Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Color of Swedish Grass

This morning Dymphna received an email from a young man named Patrick. He had read her posts about the dhimmification of Europe, and needed some advice:
     Hi, I’m applying to study abroad at Lund University in Sweden from June to December of this year. I am currently attending UCLA. After reading about all the troubles with Muslim and other immigrants, I am worried, especially since Lund is right next to Malmo. I used to have the “grass is greener on the other side” (other side being Europe, to which I’ve never been) syndrome. But now I’m thinking that my time in Sweden and the rest of Europe might be ruined. What are your thoughts and advice on this?
Your input appreciated,
I wrote him back and told him that I knew the status of Malmø, but had no information about Lund. So we couldn’t help him directly.

All was not lost, however. Even though the renowned Norwegian blogger Fjordman has quit blogging, he still reads his email. So I forwarded him Patrick’s message along with a brief note, and this evening I got a reply:
     Hello, Baron. Happy New Year :-)
Lund is considered to be one of Scandinavia’s best universities, and is not a bad choice. It is situated a bit outside of Malmø, and shouldn’t be a problem yet. Sweden is a much larger country geographically than, say, Holland, which means you can usually avoid the worst areas. Maybe that won’t be possible a generation from now, but it is still.
I see he is studying at the UCLA. Tell him to think of it as southern California: Some areas are just fine, whereas some parts of Los Angeles, or in this case Malmø, is gang territory. If he’s used to the scene in LA he shouldn’t worry that much about Sweden just yet.
I consulted a couple of other Scandinavian observers about this, and they said the same thing. He should go to Lund, and enjoy his stay in Sweden. But he should also observe how the situation is becoming in parts of Malmø now, and be glad he didn’t ask this question in 2015-2020. I might not have given the same answer then.
I have passed this information on to Patrick, and now he should be able to make an informed decision.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Think about it: this morning a college student in California had concerns about the Great Jihad in Sweden, and contacted us. By this evening he had received an expert opinion from Scandinavian sources. Is this a great blogosphere, or what?

A generation ago, before the internet, it would have been all but impossible to accomplish this. Patrick would have had no recourse but to rely on information passed through the PR offices at the University of Lund or Swedish tourist bureaus and government agencies. Even now, all of them have a compelling interest in downplaying the potential problems he might find living among Muslims in Sweden.

The media would have been useless — for them, the entire issue could only have been viewed through the prism of white racism.

His own university would question his motives for asking. Scared of Muslims, are you? Obviously, you must be a racist! Time to take a diversity sensitivity training course — if you ever want to receive your undergraduate degree, that is…

What’s more, the downside of the Internet Age is that the mujahideen have access to the same communication tools, and many of them appear to be quite skilled at using them. Since they can count on the MSM to cover their back, the scales are tilted against a balanced assessment when questions like Patrick’s arise.

More than anything else, our confrontation with the Great Islamic Jihad is a war of information. We’re going to have to be consistent and persevering if we want to succeed against this foe.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

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Anders said...

What a lot of bullshit. I live in Malmo and know the city much better than any Norwegian blogger. Muslims in Malmo are a threat to nobody. There is a big mosque in Malmo which cooperates very well with Christian congregations as well as with the civilian society. There are some small Muslim groups that stick very much to themselves and are not politically active at all. I have heard of no actions against society from any Muslim group in Malmo and I should know because I work as a journalist and we tend to hear a lot of what is going on. No matter how ismalofobic you are you can feel completely safe in Malmo and Lund. But, as in all cities, you have to be careful in Malmo, not because of it's Muslims but because you might meet someone in the street late at night who will want to have your money or your mobile phone.
Anders in Malmo

Baron Bodissey said...

Anders, thanks for your additional information. I hope Patrick is reading this post so that he can add that to his consideration.

Cobalt Blue said...

It is a great blogosphere--I'm impressed with the results, which include the comment from Anders, of course.

goesh said...

anders reminds me of people in gated communities with high security who see no real crime - a journalist in Sweden, that doesn't rank very high in the old area of expertise on a culture in my book - it smacks more looking for what one wants to find, or looking to make the news and not report it, strictly speaking from a bullshit perspective that is, especially in light of him knowing more about an area than any Norwegian blogger would. Yeah right, ander......

