Sunday, January 15, 2006

Seven By Seven Meme, A Tad Late

Dave at The Glittering Eye tagged me with this one eons ago…I wrote it out almost immediately and with great enthusiasm...and then my ADDled brain did something with it. I only unearthed today because I looking for the Boy’s tuition bill -- the latter still remains among the missing but I did find my 7x7 meme.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die

Take the train across Canada, going East to West.
Finish, finally finish landscaping our yard.
Learn to shoot well. Preferably a shot gun.
Raise chickens. The shot gun will be for mean, rampaging roosters.
Raise old fashioned, fragrant and many-blossomed sweet pea vines.
Go to Iceland with the Baron.

Seven Things I Cannot Do

Read one book at a time.
Give up trying to beat entropy.
Forgive God for any number of things, including entropy.
Stop talking to Him for more than ten minutes.
Get up early enough.
Imitate voices or accents.
Follow directions exactly(see the section on books).

Seven Things That Attract Me to...Cooking

It’s effortless (after all these years).
Knowing the rudiments of food’s chemistry allows me to experiment.
I can eat my mistakes. Not the same as eating crow at all.
My food makes the Baron sure to come home on time.
Cooking is an escape with no side effects.
I don't have to dust or otherwise take care of it.
The final product is often aesthetically pleasing.

Seven Things I Say

I’m not surprised.
Now, what did I come in here for?
Yeah, I remember that…vaguely.
Look at it this way…
I was not interrupting. Besides, you do it, too.
What I meant was…
Sorry I’m late but let me tell you what happened…as in, Sorry I’m late with this meme, but let me tell you what happened

Seven Books Authors That I Love

(Can’t do just one book; I tend to read all of an author I like)
Jane Austen
Anne Tyler
Ferroll Sams
Gabriel Marcel
British detective novels
British & American object relations theorists (especially W. Bion & M. Eigen)
Thomas Sowell or Wm Shakespeare, depending on my mood.

Seven Movies That I’ve Loved (at different times)

Sentimental Journey
Anything Ozu directed.
Robert Duvall: acting or directing
Jill and Karen Sprecher’s works (Thirteen Conversations is one)
The Christmas Story
Singing In The Rain

Seven People To Tag

Pundita was on my list, but she’s retired for the moment.
So was Princess Nellodee but she’s gone missing.
The Head Girl at The Common Room because she’s young and focused.
Bill Vallicella, Maverick Philosopher; he has a tough, eremitic mind.
Neo-neocon because she’s eclectic.
Shrinkwrapped because he’s got breadth and depth.
Gypsy Scholar, same reason but different areas.
L’Ombre de l’Olivier because he seems mysterious.


Pastorius said...

On a totally different topic, I though you and Baron might be interested in this story which Jason Pappas posted over at IBA:

It's about how a certain Councilman for NYC wants to exempt Muslims from the "no smoking" laws.

Here goes, huh? That's the first step to having Sharia courts, and millets.

Pastorius said...

Once again, completely off topic, but on the same subject as before, Blueslord at IBA has the story of how Polygamy is being proposed in both Canada and Russia.

Please understand that Blueslord is our blogger from Spain, and English is her second language.

El Jefe Maximo said...

I like your 7 x going to do it, as soon as I have some time.

Wally Ballou said...

Iceland? great idea. I just checked and if you go in January/February (today's high 25F and snowy) it's only $300 round trip from DC (no kidding). It goes up to about $1200 in the summer. A little steep. If you look for a cheap fare to London (they're always having those) you can then get a very cheap RT to Rekjavik from there (less than $200 all summer)

Wally the travel agent.

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

I only noticed this the day before yesterday. I have -- in my fashion -- responded.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

She'll have it up momentarily. I pointed it out to her yesterday, but today was a long and busy school day- she left the house at 8 or so and was home at about 7, complaining about homework.=)

dirty dingus said...

My 7x7 is here

If you follow some of the links you may find out more than you wanted but hey that's your problem not mine :)

TheHeadGirl said...

I finally did my part. =)

It is here: