Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sauce for the Gander

The Khaleej Times reports:
    Three dead as Syria breaks up ‘terror’ group in capital
DAMASCUS - Syrian police broke up a “terror” group during a shootout in Damascus this week that left its chief and another member dead, as well as a policeman, state news agency SANA reported on Saturday.
“Abu Omar, chief of the Tanzim Jund ash-Sham (Organisation of the Soldiers of the Levant) was killed Thursday night during a clash with security forces in a southern suburb” of the capital, the report said.
Haaretz adds interesting details:
     One document said the group’s jihad should take place according to priorities, starting with countries in the region that are under “despotic regimes,” such as Syria, “Christian Maronite” Lebanon - the president in the neighboring country is always Maronite Catholic - and Hashemite Jordan. Then attention should be directed to “the dictators” in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iraq, whose “people have been afflicted with the Crusaders.”
Note the sequence: Syria first, then Lebanon, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, and Iraq. No mention of the Great Satan? Or the Little Satan? What’s wrong with these guys?

It seems that Boy Assad has not bought himself any protection by supplying refuge to terrorists and allowing Zarqawi’s fighters to use Syria for their Ho Chi Minh Trail.


airforcewife said...

I think some Eric Hoffer applies perfectly here: "Those that lick the boot that kicks them will often bite the hand that feeds them."