Unknown said...

Anders: I wouldn't flaunt the fact that I am a Swedish journalist if I were you. Sweden is a nightmare of Political Correctness. Malmø is beyond doubt the one city in northern Europe with the highest percentage of Muslim immigrants, and also probably the one with the highest crime rates. Could there be a connection? How come foreign journalists see this when you don't?

Sweden's rising Muslim tide

"I'm afraid the same thing will happen here as in Paris," says Mr. Becirov, a Macedonian immigrant who opened Scandinavia's first mosque in this city in southern Sweden in 1984. Malmo, which has one of the highest percentage of Muslims of any western European city, illustrates the challenges facing a continent whose native population is increasingly wary of a rapidly expanding and often discontented Muslim population.

Another Arson Attack on Malmö Mosque

Another arson attack on the mosque in Malmö, just a month after the previous one. Will we see more retaliatory attacks, as Sweden's third largest city continues its spiral into religious clashes?

Jihad in Swedish Schools

Violence and threats pose such a big problem in high schools in Malmö, that the local school board wants to install surveillance cameras and security guards in the buildings. The city’s education director Matz Nilsson said unruly and aggressive students had become a more common sight in the high schools of Malmö, the home of some of Scandinavia’s biggest and roughest slums.

Anders said...

Some reflections on the answers to my posting.
It is interesting that those who seem to know a lot about the situation in Malmo don't live even close to the city. Have they ever been there? From where do they get their information?
As for Fjordman it seems that you get your information from Swedish newspapers. Like when you quote mr Becirov, head of the biggest Mosque in Malmo, or mr Nilsson, education direktor in Malmo. So how come you quote Swedish newspapers if Swedish journalists are not to be trusted? And what do you mean by "Malmö, the home of some of Scandinavia’s biggest and roughest slums."? Have you been in any of the "slum" areas in Malmo? If you have been in a real "slum" area anywhere in the world you would know that there is no slum in Malmo unless you completely redefine the meaning of the word.
Anders in Malmo

Unknown said...

Anders: Swedish media rarely tell the full story about immigration, but it may be possible to use pieces of information from different articles and put them together. That's what I have done here:

Anders said...

Fjordman, you have a poltical agenda and quote what serves you political purposes. You fail to mention that rapes in Sweden are predominantly committed by nice Swedish men who know their victims, that is, by partners or ex-partners or by male friends. Most rapes are also committed in the perpetrator's or the victim's home.
The number of rapes committed by men who don't know their victims is small relative to the number of rapes where the perpetrator and the victim know each other. The number of rapes committed by Muslim men who don't know their victim is even smaller. And the number of Muslim perpetrators is very small relative to the number of Muslim men as a whole.
Yet you manage to create a picture where lots of Swedish women are raped by lots of Muslim men who rape for religious reasons. That picture simply is false. Swedish journalists know that and I believe that deep in your heart you know that too.

NoDhimmitude said...

ok anders, since you seem to be so conecerned about the comments being made by fellow scandinavians not living in malmoe, allow me to assist then.

I spent my childhood in malmo, and an additional 6 years in my twenties. I moved out of sweden 19th of december 1997, and return 2-3 times every year, my father, 2 brothers and a sister still lives there, and I have almost daily contact with many friends still living there. Does this qualify me for speaking of the situation?

fjordman is 100% correct in his assessments, and if you really are a journalist, then you know this to be true as well. if you have not "no actions against society from any Muslim group", then you sure as hell cant be reading the news a lot either, a bit strange since you calim to be a journalist. sydsvenskan has published numerous articles about bus lines to rosengard, police escort for firefighters and ambulance services, police fearing to leave the police cars unsupervised(!), not to mention the 3 robberies in daylight average per day(!) in triangelen (i lived 5-600m from there by the way). You have obviously also missed the "exodus" of young couples out of the city when they get children..

