Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Trotsky’s Ice Axe

The late Lev BronsteinAccording to a recent CNN story, the ice axe used to murder Leon Trotsky has resurfaced.

This was an interesting coincidence for me: a few days previously I had been discussing the very same topic with my good friend Wally Ballou. Whenever you read about the weapon, it is generally described as an “ice pick”, just as in the CNN story. As you can see from the photo below, it is indeed an ice axe. Wally is of the opinion that ice picks should be called “ice awls”, since that is what they resemble, and then ice axes could be renamed “ice picks”, since they certainly look like picks.

In any event, the ice axe turned up in the possession of the daughter of the late commander of the secret police, who had been in charge of a criminology museum where the pick was on display, and later removed it “for safekeeping”. The woman evidently wants to shop it around to the highest bidder, and Trotsky’s grandson is outraged.

CNN reports:
    The murder weaponThe revelation comes just weeks before the 65th anniversary of Trotsky’s assassination on August 20, 1940.

But tests that could prove the weapon’s authenticity have been delayed by a dispute between the ice pick’s owner, who is shopping it around, and Trotsky’s descendants, who want it donated to a revolutionary museum -- proving that the struggle between socialist ideals and capitalism is continuing. [emphasis added]

What caught my eye is the contention that “the struggle between socialist ideals and capitalism is continuing.” In whose opinion? CNN’s? Or that of Trotsky’s outraged grandson? And notice that only socialism has “ideals” — capitalism, of course, is not capable of such things.

Well, business as usual in the MSM.

“Trotsky” was a nomme de guerre; his birth name was Lev Bronstein. Like so many of the Old Bolsheviks, he was Jewish, a fact which was used by Hitler to characterize Communism as an “international Jewish conspiracy”. Strangely enough, Stalin did the same thing, and found himself having to purge all those dangerous Semitic conspirators from his inner circle.

And, of course, the Jews are still internationally conspiring. Even today their secret cabal controls the foreign policy of the Western Allies, and persuades young Muslims to blow up women and babies so as to discredit Islam. Clever fellows, those Jews.

It’s a strange world.


Wally Ballou said...
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Wally Ballou said...

The lady may indeed be motivated by "greed" (and what's wrong with that?), but in the article she is quoted as saying:

"Sometimes people don't value things that are given away"

Which may indicate that she knows more that is true about economics than any socialist does.

airforcewife said...

Why does the Trotsky progeny believe that he should be given anything? He admitted he lives in a market economy, he can find some rich Sorosian to fund his acquisition of the macabre. I'm sure there are a few who would help him out.

Sheesh, man, WORK for something.

AbbaGav said...

I'm having a hard time bringing myself to say this, but I think its possible (just maybe) that CNN was being a little humorous with the Socialism vs. Capitalism bit. I can't tell for sure. I figure, it's so silly, it's got to be a joke, no way a responsible, informed outlet like CNN would think its still an ongoing battle (anywhere but North Korea or Cuba). What's next, a debate between Flat Earthers and an astronaut on cross fire? A steel cage grudge match between an angry neanderthal and the arrogant cranium-men who replaced them? No, they've got to be joking.

You're right about Socialism being the only one with ideals though. Capitalism doesn't have any, unless unlimited greed and a desire to grind the poor under your boot are considered ideals.

Baron Bodissey said...

Yeah, that's why I went into business for myself. I thought, "How can I most effectively act on my greed and grind the poor under my boot? I know! I'll start a business! Supporting my family and selling a product people want come second -- first things first..."

Steve Bodio said...

You have got to admit it's hilarious though-- the descendants of a communist founder and a thief- cum- secret policeman squabbling over something that neither should have any claim to "own".

Baron Bodissey said...

Maybe the old axiom, "From each according to his ability; to each according to his need" ought to apply here. She has the ability; he has the need. So -- she should just give it to him. Hmm...