designed it myself, and thank you.

No, I haven't tracked it. It might be pretty hard to do, since the image is not on a blog site, and besides, people can just copy it.

In fact everyone should do just that -- copy it to your blog, and then you're just as qualified as we are!