If you say you feel completly safe in malmo, you must truly live an isolated life, since any evening out walking gagatan, torggatan, not to speak of the streets around mollevangstorget are indeed something that should be done with open eyes. I've never seen, experienced (1st hand..) or heard of more violence, and brutal violence at that, mostly blind violence, then in malmo. Are you trying to tell me you never heard "Ey, killen, vad glor du pa?" ? Have you ever tried walking "alone" in kungsparken in the night? or the paths around hermodsdal, nydala and beyond? try... especially during malmo festivalen? And do you think malmo is spared for swedens 7 rapes a day official reality?

but, just for the heck of it, since malmo is so safe, do you have wife? girlfriend? daughter? children at all? which school do your children go to? rosengard? hermodsdal? oh, let me guess, you live in a very different part of town, yes? or at least, you send your children there.. would you let your daughter walk alone in nydala at night?

Oh, I forgot, you are a journalist, a swedish journalist. That means that for you, 4 somalian rapists are actually just 2 swedish, 1 finnish and 1 african, that you actually and wilfully work to legalize political oppression (sd), behrufsverbot (the teacher who got fired for his membership in a legal political party), and you are a proud member of a country whos press is rated as less theen free by most international press organisations... doesnt that tell you something?

put your moeney where your mouth is, and move to hermodsdal, nydala or rosengard, have children grow up there, then speak to me about these things will you?

oh, and yes, those areas do fit the description of slums if by slum you mean "run down housing projects" (million projektet), "socially disfunctional", ie; high crimerates, high unemployment etc, etc.

NoDhimmitude said...

Just a few more comments and questions to anders that comes to mind:

How do you feel about that in the proud city of malmo, Al-Aqsa, Hamas fundraisers, are legally active? Raising moeny to blow up buses, cafes and kill civilian women and children?

As for your answer to fjordman as to who perpetrates (numerically i assume) most rapes, let me pose the following questions then:
a) is sweden completly different from france, germany, denmark and norway ? because in all these countries, (and if i remember swedish BRAs stats as well), we see the same huuuuuge overrepresentation of "non-western" (and funny thing, something tells me that they were not hindus, sikhs, buddhists..) immigrants in rape, murder assualt, armed robbery ?

b) I understand your wish to portrait ali, mohamed and mustafa as swedish whenever they go about their "business", but dont you think its a stretch to call them (and count them) as swedish just because they were born there, in a discussion regarding immigrant crime?

besides, your answer to fjordman was ad hominem, his political agenda is irrelevant for the facts presented.

Anders said...

The problem is that Fjordman speculates instead of presenting facts. He, and so do you, uses the word Muslim in a very careless way. Malmo is a crime ridden city, I have never denied that, but it remains to prove that the perpetrators are predominantly Muslims. And how do you prove that? The religion of suspects or convicted criminals simply isn't registered.
I have worked as a journalist in Rosengard for two years. I have many friends there. I know that there are a lot of good people living there but also that some bad people. I see people as individuals. I don't give a damn about where they were born or what religion they have as long as they are decent people. And most immigrants that I meet are, also young immigrants. I don't look down on entire groups of people just because there are some rotten apples among them. That goes for Muslims as well as Christians, immigrants as well as native Swedes.

Dymphna said...

How politically correct you are, Anders. Sooo p.c. that it affects your ability to see, to think, and to reach reasonable conclusions. In fact, it prevents you from even hearing and addressing the questions posed to you by a native of Malmo...

...why won't you answer his questions?

In a court of law, the court uses as its standard the ideas of the "reasonable man." Your ideas are neither reasonable in their own right nor factual on the ground. At least that's what No Dhimmitude says, and he lived there and he knows the "no-go" areas that you deny exist.

So how many close Muslim friends do you have? Where exactly do you live? Would you let your daughter go out at night in the areas mentioned by No Dhimmitude? Do you go along on police rides like journalists in this country? How many rape victims have you interviewed? Where do you get your statistics about the victims/rapists since your country won't permit the statistics to be collected based on background?

There are two kinds of people in this world: sheep and sheep dogs. When the going gets rough, I'd prefer to have No Dhimmitude and Fjordman on my side any day --they're sheepdogs. Unfortunately, you sound very much like a sheep.

