Sunday, July 17, 2005

Is Britain Too Decadent to Survive?

Jihad Watch has a link to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.The dateline is Leeds, England.
     Theodore Dalrymple"We can proclaim peace as tolerance all we want," said Mohammad Khan, a Pakistani-born shopkeeper who attended midday prayers at the mosque after walking around police barricades throughout the neighborhood of red-brick row houses in the Beeston section of Leeds.

"But we are fighting something so big. Our young people always hear these calls of martyrdom and jihad in the name of religion. Some follow it, and I'm afraid more will, too," he said.
"I think there was something we could have done to stop them. But what? How do you fight an enemy you can't see; an enemy that resides in people's souls?"
Well now. How hard can that be? This is not an invisible enemy, this is an education system that permits families to pressure children into wearing hijab to school. This is a culture that, in the name of free speech, allows seditious speeches by radical imams. This is old Nanny Britain, standing around wringing her hands and asking people to play nice. The same old Nanny that permits traitors to live on the dole while they cry for jihad in Britain… oops, sorry: not traitors because these people refuse to apply for citizenship in what they term “Hell.” Charles Krauthammer reveals the problem:
     British Islamists had spoken of a "covenant of security" under which Britain would be spared Islamic terror so long as it allowed radical clerics free rein. Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammed, for example, a Syrian-born, exiled Saudi cleric granted asylum 19 years ago, openly preaches jihad against Britain. He is sought by the press for comment all the time. And, a lovely touch, he actually lives on the British dole — even though he rejects the idea of British citizenship, saying, "I don't want to become a citizen of hell."
So, Nanny, why are you handing out money to people inside your kingdom who are trying to destroy your kingdom? Is it intellectual dementia? A failure of nerve? Are the old Communists/socialists still pulling the strings? Just because the Soviet Union fell apart doesn’t mean that all the spores she released fell with her. A lot of them are alive and well in London.
     It is in places like this that "the real war on terrorism will be won or lost," said Nadim Shehadi, an Islamic affairs specialist at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London.
"London is the real capital of the Islamic world," Shehadi said. "It's from here where ideas spread. If you can rob terrorism of its intellectual strength in Britain the impact of this will be felt all the way around the world from Chechnya to Uzbekistan, Iraq, Syria and everywhere."
If that is so, if London is where the action is, then it behooves us to speak to London about its long, long history of playing footsie with the Arabs, permitting them to come play in England, drop their petro dollars into English banks, drop their Wahhabi poison into the public square, and keep the peace at home by sending their troublemakers abroad to live in London, Leeds, and Lancashire.
     British authorities have squarely placed responsibility on moderate Muslim leaders to join forces or risk being left irrelevant as officials move toward tougher measures against those preaching anti-Western venom or groups seeking holy war combatants for places such as Kashmir.
If the the “British authorities” are going to “squarely place responsibility” anywhere, it certainly shouldn’t be on “moderate Muslim leaders.” To even attempt to do so proves that the authorities are either fools or quislings. No other European nation allows the kinds of “free speech” that Britain does; it may be that no other nation at all has the level of suicidal inclination that Britain is manifesting in its failure to rein in the terrorists in her bosom.

To see how it ought to be done, dear Queen Elizabeth, please speak to Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Or buy the book.
     Denmark's Queen Margrethe II warned against the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Denmark and the world in a new book out on Thursday, saying people must on occasion "show their opposition to Islam".
"It is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long because we are tolerant and very lazy."
Charles Krauthammer put it best:
     Decadence is defined not by a civilization's art or music, but ultimately by its willingness to simply defend itself.
From your pen to the citizens of Britain, Dr. Krauthammer. Quit fiddling around over there. London is burning. It's not the job of moderate Muslims to extinguish the fire; it's their job simply to get out of the way while "the authorities" begin acting as if they had sufficient testosterone to take the hose in hand and start spraying down the conflagration.

Enough with the Nero imitations.


ShrinkWrapped said...

Multi-culturism and Political Correctness prevents any acknowledgement that our culture has anything to offer the world. All social arrangements are not only valid but exactly equivalent in moral value. Further, the only positive value offered by our culture is the culture of material acquisitiveness (after all, secularism demands not only that G-d be removed from the public sphere, but be affirmatively denied and denigrated, as well.) Once this is inculcated in the young, they are left with a spiritual hole in their souls (a word that is meaningless to the left). If this is true, why would anyone risk their life to defend such an empty society?

Akaky said...

And then, of course, there's Robert Frost's definition of a liberal: a man too broadminded to take his own side in a fight. The real problem with the Nanny State is that unlike most real nannies it will not put its foot down when the nonsense has reached the danger level.

Dymphna said...

Yes. And real nannies don't let their charges out of the nursery until they have some veneer of civility and good manners.

The govt nanny in Britain doesn't require even a modicum of gratitude for its largesse.

Annoy Mouse said...

ACLU and The pledge of allegiance
Here in the United States, we are losing the same battle. If we can not expect allegiance from our immigrants, we can expect instead Jihad.

“The Pledge of Allegiance is doing irreparable harm to the minds and hearts of America’s schoolchildren. So alleges an ACLU lawsuit against the State of Colorado for its new law requiring the daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools.

This time, it isn’t just about “One Nation Under God.” Now, the American Civil Liberties Union wants to get rid of the whole pledge. On August 12, the ACLU filed suit in federal district court on behalf of “students and teachers throughout the state” who seem to be offended by the notion of the republic for which the flag stands, unity, liberty, and justice for all.”

lifeasweknowit said...

annoy mouse is sooooo right... I see the US slowly changing to the euro way. pc/multiculturalism/DI-versity limits what opinions we can express without being labeled (racist/homophobic/culturalphobic). young people don't seem to understand what is going on... it's sad and frustrating.