Takes more than being able to see people as individuals to develop wisdom, Anders. You also have to be able to decipher cultural differences and changes but it sounds like you can't even see these things, much less give them any coherent meaning.

It is journalists such as yourself that led us to believe the 14 women slaughtered in 1989 in Montreal were all killed in cold blood by a regular white Canadian male, Marc Lepine.

Only this psychopath metamorphosed into Gamril Gharbi. He was a Canadian all right: the first generation son of an Algerian Muslim who liked to beat his wife. So his son goes to a school and kills who, precisely? All the women.

What part of reality don't you get, Anders? Are you blind because the truth would be more than you could bear?

Anders said...

I'm really fed up with all those who put labels on people so that they don't have to listen to what they say. I'm politically correct, I'm a sheep, Muslims are rapists, immigrants are criminals and son on. And you are a bunch of elitist racists. So why discuss with no brains?
Dymphna asked:
So how many close Muslim friends do you have?
Answer: I haven't counted them but some of my best friends and one of my colleagues at work are Muslims, they are good people and dislike criminals just as much as I do.

Where exactly do you live?
In a rather mixed area. I will not be more exakt as I don't trust the likes of you. I don't want swasticas painted all over my house or someone to shoot bullets through my window.

Would you let your daughter go out at night in the areas mentioned by No Dhimmitude?

My daughter is a grown up and can take care of herself. It would be wise for her not to go at night in some areas of Malmo, not because there are a lot of Muslims there but because there are a lot of young people moving around at night which makes it risky. The biggest risk is run by other young people though. My son also lives in Malmo, he is a high school teacher and a boxing instructor and meets lot of immigrant kids every day. Some are good, some are bad just like the ethnic Swedish kids.

Do you go along on police rides like journalists in this country?
I don't but colleagues do so I get a lot of stories from them.

How many rape victims have you interviewed?
Just one as I don't cover crime. I have interviewed one Swedish woman who was raped in her home by two nice, clean cut ethnic Swedish men, one of them her own boyfriend.

Where do you get your statistics about the victims/rapists since your country won't permit the statistics to be collected based on background?
dymphna, you are not very well informed. Statistics based on ethnic background exists, but not on religious background. Statistics on ethniv background was recently published and extensively quoted by all Swedish newspapers (the politically correct ones, you know).

Before I leave this racist rathole I have one final question to the so well informed no dhimmitude. I quote his posting:
"who's press is rated as less then free by most international press organisations".
So no dhimmitude, excactly what international press organisations do you refer to? Names, quotes, sources, please.

NoDhimmitude said...

ok anders, it seems you are not only blind, but you are indeed wilfully blind. a tragic state of mind, but your problem, not mine.

just a few notes though:
you said "I'm really fed up with all those who put labels on people so that they don't have to listen to what they say."

and then, in the very same paragraph you manage to say: "And you are a bunch of elitist racists. So why discuss with no brains?"

later you also say "I don't want swasticas painted all over my house or someone to shoot bullets through my window." , a clear case of ad hominem (again), and a very brutal one at that, attributing nazi (funny, coming from a swede) sentiments.

ok, so, you feel attacked, and respond with personal attributions. You do ad hominem argumentation, and a few other fallacies that I'll ignore for now.
- are you sure you are a journalist? I thought you were thought argumentation and rhetorics a bit better then this :)

In one sense though, you are correct, it all boils down to the individual. But, and that is a big but, there are indeed clear, visible and obvious differences here, and when you deny them, and further more belie those that actually DO speak up against these tendencies (that can no longer be simply ascribed to simple statistical errors, social misrepresentation, disenfranchised, or social standing), you are in fact a sad excuse for a journalist, whose task it is to show, put light and INFORM about these things, not belittle, belie and resort to nazi-namecalling.

The funny thing is, you remind me of the norwegian professor who came out public a few days ago with a statement basicly saying "the politicians can no longer deny these things, the reality has caught up". The same thing goes for malmoe, it is clear, visible to the eye for everyone(!) who just takes the time to go there. It is the same, but even more brutal, in norrebro denmark...

Yet you pretend these are individual cases, and this "religion of peace" has nothing to do with it. I can not take you serious, I'm afraid, based on your obvious weakness for name calling, and your manner in which you wilfully avoid "connecting the dots" in what you see, not only in malmo, but in oslo, copenhagen, paris, marseille, berlin, rotterdam, amsterdam, arhus... Funny thing, it happens everywhere where you have large group of ... i guess you would like to call them young, disenfranchised youths...

but then again, what do one expect from a person who lives in a country where wearing a t-shirt with the swedish flag is considered racist ? and obvioulsy thinks us all to be racists and/or nazis...

it's too simple anders, and simply not true. my phonebook, my workplace, my friends will clearly tell you so. but, do i have muslim friends? a few, and they are no more then nominal muslims, apostates by any standard. a genuine muslim would never be accepted by me, since his beliefs of me as infidel, unclean, and subhuman does not really compel sympathy from me...

- I will look up the exact organisation and you ranking (I believe you came in at 11th place) for you, since you, a journalist, seem to be unable, or unaware of this :)

NoDhimmitude said...

ah, yes, i found it:)

please note that while the rest of scandinavia shared the 1st place, sweden ranked as nr 11.

free press huh? oh those pesky norwegian bloggers, what do they know about free press anyway?
in gaming speak, i believe you were just pwnd'ed.

NoDhimmitude said...

a few follow up questions by the way to anders here:

1. True, courts and police do not register religion of criminals and suspects. but does it take that much thoughtprocess for you to see that mustafa, mohamed, ali are most like not: hindus, sikhs, buddhists, christian or jews?

2. Any comments on the new rape figures that just came out? city of stockholm has more rapes then the whole country of denmark ?

3. You did not answer my question earlier regarding "immigrant" overrepresentation in rape statistics ? Why you think they would be different from your neighbouring countries ? Reminds me, did you read about the gang rapes in australia? you are sure of course, that the sentiments expressed by those are not to be found in sweden, yes?

4. have you ever been reading in forums of ? ? please do. might give you a wake up call...
and perhaps show you where the nazi namecalling is better directed for the future...

NoDhimmitude said...

anders: i found som e more strange arguments from you.

In your later posts you say, and I agreed, that the courts and police do not register religion of suspects and defendants.

but, then how can you say:
"The number of rapes committed by Muslim men who don't know their victim is even smaller. And the number of Muslim perpetrators is very small relative to the number of Muslim men as a whole."


you argue against fjordman (and better knowledge I might add), that it is impossible to ascribe number of rapes to muslims, yet you yourself state so easily that there ARE numbers here, and that they, unlike norway, denmark, germany and BRA's statistics are actually LOWER??

please, enlighten me with how this line of argumentation can be factual and even more, coherent?

or do you simply take us all to be fools who accept your authority, and no facts required?

(oh, and please dont forget to answer my previous questions :D)

Anders said...

A bit touchy, eh, mannen? You don't mind labelling me but when I, for the sake of argument, label you you get all worked up.
So one press organisation puts Sweden in 11th place out of 167 nations when it comes to press freedom (before countries like the USA and Canada). And that makes you draw the conclusion "whos press is rated as less then free by most international press organisations". Less then free? Most? Get real.
"a genuine muslim would never be accepted by me, since his beliefs of me as infidel, unclean, and subhuman does not really compel sympathy from me". Do I smell prejudice? Some of my friends are very genuin muslims and they accept me as I am, as a non believer (to me God, Allah, Jehova, Tor and the lot is the same shit).
As for Muslims raping women. Do you know which place i Sweden has the highest rape frequency (per 100000 inhabitants)? The ski resort Åre (according to Brå). I didn't even know that Muhammed and Ali and Hassan liked to ski. Sigtuna, with one of the most posh private schools in Sweden, came in fourth. Malmo was not on the published list.

NoDhimmitude said...

I have not been the one labelling here, I fear, and thankfully I am not touchy, "mannen" (a rather informal, but also disrespectfull way to address an adult I'd say, but hey, its your call) :)

I believe I called you on the subject of you a) complaining about labels, yet subsequently doing the very same thing. That was my point of bringing the subject of labelling to the table.

So, sorry, not worked up here, not even a sweat yet :) You will have to start addressing the questions presented to you first, before there would even be a remote chans of your (deliberate?) circumvention of facts.

I am well aware of the situation of Åre (where, by the way, we have a small apartment..). That again, does not even touch upon my original question regarding rape stats in sweden, something that you, if you have any honesty at all, should admit, at least to yourself.

so, all my questions still remain unanswered by you, I am afraid. Certainly I would expect more from a journalist. You are after all trained to express yourself, trained in argumentation, trained in analysing information, and critical view of sources and biases are you not? Then surely you can do better then this?

Prejudice on my behalf, I fear not. I simply repeat the words of so many imams, mullahs, sheiks and various state appointed muftis around the world, including the scholars from egypts Al-Azhar university (these are authorities few muslims, if any, can dispute).

Or, how do you then account for Saudis big seminar recently, discussing if they shouold find alternatives for how to address "the others" in daily discourse? Etc, etc. but again, in your opinion it is I who am prejudiced.

that the state of swedish press does not worry you, that is truly sad. Considering that there are today so few dissident voices in sweden should cause alarm for all people who do indeed not only profess, but sincerely wish diversity and freedom.

again, I am sorry to see that you are unable-unwilling to answer my questions, but, perhaps you will at least, for your own curiousity, please, do look on the forums I gave you. read, follow. see what is going on around you.

The reality does not change just because you say,m and wish, it so. reality changes only when informed people take actions and choices based on facts.

final note: You have NOT answered even 10% of my questions, and comments. I expected better.

NoDhimmitude said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
NoDhimmitude said...

actually, just to show the obvious here, to those of you who dont read scandinavian newspapers:

check out

who has translated the articles related to the statistics regardin rape in sweden.

some highlights:

It is approximately four times more common that a known offender is born abroad, compared to persons born in Sweden.


resident aliens from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominate the group of suspected men.

please note that these are the official figures from an official report.

I should also mention the latest development on this:

rapes have increased by a total of 30% from 2004 to 2005!!

again, translated to english for all you non scandinavians out there:

these are the facts. And this is what anders here denies, or tries not to address in any meaningful way, by saying it mostly swedes who does this.

Anders said...

My initial posting was ment to make Patrick comfortable when he hopefully comes to Lund to study. Others have done their best to draw a picture of Sweden in general and Malmo in particular as a place where mad Arabs rape Swedish women by the thousands.
So, dear Patrick. If you read this (or if anyone who knows his email adress would please forward this to him):
When you come to the friendly and lovely town of Lund (and I do hope that you will) let me invite you to a guided tour through Malmo. I can offer you this (and I'm completely serious):
A visit to the Mollevang Square area with it's many ethnic restaurants and food stores
A visit to Rosengard center with many ethnic stores
A visit to the Rosengard housing area, the so called slum
A visit at a Muslim family's home to have some Middle East food
A visit to the Rosengard school where all the really bad kids go
A visit to the big mosque to see the imam
A visit to the Rosengard boxing center. If we are lucky we will meet the legendary Senegalese boxing instructor "Dallas".
Does it sound scary? It isn't. I can guarantee you that you will be safe.
You'll get plenty of opportunities the talk to arabs, gypsies, somalis, bosnians, turks and so on. You'll get a chance to ask all sorts of questions, many speak good English.
So what do you say, are you open minded enough to go with me on that guided tour or do you prefer to listen to what others have had to say here?

NoDhimmitude said...

apart from the fact that you *still* have not answered any of my questions, I will say that your last post is indeed a gracious invitation.

Lund is of course a very different place and, for students and academics, a quite nice place. Also, you can take the train into malmo in the summer, go down to lilla torg, stay there for the party, then return home again in relative safety.

Having said that, and I would indeed suggest he takes you up on your offer, allow me to give a few advices myself.

mollevangen: please do enjoy the ethnic food, in fact, close your eyes in the daytime, listen to the sounds, "feel the vibe", cheapest trip to the ME you will ever get :) and, can be quite nice.

BUT, also, go there late in the evening (NOT ALONE), take a table by the window in one of the pubs there. see, witness. and for gods sake, dont look ppl to long in their eyes..

when you visit the school (and in all fairness, the worst is not rosengard, but hermodsdal), do talk to students there as well, especially try and see if you can find swedish female students, and see how they feel about their environment (anders> this goes to show about recent articles about blondes actually coloring their hair, as to not be "too swedish", as well as all the debates about swedish girls being called whores).

while in rosengard, make a point to witness the area, the people, the state of buildings, public transport etc. In fact, you should talk to the local police about their escort of ambulance and firefighters too :)

Anders: you have indeed disappointed here, with the exception of the invitation, and I must say it is seldom someone has put mroe words in my mouth, belied my arguments, and avoided to answer basically any fact, figure, or direct question. You should consider this.

I have not, nor has fjordman, described malmo in those terms that you ascribe to us, but we have not, unlike you, tried to diminish the truth, the statistics, and the general feeling among young ppl in malmo. You should actually know that, yet you persist in your "I know better then you.." attitude..

It is in fact precisely because of ppl like yourself, that the current state of affairs in malmo and other citys have been allowed to come to be unchecked for so long, and the problems escalating the way they have (again, facts, figures, stats). It is sad, but it is never the less true.

final note again> Anders, you have NOT answered any questions basically. But I have no expectations that you ever will. Your denial will most likely last until someone you care about enters the statistics him/her self. Sad that such a heavy price must be paid for what should be plain for the naked eye to see.

so I, one in your words racist nazi (whos labelling who again?)will just let you continue your delusion, but I will not let your lies go unanswered when i see them :)

Anders said...

This is a piece of advice for blacks, arabs, indians and other non-white: If you go to the Swedish village of Sjobo, twenty miles from Lund, in redneck country, "go there late in the evening (NOT ALONE), take a table by the window in one of the pubs there. See, witness and for gods sake, dont look ppl too long in their eyes.."

NoDhimmitude said...

anders: Since you completely and utterly unable and unwilling to respond to any questions, statistics, or links to relevant publications, and are to busy trying to mock and insult everyone else around you, I will no longer address you directly.

Your attitude and (lack of) argumentation has clearly demonstrated shall we say less then adult behaviour, and reflects quite poorly upon yourself.

You are indeed a sad excuse for a journalist, if you ever were one, or an intelligent being at that.

You are quite simply not worth arguing against, because you do not argue, you simple ignore any fact presented to you, and resort to namecalling.

in a simple word: pathetic.

Anders said...

Ouch, that hurt ;-)

Anders said...

NoDhimmitude, I just noticed that you've got Mussolini on your side. So I wasn't completely wrong.

NoDhimmitude said...

wow! your argumentation, your rhetoric, the undeniable facts you bring into any discussion here is simply breathtaking.

I am honored to see such fine work of a journalist who clearly ought to be rewarded with a pulitzer or similar immediate.


again, namecalling. I guess that is all your kind know when truth does not fit your picture.

pathetic does not even begin to describe your falsehood.

Anders said...

Anders said...

If you still read this:
In one of your postings you wrote
"rapes have increased by a total of 30% from 2004 to 2005!!"
You failed to mention that, according to Brå, the main reason for the increase was a redefinition in Swedish law of "rape". The consequense of that redefinition is that police reports that used to be defined as sexual abuse now are defined as rape.
Another reason, also according to Brå, was a greater awareness among women that they shall report all kinds of sexual harassment and abuse.
Only a small part of the increase can be explained by an actual increase in the number of rapes.
So much for you and statistics.
The same report states that 90 per cent of all reported rapes are committed by someone who knows the victim, often someone who is closely related to the victim, just as I have said before.

Sharmeen said...

I just spent 2 weeks in Malmo making a documentary film about Muslim immigrants and i am skeptical of what fjordman has to say...
Its like the fox news story on Rosengard, i wonder if they even went out there? I mean the area they describe as insane, crime ridden etc etc is definitely a figment of their imagination...
Yes there are a lot of problems in Malmo, yes Muslims have a tougher time integrating into society but they arent gun totting terrorists/ free wheeling rapists as some people on this blog would like to believe!!